Kajal Tips or Tips to apply Kajal

First of all, it is necessary to have the basic know- what is Kajal? Kajal is formulated with the use of ground antimony sulfide or lead sulfide and it looks black in color. It is applied as eyeliner and it is also used on the inside edge of the eye to make them appear great. The application of Kajal is also needful on the feature or the cheeks of newborn infants, as it is considered that it defends them from the evil eye. For many centuries, Kajal has been applied by the women and it is also known by the name of Kohl. Due to its medicinal & safe to apply attributes, kohl is widely preferred by the ladies. With the help of Kajal, you can cure many eye ailments too.

Kajal has enhancements features and thus it is an inseparable aspect of makeup. This product is ready available in almost all stores and is provided in small boxes or pencils. In fact, Kohl can be made at home by blending soot of an oil lamp and processed butter. The process of application starts with taking it on your fingertips and use it on the internal rim of the below eyelid. Several ladies also prefer it on the upper eyelid. Stretch the lower part of your eye so as to make the eye open and then applies the Kohl inside the eye. Then, you can use your eyeliner to highlight the shape of your eyes properly.

It completely depends on you to decide the length of using Kohl. One can wear Kajal along the complete length of your eyes or wear it in one half, three-fourth or one-fourth part of your eye. If you are concerned with making your small eyes look larger than you can wear Kajal in only half-length of your eyes that is from the center to the outward edge of your eyes. With frequent application of kajal, you will get to know about the accurate length that makes your eyes appear attractive. The application of kajal makes your eyes appear soft. As discussed above, kajal also cures different eye ailments and therefore it is very safe to wear it in the eyes.

This is such an obvious thing in the rural & urban households to apply Kajal in the eyes of the infants and babies. The application of Kajal will ensure that the infants and the babies are free from any type of eye ailments. In order to maintain the longer shelf life of the product, it is advised to store it in refrigerator. With the help of cold storage, Kajal will give the cool & soothing effect to the eyes. There are a number of brands and types of Kajal available in the market. The most appropriate way to apply Kajal is mentioned below:

1. Rinse off your face and clean your eyes. This is to make sure that your eyes don’t need any type of dirt or dust particles before using Kajal.

2. If you feel that the spot around the eyes is too dry then put on some moisturizer or if it is oily then use some powder.

3. If you are applying pencil then assure that the tip of the pencil is pointless. Then stretch the lower part of the eye and use the pencil from the inward edge of the eye to the outward side. Draw the line 2 to 3 times. Repeat the same method for the second eye as well.

4. Put on the pencil on the above eyelid also in the same mode. You are primed with gorgeous appearing eyes.

7 benefits of Shampooing Hair

Your hair is your head suit, so why not take care of it with the most effective products? Washing your hair using a good shampoo not only keeps your scalp dandruff-free, it really blows more advantages than you might think. Mentioned below are the benefits why you should be shampooed and conditioning to make your hair smoother & beautiful:

1. Fights with Dryness-

What’s better than a conditioning shampoo? One that maintains your scalp and hair smooth & hydrated. One of the effective features of good shampoo is to eliminate dryness and bring up soft strands.

2. Calms the Itch-

In order to calm your bit scratchy scalp, it is advised to use a shampoo that is processed with the use of an anti-itch zinc ingredient. The application of shampoo will help you to soothe your scalp.

3. Relieves Irritation-

Nothing can be worse than the irritated scalp. To relieve the scalp irritation, you should treat yourself to a little hair therapy using a good shampoo. Conditioning your hair will help you to calm your nerves and remove those perky flakes.

4. Reduces Redness-

It has been seen that those who have sensitive skin can surely find with an inflamed scalp, mainly due to the application of harsh hair products. The application of effective or good shampoo’s such as Pantene, Head & Shoulders and Herbal Essence on a regular basis reduces redness.

5. Controls Oiliness-

You always want a shampoo-conditioner that is best for you. The shampoo which is processed using rich & superior quality ingredients fights with dryness without counterbalancing with an overly greasy scalp.

6. Removes Flakes-

As a matter of fact, your dermatologist has the ability to treat dandruff without a prescription. But, why to take the help of a dermatologist when your shampoo will do this work. The application of effective shampoo will help you to eliminate dandruff, leaving your strands 100% flake-free.

7. Keeps Hair Beautiful-

All in all, application of shampoo on a frequent basis will make sure that your hair and scalp look better than before. Now what’s your excuse for not using regular shampoo?

Make Up Artist

Job Description:

A professional makeup expert does everything from making Kareena Kapoor’s look entirely sexy to turning Rajinikanth into a Robot. It is an important part of the film arena as it aids breathe life into a fictitious character by creating them more powerful and real.

Actors can do wonders with any role if they truly accept that they have been transmitted into the imaginary character they are playing. This feeling is also compulsory for the audience. To enjoy the message, we have to believe that there is really a robot under Rajinikanth’s skin.

The professional make up experts are those whose efforts you never really observe. As an audience, keeping in mind all other factors are met (acting, writing, directing), it turns that much simpler for you to become engaged in the characters on the screen when the make up is applied well. In the whole makeup industry, you will find only four different jobs. How many makeup artists work on a project totally depends on the project’s budget and requirements:

Key Make Up Artist: These makeup artists are the head of the make up division. They actually design the make up for each actor/actress and assign individual make up artists to apply it.

Make Up Artist: These artists are the professionals who actually put on the make up to the fictitious character.

Make Up Assistant: They assist with some of the lesser tasks such as enterprise and body make up.

Make Up Effects Artist: These professionals do special makeup effects with the use of latex and prosthetics.

Skills & Education:

To become a professional makeup artist is a difficult task. Particularly relying upon where you need to work. Several makeup experts begin their career working as helpers on a movie set or television show. Their starting jobs are likely on student films, low budget attributes or television, which are the complete learning ground. Many celebrities and famous people establish associations with makeup artists and often asking them by name at the start of a project.

Make Up Studio Training Center is an essential step toward becoming a professional make up artist. It’s not compulsory, but it provides you a concrete educational foundation on which to go on developing your line of work. In India, there are various schools that provide make up training for fashion, film, TV and advertising industries, but which will not only assist you learn the craft. You might also keep in mind that taking a class in color theory which will assist you to know the basics of color.

Try and familiarize yourself with the broad range of cosmetics available in the market. Explore a number of films and watch what a professional make up expert did to get certain appearances and try on your own. Becoming a make up effects artist, you’ll need to know a basic understanding of chemistry as many of the items you establish will be quite specialized.

Career Advice:

A professional makeup artist is innovative with their line of work, but also focuses to the Key Make Up Artists, role players and producers so that they can attain the desired outcomes. The job timings are often quite long and at first, the wage may be extremely low, however if you continue tenacious, you will attain your targets.

Hairstyles by Age:

What hairstyle suits best in your 20′s, 30′s, 40′s and other.

