Light Makeup in Just 7 Steps

Step 1 – Apply a moisturizer. Suppose you have put on makeup in the morning, your facial skin can be dry after sleeping.

Step 2 – Take the help of a mirror with appropriate light. Use a room where the illumination doesn’t make your facial skin look too light or dark.

Step 3 – Go for a little bit of blush. Apply just adequate to create your complete facial skin in the same shade, and to uncover the cheeks so that they appear naturally healthy.

Step 4 – Go for a brown or black eyeliner. Just use the eyeliner to the lower area of your eye.

Step 5 – Apply eyeshadow. Opt for a chromatic, gold or a somewhat carmine-orange eyeshadow. These shades lift up the fall shade themes and are cheerily hushed without being too light

Step 6 – Now apply the lipstick and lip gloss. Go for a thin coat of a quality, natural lipstick or lip gloss.

Step 7 – Use the eyeliner and mascara. Brown is an ideal shade to apply for the autumn period, however black can work wonders too.