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Make Up Studio Training Center

Make-Up Studio is a world renowned brand of professional make-up products and accessories, popular in nearly 35 countries offering a consortium of professional make-up trainers from India and abroad, Make-Up Studio Training Center (MSTC) imparts make-up training to the novice as well as the expert in a world class infrastructure. Plans are in the offering to set up many such centers in the major cities of the country either on ownership or franchisee models.

Driven by the growing demand for well-trained make-up professionals in India, Rienk Koopman of Special Cosmetics BV, the Netherlands and Ravi Mittal of Ekta Capital Ltd. India, have entered into an alliance to launch Make-Up Studio Training Centre in Delhi. This highly professional make up academy is rapidly evolving as the training arm of Make-Up Studio. read more

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Comprehensive Makeup Artistry Diploma starts on 15th September 2014

Make-Up Studio Training Center announces 36 days certified course of comprehensive Make-Up diploma starting 15th September 2014 in New Delhi. 


Makeup Courses in Mumbai

Student testimonialsProfessional Makeup Courses in Delhi

Makeup Courses in Delhi
Premah Sampath (Batch- 34)

It was a great experience for me, 36 days course learning make-up both theory and practical. As am new in this field, I have enjoyed a lot regarding to use the products, do research and with the help of the teachers to know from basic things.

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