The secret of getting a trendy hairstyle at any age is 2-fold. Initially, you must know a haircut that suits your face shape, then you must see your hair quality. It is always advised that ladies having coarse hair should be worn longer, whereas fine hair should be worn shorter.

Just due to age, you don’t need to wear a helmet haircut. As a matter of fact, a younger appearance and lighter shade can take years off your face. Moreover, just because you’re 21, you don’t need to wear long hair. You can do magic by opting a different look.

Find out what you can really get away with at age 20, 30, 40, 50 and older.

Your 20s

Yup, this is a perfect time of your life to opt out all kinds of hairstyles. Ladies- mostly all of this age, opt out for short haircuts that can make them look more mature, while on the other hand long looks can be romantic and beautiful.

Tip #1: Keep in mind your career targets. In your 20s, you’re looking to settle down in your career. In case, you’re in a glamorous profession such as fashion or beauty industry, you can opt a funky look. However, if you are engaged in a more conservative profession such as accountants, lawyers or teachers, you might go for a more professional appearance.

Tip #2: Play around with color and length. This is the perfect time of your life to know how you look with super long hair. While you can get more professional look by cutting off your hair. During 20′s, your hair will rise quicker and thicker than than at any time in your life. So, do yourself a favor, don’t miss it. One of the absolute ways of hair reinvention is color. In case, you had blonde hair as a kid, you’ll appear outstanding blonde now. Moreover, if you have a black hair? Experiment a lighter brown or red.

Tip #3: Watch out for the wrong short hairstyle. What you don’t need to appear like being a “mom” character. Select a short hairstyle that suits your age and the ongoing trends.

Your 30s

In your 30′s, you may be beginning a family or moving ahead in your career ( or both). While you can run away with all types of cuts at this age, you will appear to select a haircut that suits your lifestyle. If you are single in the city, try a long & sexy waves. At home with a kid or 2? Go for a shoulder-length hairstyle. During the day, you can also go in a ponytail but with a curling iron, can appear outstanding while out with your hubby.

Tip #1: Just due to your mom character doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy. If you need long hairstyles, opt it. Just ensure you have the time to manage your cut.

Tip #2: Doesn’t run away to go for a short-haircut. After all, you can always develop your hair if you don’t prefer the short style. Despite the fact that it would take years to grow hair, however, taking the risk of short-haircut might be a good experience.

Tip #3: Having gray hair at the 30′s? Most ladies have a few strands of gray hair at this age. In case, you see just a couple of strands, request your hairdresser to hand-paint the strands rather than applying a complete head of color. However, if half of your head has gray hair, go with complete color with hair mascara.

Your 40s

Agree it or disagree, but you don’t need to opt short hairstyle in your 40s. At this age, your personality might drive your haircut. If you flow sexuality, opt for a sexy wave that completely steal the show. If you are looking for an athletic or Funky look? Select a sleek haircut.

Tip #1: Put attention to your hair. During this age, your hair gets brittle. Concentrate on your locks. In order to give your hair proper treatment, apply a hot-oil once a week. It is also advised to look for the best quality hair products.

Tip #2: It has been seen that the layered hair looks more attractive as compared to the flat hair. Doesn’t matter what your hair length, try to give your fine hair body with layers.

Tip #3: Opt for hair shade color. In case, you’re blonde, experiment highlights. All the ladies having dark hair can opt caramel highlights. Get the scoop on discovering the clean hair shade for you.

Your 50s

In this age, you are not advised to keep a short hairstyle. Since your hair is bouncing, you can increase your hair long and look beautiful. A super attractive style of all ladies is shoulder-length.

Tip #1: Experiment layers. Using the piece-y layers around the face are attractive. Or opt one-length with under layers. This will provide hair body and appears outstanding dried under.

Tip #2: Hairstyle that is too styled can make you appear unfashionable. In fact, if hair is short, don’t go for a spiky appearance, rather request for longer layers. Cut out images and take them to the hairstylist with you if you any specific hair requirement.

Your 60s & Beyond

Opting a short hairstyle, either sweet or spiky, is best for this age. These short hairstyles frame your face, demonstrating your best attributes. You’ll be grateful to experience that these haircuts also have low-maintenance. Get glorious with these beautiful styles.

Tip #1: Pass over the old-lady beauty shop where they style the hair and provide you curls tight to your scalp. Visit your daughter’s parlor and request for a different look. Better but, take your daughter along with you and request for her advice too.

Tip #2: Undoubtedly, you can grow your hair. Just don’t allow them to develop below your shoulders. Set your style into an advanced chignon and display your beautiful attributes.

Expert Makeup Tips :-

With the help of this blog, MSTC provides professional makeup tips that will enable you to select the correct makeup shades and then put on the makeup easily. Mentioned below are the few professional makeup tips:

Makeup Base :-

MSTC, a renowned Training Center, discloses the trick of developing the perfect base for makeup. It is advisable to apply a foundation, powder or concealed of a shade lighter than your skin type. In order to create a uniform effect on your face, you should spread the foundation/powder over your face by using a cosmetic sponge or your fingers. By applying the highlighter, you can also define your jaw bone, your cheeks and the bridge of your nose.

Blush :-

Several people think that it is difficult to find a perfect blush shade. Whereas, MSTC informs you a tip to puzzle out your problem. For all those ladies who are feeling difficulty in the choice of most appropriate blush, here is the tip – “Press your forefinger and thumb collectively & watch the skin color you acquire”. The skin type you obtain by blending the thumb and forefinger is really the shade your cheeks when you “glow”. With the help of this technique, you can choose the most perfect blush colors.

Eye curling :-

Tracing the eye curler between your fingers, prior applying it, will make it a bit warm and the warmer eye curler will make easier for the curling of eyelashes.

Lipstick :-

It has been advised by the lip makeup expert that the ladies having small lips should avoid dark-red or brown lipsticks. As per the expert, these dark shades shrink the lips instead of magnifying them. Therefore, it is good for them to go for soft and flirty glittering lip glosses.

Look Younger in Just 8 Simple Steps

MSTC is pleased to inform you a few beauty tips that will make you appear younger with just a sweep of a mascara wand or blush brush.

1. Try to keep your hair healthy between your chin and your shoulders.

If you are looking to update your hairstyle then this is the perfect time for getting side-swept bangs. Side-swept bangs are a famous hairstyle because they look beautiful with almost every face cut. This hairstyle is highly preferred by the ladies who have round faces.

Wearing dark shades can age you

Just bear in mind that the correct shade of lipstick must always suit your skin tone. If you want to look younger than try to avoid matte lipstick as they incline to settle into your lip lines. Rather than applying matte lipsticks, it is advised that you should prefer creamier lipsticks or glosses.

3. Prefer creamy shadows and blushes

It has been seen that the older skin normally means unhealthy or dry skin, so creamy shadows and blushes are their perfect beauty products. All the ladies having dry skin should avoid powder blushes and shadows as they tend to set into the wrinkles and fine lines, while creamier products “plump” up your skin.

4. Define those eyes

Perfect curled lashes will definitely steal the show, making you appear more awake. According to the makeup experts, you can curl your lashes after the application of mascara, just keep in mind that the mascara has dried. Curled lashes helps your eyes to look 10 times larger. It is advised to apply the mascara before moving out of the house.

5. Don’t over pluck

when you’ve reached your 30′s, you will need to be certain not to over pluck your eyebrows frequently as they are less likely to grow back.

6. Try teeth whitening

As the time passes, teeth may yellow from tea, coffee or red wine stains. You can whiten teeth frequently using effective teeth cleaning products.

7. Stand up straight.

Think of all the bold ladies you know. They get up straight and with confidence. The most attractive feature in a woman is confidence. Behaving in a confident manner will make you look to be more attractive and beautiful.

8. Get a good night’s sleep

One of the most important things that can age you is a poor night’s sleep. If you will not take a proper night’s sleep, your eyes will become more puffy, your skin sallow and your face sags.

Makeup Tips for a Rainy Season

In the rainy season, dense makeup has a possibility of being washed out and smeared and so sheer and light makeup is more advisable. In order to get rid of the fear of smudging, it is advisable for you to apply only transfer resistant lipsticks, waterproof mascara, waterproof foundation and waterproof liners.

  1. Rinse off the face gently. In order to minimize the sweating rate, rub an ice cube on your face for 5 to 10 minutes. This technique helps the makeup to keep for longer span of time.

  1. Ladies with oily skin should go for astringent while ladies with dry to normal skin should prefer toner after the ice to refresh the skin.

  1. Try to avoid using foundation and prepare the base of your makeup with the help of powder slightly.

  1. In order to get a perfect monsoon look, you should be advised to apply a light film of light beige, brown, pink or pastel cream eye shadow. Along with a thin line of eyeliner and a coat or two of waterproof mascara.

  1. During monsoons, it is more preferable to apply soft matte lipsticks but you may apply a pink shade or soft brown using sheer gloss.

  1. Do not avoid using water based moisturizers at the monsoon to prevent the oily skin, water loss and acne because of sweating and perspiration.

  1. Maintain your hairstyles easy and simple. Highlight hairstyles are harder to manage and limp damp hair do not appear beautiful with them. Rather than you may go for bangs and layered hairstyles.

  1. During rainy season, bright jewelry is in style but this is the creative year, so you may choose stone studded jewelry.

  1. During this time, keep your eyebrows in shape with threading and hair gel for you cannot use eyebrow pencil during a downpour.

  1. Rinse off your hair on a regular basis and massage your scalp frequently to keep dandruff and other hair troubles away.

  1. Denims are not made for rainy season: try to wear light Capri pants, cotton fabrics and three fourths.

  1. One of the most important things while monsoon is to carry raincoats and umbrellas. Purchase some in smiling happy colors.

  1. Don’t go for white and light color outfits as they are easily getting muddy, so try to avoid them.

  1. Try to wear sandals and sneakers because it’s time to keep your leather boots and high heels in the shoe rack.

Red Head Makeup Tips

Do you think that your hair color affects your makeup? If your answer is yes, then you are absolutely right. While doing makeup, it is advised to you think of your hair as a picture frame. If you want to steal the show, you will need to pay special attention on the mentioned below tips:

Know Your Real Shade

The most important part of this step is to find what type of red suits you well. Almost all reds have come into one of four shades such as violet red, copper (orange) red, true red or red red. The copper category includes only natural-looking reds, whereas in the violet red category only very dark reds fall. Additionally, red reds are identifiable by their true color.

Finding your accurate shade will bring down your color-palette choices. If copper red is best suited for your skin then you need to assure orangery makeup and clothing won’t clash with your hair shade. The same goes for purple shades, violet redheads, red shades and true reds all 4 shades should be wary of pinks.

Your Color Palette

According to the makeup experts, you should start with the neutral colors. Neutral colors look outstanding on everyone from its studio line of blush, black mascara and a contouring powder. It has been seen that the green eye makeups work well on redheads. In order to get a more daring look, you are advised to apply metallic shades on redheads.

Your Brows

A great way to try out different brow colors without major catastrophe is with tinted mascara or a colored brow tamer like ELF’s Eyebrow Treat and Tame. Aim for one shade darker than your red hair color.

Your Complexion

It has been proved from many published reports that all the redheads ladies having freckles. It’s completely up to them whether they need to go with sheer coverage or a higher pigment to hide the freckles. Don’t apply a higher pigment in spots and light powder in other areas, as that can land up looking freckled.

Going from Blonde to Red?

Definitely you will need to exercise your brows, however you will discover you require a little less makeup in general. Additionally, while you may require to reevaluate your blush colors and lipstick, go for orange and copper tones instead of green eyes.

Last but not the least is to apply Sunscreen! In case, you’re a natural redhead, you shouldn’t go off the house without it.

How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Products

There are plenty of anti-aging skin care products available in the market that ensure to reduce your signs of aging and wrinkles. Regret to inform you that many of these skin-care products are processed with the use of toxic chemicals, which are bad for your skin & might cause allergic reactions. In order to prevent your skin from these allergic reactions, we have come up with some effective home remedy treatments. With the help of our remedies, you can make your own anti-aging products. In order to get naturally glowing skin, these skincare products can be applied that have wrinkle smoothing and facial toning properties.

Some of the ingredients you require in making your own anti-aging products

  • Jojoba oil
  • Stone ground oats
  • Baking soda
  • French green clay
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Rose essential oil
  • Mixing bowl
  • 1 Raw egg


  1. The first step is to make a facial toning egg mask. Take a mixing bowl, jerk a raw egg using a whisk till it is light and frothy. Put on the mixture directly to freshly washed skin with the help of your fingers. Keep the mixture on the face until it gets dry completely. Wipe out the egg from your face with the use of warm to cool water. This mixture is widely preferred as the egg will tone the skin and reduce the appearance of the pores.

  2. Make a skin-smoothing scrub. Take a mixing bowl for blending 1 cup of stone ground oats with 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Put 1/2 cup of hot water in the scrub and blend it well. After making the scrub, use it to your skin and massage into the skin with the help of fingers in a circular motion. Rinse off the scrub using warm water. Oatmeal can be used as a facial mask because of its nourishing and softening properties.

  3. Make an eye smoother. For mixing 1 tablespoon of Vitamin E oil with 1 tablespoon of Jojoba oil, it is necessary to have a bowl. Put 2 drops of Rose essential oil in the scrub and combine it well. With the help of your fingers, massage gently the scrub onto the face around your eyes in a circular motion. Make sure that the mixture gets into your eyes or on your eyelashes. All the ingredients used in making this tip are highly preferred for minimizing the appearance of wrinkles.

  4. Make a softening mud mask. Take a french green clay and blend 2 tablespoons of it with a drizzle of water. Whip the water until you obtain a uniform mixture similar to thin toothpaste. Make use of rose essential oil in the mixture. After making the mixture, apply it to your skin and let the mixture stay until it dries. Wash out the scrub with warm water. This scrub is applied to protect and nourish the skin. The application of french green clay helps in reducing the pores of the skin.

How to Lighten Dark Lips Naturally :-

Almond Oil :-

Almond oil is one of the most effective remedies to reduce dark stains that tinted the lips. It is a readily available ingredient as you will find it in many lips glosses and balms. In other respects, you can also make your own lip balm that should include this almond oil. Use this natural oil to lighten your lips on a daily basis, particularly if you want to go for a walk in the direct sun exposure. Harmful weather states can also offend the skin, thus assure you will bear in mind this tip next time you should make any lip brightening project.

Cucumber :-

One of the most common methods of lightening the skin through vegetable is applying cucumber. Many people make tireless effort to brighten the dark skin on knees, elbows and even armpit, yet end with an unsatisfactory result. For all those people, it is advised to apply a few slices of cucumber and most significantly the juice to use it to your lips.

This vegetable has a natural bleaching effect without making any harm to your skin color. Keep it on your skin for a few minutes and assure you will continue this practice for several days until you’ll see the noticeable results of your efforts.

Milk :-

In order to lighten the skin, it is advisable for you to apply lactic acid. This natural remedy is one of the most effective ingredients to use. Apart from lightening the skin, this lactic acid has the primary benefit of not harming the flawless condition of your complexion.

Thus, you are advised either to apply a few drops of milk with the help of cotton pad on the lips or consume more milk. Apart from the lightening effect, milk can also use to minimize the dead skin cells that can be often regarded the main reasons of dark lips.

Lemon Juice :-

One of the best regarded skin bleachers is the juice of this extremely healthy fruit that is widely used by those who have dark lips. Lemon juice can also used to remove all the free agents and dead cells from the surface of the lips. You are  advised to make a soothing paste so as to blend bleaches with moisturizing. Blend equal parts of yogurt, honey and lemon juice then assure you’ll obtain a perfect paste. After applying, let the paste stay on your lips for at least one hour. At last, scrub instead of wiping off the mixture from your lips.

Butter :-

The benefits of butter on the skin are quite fabulous because butter penetrates deeply into the skin to lighten your dark lips. You just need to apply the butter to your lips on a regular basis for at least 15 days. The dark skin will soon lighten with a silky soft and kissable surface. Moisten your dark lips with this the butter, you have stored in your refrigerator.

Glowing Complexion tips

Nowadays, everyone wants to look great and this is only if you have clean & glowing skin. So here are some important tips from the leading makeup training institute MSTC. These tips are specially compiled for those people, who have dark complexions.

1. Try to avoid the direct exposure of sun as much as you can. Always carry an umbrella with us and apply your sunshade. Put on sunscreen on all uncovered organs of your body before moving out in the sun.

2. While going to a beach, swimming pool or a spot having snowfall; apply sunscreen as several times as feasible because ice and water show more sunlight.

3. Chore some sesame seeds to a powder or paste. Put a little water and blend it, you will achieve a milky liquid as residue. Put on this milky liquid on your face and particularly on the sun burnt spots. With the help of this process, your skin will become little fairer.

4. In order to have fairer skin, it is advised to use curd on the neck and face. Stay it on for 20 minutes and rinse your face. Repeat this activity 3 times a week.

5. Rinse your face on a regular basis with the help of unboiled milk which makes the skin much clean and glowing.

6. In case, you have an extremely oily skin then you should apply the below stated recipe to make your skin clearer
Procure balanced amount of egg white and lemon juice, blend them properly. Apply the mixture on the face, keep it for 20 minutes and then wash off.

7. In order to get fair and glowing skin, mix together curd, gram flour and turmeric on entire face and body. Frequently apply this paste rather than soap while bathing.

8. We all are aware that the legs, arms, elbows and knees become darker than the rest of the organs. In this case blend together:- 1 teaspoon watermelon juice, white of an egg, 1/2 cup papaya pulp, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon honey. Put on this mixture where essential, let it stay for 20 minutes and wash off.

9. Those who all have a dry skin, blend together:- 2 teaspoons potato juice and 2 teaspoons unboiled milk. Chill and apply as a cleanser with the help of cotton pad so as to clean your face and body on a regular basis.

Thus, use these tips and do let us know how it worked for you. Our published blog is dedicated to all those who have been asking for ‘Glowing Complexion tips‘.

Easiest Eye Makeup Tricks:-

Even the sexiest models & celebrities have flaws like monster zits, small eyes, thin lips and many others. Who makes those flaws less visible? Their makeup experts, of course. Applying an eye makeup can get a little tricky. Whenever a sizzling party calls for a sophisticated look, you need to put attention on creating your eyes amazing. Stated below are the tricks to apply an eye makeup:

1. According to the first step, prepare your eyes with concealer. It can be applied to lighten up under-eye circles. It is advisable to apply three dots of concealer beneath each eye in order to cover dark under eye circles. Begin at the inner edge where skin inclines to be darker like under the pupil. Do not rub the concealer using your ring finger.

2. One of the perfect tricks to keep your shadow for hours is to apply eye base to your lid eye base. With the help of proper priming of eyelid, your eyeshadow will stay for a long time in your crease.

3. It has been noticed that the Dark eye shadows work perfectly as eyeliners. Take a wet slanted brush, then put on a dark eyeshadow. Fill eyes as close to the above lashes as feasible from the inner edge to the outer edge. Keep using the liner on below eyes, but only fill from the center of the eye out. Smear the below line using your finger or a Q-tip. There is no need of a prominent line. In order to get a smokey eye look, apply a brush to pat in a dark eyeshadow along below the lid and upper the lid. You don’t need a blunt line, rather you need to combine it so it’s “smudge-y.”

4. Put on eyeshadow: It’s outstanding to apply a 3-toned shadow and develop from lids to brow. Enabling them to combine into each other like a rainbow is beautiful, as per the famous makeup artist Mally Roncal. Begin with a sheer shade that almost suits your lid. Spread the shade across the lid and up to your brow bone. Move ahead with a medium shade across your lid only. Develop on this using a darker shade in the crease. Combine the colors well.

5. Lighten up your eyes using a highlighter: This method includes only the inner part of the eye. Applying a bit of your brightest eyeshadow on the internal edge of your eye will lighten up it importantly. We normally dab a finger into my light-colored eyeshadow and then we press it into the internal edge of my eye where the above lid matches the below lid. This will totally steal the show.

6. Define your brow. Apply the same sheer eyeshadow and touch it on your brow bone, putting attention on your mid-brow outer. Combine with a brush or your finger.

7. Next step is to Curl the lashes: If you have an advantage of long lashes then it’s time to have a more gorgeous look by curling it. In order to get an enhanced effect, you can blow the curler under a blow dryer for a few seconds. Examine curler before using to lashes because you could offend yourself.

8. Put on mascara: Use your mascara brush at the below lashes and wiggle back and forth. Follow with another few sweeps of the wand. Put on to below lashes as well.

How to apply Bharatanatyam Makeup

Here are the basic steps, you should keep in mind while applying Bharatanatyam makeup:

The first step says that it is important to let your skin breathe. Hence, you should first of all rinse your face using an organic face wash. To do this, make use of a soft lint free cotton cloth so as to remove any dirt or impurities on your face. After, you want a moisturizing lotion having an SPF that should be applied initially. And then, put on a concealer which is one color brighter as compared to the foundations on any appearances under eye circles using a sponge or your fingertips.

The further step is to put on the foundation using a sponge or fingertips so that it blends entirely with the skin.

Other steps is to work on the eyebrow. In order to give a more intense color to your eyebrows, Apply an eyebrow shadow. It is very significant to apply the proper brush so that the eyebrow doesn’t have that artificial look which often eyebrow pencils provide if they are not applied properly. Therefore, it is advised to apply an eyebrow powder instead of an eyebrow pencil.

The further step in Bharatanatyam make-up is to select 3 colors of eye shadow. Select 3 colors, one is of a dark, medium and a light. Use the darkest color just above the eyelid; it should be of just a layer of shade. The medium shade should be used in the middle fold of the eye and the appearance would be accomplished by using the lighter color just below the eyebrow.

While applying Bharatanatyam makeup, keep in mind that eyes play a substantive role in performing arts since it is going to show your emotions. They must appear important thus it has to be fantastic. In order to get a darker look, put on eyeliner on the eyelid and also line beneath the lashes. It is advised to line two third of the eyelid using a thin brush, otherwise all your attempts are just an absolute waste of time.

The other step is to achieve that desirable natural appearance. This is only possible if you apply a thin layer of mascara on the lower and the upper lashes of the eyes. Try to apply a thin layer because too much can get smudged. For the darker skinned people, black & black brown color should be recommended. But for the fairer females, it should be advised to apply Brown colored mascara.

The next step is taking care of your cheeks using a round blusher. The easiest way to put on blush is to smile and then apply blush to the apples of the cheek or beneath, whatever may suit you. Particularly on the nose sides, use dark foundation to the borders of your nose.

The most important thing for the ladies is to handle the shade of the lipstick that goes with the shade of the outfit. Select radiant colors. In order to give a fuller look, make use of pat lip-gloss in the middle of the lower lips. In reality, most ladies think that lip-gloss finish the look. But, the counterpart is true as it involves to the shape of the lip and makes it appear fuller.

When to Store Beauty Products in the Fridge

Maintaining the shelf life of the cosmetics can be as difficult as beating the heat!

You must all have heard about keeping the cosmetics in the fridge to sustain their longer shelf life just may be true. Here are the reasons behind this, why you need to store the makeup products in cool places.

Low-Temp Beauty

In order to maintain the shelf life of the cosmetics, lower temperatures are generally better. It is due to the chemical reactions that happen at higher temperatures. Moisturizers and other makeup cosmetics are inclined to oxidation reactions since they include oils that can become rancid (ew!). Storing them in the cool places can minimize that process. Even, perfumes can be last longer if stored at cooler temps. Fragrances include lots of constituents, and few of those ingredients can go awfully over time. But, keeping them in the cool places can minimize the chemical reactions and keep the perfume effective.

Any downsides?

While storing these beauty & makeup products, there can be a few potential problems that you face. For instance, one may notice beads of “sweat” on your lipstick. The drops coming out of the wax are of oil and up to the surface of the stick. In case, too much of this sweating happens, the lipstick won’t cover properly on your lips. Additionally, one can’t let your cosmetics freeze. If cosmetics like moisturizers get frozen they actually fall apart and then the product is washed-up.

What’s the best way to store products?

In case, you do select to cool down your cosmetic products, make sure to keep them in closed containers. There is no need to contaminate your food with your beauty product. Storing the products in a closed container will also help them to avoid the fridge odors.

If the temperature reduction is not your thing, keep the beauty products in a cool and dark place. Light (both artificial and natural) can cut down their life-time.

Bottom Line

Temperature reduction is an absolute way to increase the life of your cosmetics products (and finally your rupees!). Just keep in mind to accommodate these products properly so no spillage or food contamination occurs.

Apply make-up to shape your nose

While applying makeup to the face, it’s our nose that causes most problems of all the body parts.

Some of the ladies are absolutely happy with the size and shape of their nose, which is the very cause why nose jobs are one of the most famous forms of plastic surgery.

Few of the ladies think their nose is too big, some too broad and some, feel it or not, too small.

As luck would have it, make-up can be applied to help modify the look of noses of all sizes and shapes.

The ladies who have a long nose, apply a brighter or sheer shade on the lower half and a dark foundation on the nostrils, both at the above and underneath.

Ladies can also apply a lip brush to widen the edges of their mouth to give your face more pleasing proportions.

To reduce a broad nose at the bottom, apply a little dark foundation just above every nostril and combine it into your daily color.

To thin your nose at the bridge, apply a little dark base at the top of the nose and on the side of the bridge.

For uneven noses, use a dark foundation to the injury to gloss the flaw. Using a line of foundation starting down the mid of a nose can also make the nose appear straighter.

How to Reduce Arm Fat in 7 Days

It has been claimed by the experts that reducing Arm fat is not an easy task. They inform the only way to reduce the flabby arms is through weight loss. Till now, we have seen ladies lose large amounts of weight with a gain in arm flab. Additionally, we have seen many ladies too who do not lose any weight with a decrease in arm flab.

The key to reducing your arm fat is to work on five factors: supplementation, exercise, nutrition, modern techniques and daily habits. In this subject matter, we will mainly draw attention on exercise, nutrition and modern techniques—the major reason of the fat.

We have assisted numbers of women to lose inches of arm fat in just 7 days. Mentioned below are the basic rules you have to follow:

1. Assemble meals into 4 groups. Each meal which you consume should include a food item from every of the following 4 groups:

  • Protein

  • Carbohydrates

  • Fat

  • Vegetables

Be certain, your protein and fat sources should low in saturated fat otherwise it will turn carbohydrates towards arm fat cells. In order to achieve the quicker results, it is advised you to only consume the slowest digesting carbohydrates (i.e., legumes). Fruit is a big no no!

2. After a daily workout, have a liquid meal instantly to replenish your energy. While doing exercise, your little channels known as glut-4 transporters temporarily move towards the surface of your muscle cells. Those little channels are accountable for letting nutrients into your arm muscles. This offers a scarce chance to flood your arms with a contained amount of nutrients that will speed up the arm toning activity. You should consume a liquid meal because the little channels disappear after 20 minutes.

3. Exercise “glycogen depletion” workout. Once you are aware of assembling the meals as mentioned in rule #1, you have to begin handling your carbohydrate intake. The important is to keep in mind: on days you don’t exercise avoid too much carbohydrate intake and on days you do exercise gain it. Following this method is like using a blow torch to your arm fat.

4. Put attention on all 5 major muscles in your arms. It has been noticed that most of the ladies only concentrate on 2 muscles in their arms while exercising. Your arms include 5 muscles. If you need the effective results, you have to target all of them.

5. Bear upon all 3 “muscle fiber kinds” in your arm. Normally speaking, your arms have 3 kinds of “muscle fibers” that react to various amounts of weight. The simplest way to impact all 3 kinds is to apply heavy, medium and light weights in your exercises. It is advised to have some caffeine right before exercising if you don’t want to feel the “burn”.

6. Try not to do the same arm exercise for more than 2 weeks. Your body is a highly flexible organism. If you repeat the same exercise over and over again, your outcomes will come to a screaming halt. Suppose, you have a habit of doing workout then you should change your exercise even more frequently. Ladies who are beginners, have a more wiggle room here. Note: Practicing a new workout periodically will give you the quickest results.

Well, you have explored our rules to reduce the arm fat in just 7 days. Strict to these rules and you’ll definitely get a noticeable change in your arms.

And finally, you will get the time to pull out all those sleeveless tops assembling dust in the back of your closet!

Home Remedy Treatments For Fairness

MSTC, a prestigious makeup training institute, is engaged in providing professional makeup courses to the clients. We are here to advice you effective tips for fairness. Our home remedies for fairness are accessible and effective ways for dealing it. Mentioned below are the tips for fairness:

1. Tomato and Oatmeal Juice

Ingredients required: Keep 2 teaspoons of Oatmeal Powder and Tomato Juice

Process of applying: Blend oatmeal with tomato juice till you achieve a paste-like uniformity. After the mixing process, apply it over the face, neck or any part and enable it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash it off using cold water. Apply one to three times a day as per your suitability.

2. Lemon and Milk

Ingredients required: 25 ml Whole Milk, Slice of lemon and Cotton ball

Process of applying: Before going to bed, cut one slice of lemon & zest it to ½ cup of whole milk. Resolve the piece of lemon in the milk for around 15 minutes and then take off the lemon. Put a cotton ball into the cut and apply the cotton ball onto the face. Enable it to sit for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, wash it off using cold water.

3. Yogurt and Honey

Ingredients required: 100 gm Plain yoghurt & 1 tsp Honey

Process of applying: Keep a bowl with a yogurt & add one tablespoon of honey. Blend them well. Apply the mixture over the face & neck and enable it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash out the mixture using cool water and pat the skin adjust. Use this method twice a week. The honey and yogurt mixture is soft on skin.

Monsoon Makeup Tips

In monsoon, the rain can be acidic and could cause many skin problems. The Rainy or monsoon season is packed with extreme temperatures and humidity. It is important to do your makeup in accordance with the season. Doesn’t matter either you are working in a corporate sector or a are a homemaker, you need to look your best during a whole day.

Just bear in mind, your monsoon make up cosmetics should be water proof. In order to maintain your skin beautiful and shining, you should conduct a frequent toning, moisturizing and purifying schedule.

1. Fashionable monsoon make up tips : —

Cleanse:- To begin with, you must wash your face cautiously. In order to lower the sweating rate, you should massage your face with an ice cube for five to ten minutes. This also allows the make up to keep on for a longer span of time. In case, your skin has a greasy tone, you can apply a toner or astringent to rejuvenate and chilly the skin.

Foundation:- Try to avoid using a foundation for the rainy time. However, you can opt for a rainproof make up base or dust a flimsy powder on the face. Clear films also work visible lighting as a monsoon makes up base. It is advised to apply transparent colors like pastel, brownness, ecru or pink with a cream eye shadow.

Moisturizers:- It is advisable to apply water free-based moisturizers as they protect the skin from acne, water loss, sweating and humidness. They also help stay on the natural oil balance of the skin.

2. Lip Makeup for Monsoon :-

Lip makeup for the rainy season should be seductive and drab. Just keep in mind, it should not be bright. For that, you can select a transparent lip-gloss. You can apply it numbers of times a day to stay on the look. Additionally, pinks & brownness’s are well-liked by women. In addition to this, you can apply lip conditioner. Several ladies prefer to apply matte lipsticks in this season. You can also use a lip liner but that should also be water proof otherwise it will wash out once the rain starts pouring.

Blusher:- Choose a shade that blends well with your skin and apply a brand-marked cosmetic to express your cheeks. Try to avoid yourself from creamy blushers and sparkle as they are probably to form patches. The best ways to acquire a perfect look is to maintain the blusher insidious so that it doesn’t leap out. Shades of rose and brownness are best for the rainy seasons.

3. Eye Makeup for Monsoon :-

Concerning about the eye makeup is the most important in monsoons as you spent hours in applying correct mascara, eyeshadow & liner and they start washing out because of water. Additionally, it can be the reason of moist air. It is increased to apply Kohl instead of eyeliner as Kohl can withstand water for longer periods. Try to prevent powder eye shadow and creamy eye shadow. During monsoon, you can apply colors such as turquoise, brown, blue, ecru, green and pink. Apply 1 or 2 coats of mascara. Expend in rainproof mascara for this time.

With the monsoons knocking your door, be ready with waterproof eyeliner, waterproof mascara, water repellent lipsticks and waterproof foundation too. The last but not the least is to keep your face spotless from getting perfect eyebrow shape and upper lips done.

Home Remedies for Wrinkles under Eyes

Eye wrinkles are a type of skin infections that can make you look unhealthy, tired and much older than your age. With the rising age, your skin generates less collagen and loses its elasticity, which is the cause for under eye circles. But, you will get excited when you get to know that there are natural ways to get rid of these wrinkles/circles under your eyes naturally. Mentioned below are some of the effective home remedies for eliminating wrinkles and fine lines under eyes naturally.

Home Remedy Treatments to Remove Under Eye Wrinkles

The home remedy treatments that we advice can aid to minimize the visibility of wrinkles & lines around eyes. Mentioned below are some home remedy treatments for removing under eye wrinkles naturally. It is always advised you test a small area firstly to know your skin’s reaction because the skin area near and around the eyes is very sensitive.

Avocados: The application of mashed avocado reduces the visibility of wrinkles under the eyes. The natural ingredients in the avocado will develop & nourish your skin and your skin will appear attractive and more healthier.

Coconut Oil: The application of coconut oil in your wrinkled area is also a very effective remedy. It is highly nourishing, applying it daily in the eye spot will cause visual outcomes in a little as a week.

Cucumber: It is always advisable to apply cucumber juice under the eye area using cotton ball. Application of cucumber juice will help you to minimize wrinkles under eyes and to refresh the eyes.

Castor Oil: One of the best home remedy treatments by reducing Under Eye Wrinkles is Castor oil. This oil finds extensive application for reducing eye wrinkles. After cleansing your face, put on and rub gently a few drops of castor oil to your under eye spot at night. With the help of Castor oil, you will keep the skin appearing beautiful and attractive, thus eliminates the signs of aging.

Egg White Remedy: Using egg white to the wrinkled skin area is another effective way to remove the unwanted circles. This remedy is very effective for skin tightening, which can temporarily minimize the visibility of wrinkles under eyes.

Grape Seed Oil: In order to get rid of under eye wrinkles, you can use grape seed oil as a home remedy. Widely acknowledged for its soothing, nourishing and moisturizing properties, grape seed oil aids in eliminating wrinkles effectively.

Ice-Cubes: The application of ice-cubes in your eyes. You can revolve them around your eyes for a couple of minutes. Due to this, your skin will become moist and wrinkle free.

Rose Water Treatment: Make use of cotton balls, dip them in rose water and apply them on the wrinkles. This will help you a lot to stimulate your skin under your eyes, providing you a dark-circle free skin.

Lemon Juice: Another home remedy for reducing wrinkles under is Lemon juice. The application of lemon juice using cotton ball will help you to reduce wrinkles around your eyes. Apply it twice in a day. With the help of lemon juice, you will be able to watch a possible effect after a few weeks.

Pineapple Juice: You can also go for pineapple juice under the eyes and keep it for about 15 minutes to reduce wrinkles under eyes. The pineapple juice is a natural form of alpha-hyroxy acid, which is proven to avoid under eye wrinkles.

Above all are home remedies to remove under eye wrinkles naturally. These natural home remedy treatments for eye circles do not have any side effects, and also aid you reduce eye wrinkles very easily. All you need is to be calm while applying these eye wrinkle home treatments, because it will take you a long time to see the desired outcomes.

Does Your Skin Need a Makeup Break?

If you watch your favorite “celebrities without makeup”, you will definitely stop to admire him or her. It’s simply not that shocking to have a makeup break for a day. But is it essential? Currently, reality star and designer Kimora Lee Simmons informed the Miami Herald that she takes “a day off” from makeup when she’s involved in off-camera work and is playing with her tiny tots. Avoid too much makeup, just some lip glosses may be a light eye, that’s it, she said.

According to the professional makeup artist “Ranella Hirsch”, if you did an outstanding job of cleansing each day, it would not be needed. She is an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine. However, in the reality no one did it. So a day off from makeup is not a bad idea, as it allows improved results from your skin care.”

In addition to Ranella Hirsch, the New York City dermatologist Doris Day has a similar point of view. She said, there is no need to take a makeup break for any medical reasons, however it is truly significant to properly take off the makeup on a regular basis. But, since most ladies are not good at this, any makeup break can be helpful since it prevents the buildup that can clog the exacerbate acne and pores,” she says. “To achive the same, I like pre-moistened towelettes— Olay, Neutrogena, Alcon—moved by the Clarisonic Cleansing Brush.”

Naturally, there is one time when barely has been always best, despite of your cleansing routine: when you practice, says Hirsch.

Makeup Tips for Rainy Season :-

During monsoon, heavy makeup has a doubt of being washed out severely. That’s the reason, sheer and light makeup is more preferable by the makeup professionals. It is more advisable to apply transfer-resistant lipsticks, waterproof liners, waterproof mascara and may even apply waterproof foundation.

There is no need to wear lip gloss at the time of monsoon season.

It is only because of the rain that will cause makeup to smudge or wash off. In lieu, make sure to select a long lasting lipstick. It is up to you to decide what shade of lipstick you wear, but keep in mind that it is always good to apply natural colors. Most ladies do not tend to overdress at the time of monsoons, so they should probably select shades of browns, pinks or peaches.

The method of Make-up changes with the season. In the rainy season, sheer and light make-up with transfer resistant lipstick, waterproof mascara and waterproof foundation prevent the doubt of make-up washing out. Whereas in the winter season, the ladies appear more beautiful and polished with the use of shades like chocolate, coffee & berry tones in cheeks and smoky shades for the eyes. During the festive winter season, it is advised to use Gloss and glimmer as much as possible.

Numerous steps are needed for tooth-colored fillings and are stated below. Once your dentist has eliminated the decay and cleansed the area, the tooth-colored material is used in layers. After that, a particular light that ‘cures’ or hardens every layer is used. After the completion of the multi layering process, your doctor will shape the complex material to the actual result, trim off any additional material and gloss the final restoration.

The usage of make-up starts after the skin is toned and washed. Select a foundation suiting your skin type and is usually of lighter color than the facial skin. You can apply the concealer that will cover your skin blemishes and enhances a little color to the pale cheeks. In order to set the make-up, you should apply loose translucent powder with a brush.

Eyeliner is available in two forms, either in pencil or liquid. Instead of this, powder eye liners are also widely used that can be used using an eyeliner brush. Despite which kind you select, use the eyeliner as close to the lash line as feasible. Select an easy to apply eyeliner such as pen or brush. For a polished make-up, you can do addition a key of eyeshadow of color preferably, maroon, purple, gray even golden for the winter.

Try to begin from the inside and stroke outside in one fell slide. Avoid to complete it in portions, just go for it–it’s silly, however it’s all about trusting in yourself. Using your other hand, hold your eyeliner applicator between your forefinger and thumb. Right at the inner edge of your eye, gently draw a thin line across your eyelid. Be certain, you get as close to your lash line as feasible. To get this look, widen your lash line. This is outstanding, if you’re trying to attain the cat eye makeup.

Different Make-up, Different Occasions

Putting on make-up is not difficult. The hard part is to apply it right. Detailed makeup can make a woman appear very enchanting, fine and give her much more positive self-image. Mentioned below are the different makeup tips for numerous occasion.

1. General Makeup :—

While doing general makeup, your main target is to make a very presentable look.

First, put attention on the face. Make use of a concealer pencil in order to hide those dark circles under the eyes and other mars. Select a color close to your skin tone. Put on cream or powder foundation to cover as much as you can.

For your attractive eyes, give emphasize in shaping your brows and dark it in thin areas with the help of brown pencil. Make use of a liner in soft brown to the bottom lashes. Apply eyeliner to fill the top lashes.

Use two coats of brown mascara. Try to avoid black mascara except you have black eye lashes.

For your cheeks you can use powder blush. It is always advisable to select neutral shades as they are the best since they provide a softer appearance.

In order to define the shape of your lips, you can apply lip color in bright tones for your color palette.

2. Casual Makeup :—-

Most people do not prefer using too much makeup, they usually apply light or sheer makeup. Getting a casual appearance is easy and fast.

Put on a concealer that suits your natural coloring to lighten your dark eye circles. Combine with a sponge.

Just keep in mind that the foundation powder applied by you should suit with your skin tone. Use it all around your face using a big powder brush. Considering your eyelids but leave out the spots under your eyes.

For your cheeks, use a natural color powder blush.

Use only a single coat of mascara. Keep your eyes simple and just apply eyeliner.

Last and the most important for you look is to apply a lip color that gives your eyes and skin a bright lift.

3. Professional Makeup :—-

All the working women especially from the corporate industry give importance to maintain the fresh appearance on their face. Therefore, the makeup has to be professional and bright.

Begin by applying concealer under your eyes and eyelids lightening those creases and dark circles. Combine with a sponge.

Use a foundation that matches your skin type. Combine carefully. If required, enhance loose powder to fix and lighten the appearance.

Polish the cheek area by gently using a blush color to the spots just under your cheekbones, and a gentle touch more to your cheeks and combine well.

Professional eyes need only two things eyeliner and eye shadow colors. Use a sheer eye shadow over the complete eyelid. Use a light line of pencil eyeliner at your lash lines and smudge to fix. Adhere to using a blacker eye shadow along with the lash line and combine well to make a gentle, yet centered eye.

Use only one or two coats of mascara on the top lashes.

Apply a lip pencil that combines well with your lipstick shade to highlight your lips. Try to give shape to your mouth and dark your lips using a pencil. Use the lip color that matches your skin tone as well as maintains your lips looking professional.

4. Makeup for Romantic Evenings Makeup for Romantic Evenings :—-

Day time makeup requires and shows more sensual look. Your brows require to be more outlined, the eyes require to be communicative and lip color require to be soft.

Before starting anything, the foremost thing is to hide dark circles and blemishes using a concealer pencil.

Define the brow using a shade darker than natural Color and shape it properly. Try to make use of sheer eye color from lash line to brow. Select a darker shade of eye color in order to fill up with a thin line in the crease of the eye preceded by a medium shade over the darker one and combine well. With the help of this, you are able to make the structure of the eye look stronger.

It is advised to use a black eyeliner to the upper lashes and the Line lower lashes using an eyeliner.

Make use of a medium to dark shade of powder blush under the cheekbone. Use a lighter shade over the darker shade on the ball of the cheek. Combining out and up.

Apply lip liner and dark it with bright lip color.

8 Excellent Beach Hairstyles

Explore this summer, our 8 hairstyles that are superb for the beach and you’ll be making sure to grab that cutie’s attention pool. These hairstyles will work best with damp humidity and tresses, so you can appear super-sexy in and out of the water. You should also need a swimsuit, too… Watch out these options.

Capped and Cute

A side ponytail blended with a ribbon detailing and a straw fedora.

To rank her hairstyle, just pull your hair to one side and make your ponytail with the help of an elastic. Top off the appearance with a chic cap.


Curl Power

At times, it’s best to just give in to your natural hair texture. In case, your tendrils incline to get a little out of hand in the humidity, use a silk scarf to the beach and wrap up your mane mid-day.


Beachside Bedhead

If you are sitting at Surfside? Just take a dip in the ocean and then squash your strands, ends to roots.



A Staple Style

A staple style is one of the easiest looks to pull off, a side braid can be carried out anytime, anywhere. Additionally, this style is not only a satisfactory beach style, but you can even rock one on the red carpet.

Just pull your strands over one shoulder and, rightly below your ear, start to braid three divisions of hair before you reach your ends. Secure with an elastic.

Easy, Breeze-y Bombshells

Wanna get Easy, Breeze-y Bombshells hairstyle? Use a straw hat to enhance your ultra-chic appearance—and to avoid your hair color.

In case, you don’t plan on taking a dip in the water, carry a small-sized dry shampoo bottle with you. This will help you to keep your bangs from sticking to your forehead. Apply the formula straightaway onto your fringe, after that tousle them with your fingers to combine it with. The outcome: your bangs will immediately look refreshed.

Messy, yet Polished

This hairstyle is highly regarded by the teen girls. Explore her look by pulling your hair up as if you will be going to put it into a high ponytail. Later on, bend your hair into a messy bun, going away the ends jutting out to attain that unfinished effect.

A Badass Ponytail

You can make just about any hairstyle appear way cooler than it is. No whistles and bells, just your blonde locks pulled through the back of a cap.

Follow this tip and stash a ball cap in your tote prior bearing to the shore. The salt water and humidity will enhance sexy texture to your tresses and the cap’s bill will offer enhanced sun protection for your face.


Boho Chic

This girl nails the beach-babe appearance with her black large sundress and head scarf. In order to get the attention of all the visitors, you can use this Fashion Hairstyle.

How to Take Amazing Pictures of Your Makeup Looks

There is an old saying, “An image is worth a thousand words.” That is surely the case when you wants to clicking your makeup creativity. You all have those moments when you see in the mirror and say, “Wow, my makeup appears beautiful today”, I should take an image of it!”

But, when it comes to capturing a photo of the makeup, it never seemed to appear anything like what I had actually done.

However, when it came down to trying to take a photo of your makeup, it never seemed to look anything like what you had actually created. Rather dissatisfied, you kept on making new ways just before you realized that there are a few tips to aid your makeup come out with images just as it does in the individual. Mentioned below are the five easy tips to help you capture your makeup just as you look like!


Beautiful image doesn’t come without lights and equipment. Proper lighting is one of the important things while capturing good photos of your makeup. All the professional photographers use natural light for clicking photos as it works best. While capturing images outside it’s significant to keep in mind that the best time to click images are in the early morning or afternoon.

It is always advisable to prevent direct sunlight as much as feasible, as this inclines to wash out the color. The best way is to select a room with windows that shows outdoor sunlight. In case, you are using artificial lights, it’s ideal to use an umbrella to weaken the light and not make it so straightforward and prevent casting shadows.


The type of camera you have selected depends on the type of background that would be best for you to use. Suppose you are using a shoot camera like Nikon COOLPIX then you will need to keep your background as much as simple. In case, you have a digital SLR, any background would be perfect, just by cause of it’s not too disconcerting. Try to avoid too much attractive background. Just keep in mind, your makeup should be the star!


As per the professional photographer, posing for an image isn’t difficult when you understand your best angle. To find out the best angle for you is not a hard task. Just exercise in front of a mirror and watch what makes you appear and feel outstanding. Most people are used to capture their images straight on but every now and again, a little angle looking up, down to the side and so on can enhance a little spice and jazz to the image.

Cropped & Framed

One of the important tools while editing your images is Cropping & Framing. Even though not each photo will require to be cropped. Keep in mind; always do editing on a copy of the original photo. In case, you work on an original any modification you make are lasting and can’t be changed. Listed below are the reasons to edit/crop an image:

  • Either it’s off-center or not close enough

  • If you need to show your smoky eye but you capture a full face picture

In order to obtain a clean & clear picture, it is necessary to edit or crop the picture to focus on that area. Just keep in mind, editing pictures of your creations should be exciting and fun.

The EXTRA Close-Up

Capturing an close-up image of your eye is very important for displaying the detail in your work. According to your camera, there should be some options to aid you achieve this better. In case, you use a more easy model of camera fix it to “Close up” mode which normally is pointed by a picture of a flower in most cameras.

Professional photographers set their cameras to the manual mode, which are designated by the letter “M”. They also fix the aperture value to around 5.0 and the shutter to 1/200. As per the light conditions they might need to adjust the ISO value. Bright light enables you to have a lower ISO value and if you’re picturing in not too great light states you can put your ISO to a higher value. The foremost thing to find out the relations between aperture, shutter and ISO is to see what happens! :)

In case, you have any questions or suggestions/tips, please share them in the comments below and we will try our level best to work on them.