Born to shine

Bored of going matte? We tell you how to shine this month.
For the beginners 
If you are not used to wearing sparkly makeup, try a little on your eyes first. It’s easier to use glitter on your eyes, which are also more forgiving if you err while trying the look.

Do it in pairs

If one single colour seems boring, pep up your look by pairing two different shades. The right combination will always look appealing and will be an instant attention grabber. Some of the combinations we love are silver and purple, pink and grey and brown and gold.

Glitter grabs eyes
Glitter tends to settle into wrinkles and draw attention. Avoid wearing it on the outer corner of your eyes especially if you have crow’s feet, or on your cheeks if you have too many blemishes. 

Body glitter
Shimmer needn’t be restricted to your face, go ahead and flaunt your collar bone and shoulders with a pigmented bronzer or body glitter. It’s a great way to show off these features, especially if you’re wearing a one-shouldered on strapless outfit.

When glitter is too much
If you feel that glitter is too loud for you, metallic makeup might be an easier way to try out this trend.

Achieve awe-inspiring results with Professional Eye Makeup

By means of this blog, MSTC wants to reveal some professional eye makeuptips that will help you achieve impressive results. As you possibly have no doubt that your overall look can be incredibly affected by how to put on your eye makeup. Unluckily several of the ladies have a habit to overplay their makeup, particularly when experimenting to make the smokey eye effect, and finish up appearing stupid and even unappealing.

One main point to keep in mind is that while you are exploring how to put oneye makeup is to make sure that you are paying adequate consideration to your eyes. The primary target of all makeup is to improve your entire look and this is particularly essential when it comes to putting on professional eye makeup. Stated below are some of the professional makeup tips that will assist you attain the look speedily and simply.

Both the complexion and the shade of your eyes will make your mind to pick the shadesof eye shadow that will go perfect for you. Having knowledge of this makes it very essential that you only pick eye shadow shades that attract attention to your eyes and match your complexion. Girls who are having fair skin should go for colors such as blues, pinks and silvers as these look perfect on them. On the other hand, girls or ladies having darker complexion may think the perfect eye makeup shades are the bronzes, greens and browns. Beyond any doubt, your eye shade should also into consideration which eye shadow shades you pick to apply. One of the simplest eye makeup secrets to keep in mind is that blue eyes in most cases look perfect with colors of blues whereas brown eyes prefer the brownish shades. As long as those ladies having green eyes should beapplying eye makeup with green shades. While exploring how to put on professional eye makeup, some easy word of advice like the one explained above can differentiate the things much simpler directly from the start.

A fictitious fact is hanging around in several fashion and beauty publications that your eye shadow should be in tune with your clothing and even your handbag. Giving a chase to this advice will normally make you appear a bit stupid and should be avoided for the time being the shade of outfit you are going to wear actually match your eye shade and complexion. For an instance, you wouldn’t need to apply black eye makeup if you are going to be wearing a black and while dressing. Likewise another main point to consider is that the career of your eye makeup is to detail you, the individual, and not what you are applying.

You must have heard an old proverb that is “less is more”. While exploring how to put on professional eye makeup this old saying should be rule number one that you need to consider. With the help of this tip, you will be able to avoid the very ordinary errorcommitted by several teen girls and ladies who believe that putting on plentiful of eye makeup will create them appear even more eye-catching. Of course, you get successful indrawing the attention of the surrounding audience, however it will be of an adversevariety. Make sure that your professional eye makeup does what it is meant for, specifically improve your complexion, eyelashes and eye shape rather than eliminating these natural attributes.

With regard to achieving an absolute effect with your eye shadow, it is important that you pick 3 shades that match one another and apply different colors, specially light, medium and dense. Girls who are having fair complexion should opt for shades like silver for the bright color, an airy blue for the medium color and a dense blue for the dark color. Just call to mind to put on this professional eye makeup very gracefully therefore it does not look caked on. Following this step rightly will provide your eyes a 3 dimensional look as well as emphasizing the curve of your brow.

The basic element of attaining a 3 dimensional appearance is to apply a dense shade to make a shadow effect. This chief method is essential to bear in mind while exploring how to put on professional eye makeup too if you are seeking a 3 dimensional effect. In our instance you should go for the darkest shade, in this case the dense blue, and later on use it on the line of every one of your eyes. This trick will help you to give a layered effect.

The next thing you need to do is work on the eyelid. Once again in our instance, we would use our average shade which was the sky blue and use it to the eyelid. This assists to improve your eyelid so that when you flutter it will appear prominently. Still another secret is to put on the medium shade very gently as you don’t need the shade to look dark. Just apply a bit to grab attention to the eyelid. Suppose you find trouble doing this step and discover it needs a lot for the shade to work, it may seem that you are applying a cheap quality eye makeup. Numerous superior quality eye shadow cosmetics include more concentrated shaded pigments that will perform the right task in one.

Expectantly by now one can notice how simple it can be to achieve awe-inspiring eye makeup results if you employ your intelligence and need your time. Therefore don’t get shocked to try and notice what eye makeup shades and mixtures provide you the unmatched effects. Just bear in mind that the eye makeup secrets examined in the above blog while learning how to put on professional eye makeup to achieve awe-inspiring results!


Things you should know while putting on Indian bridal makeup

According to Indian culture, the role of bridal makeup is not only to make her appear beautiful – it is also combined with a long-term tradition that supports detailed importance regarding the wedding itself. Here are the three significant things an Indian bride should do pointing the use of makeup for the wedding day: improve skin tone with healthy skin regime, prepare for the application of the mehndi and put on considerable makeup prior the wedding.

Mentioned below are some of the instructions that will help you put on Indian bridal makeup:

1. In order to get a healthy result, one should begin her skin care routine six weeks prior the wedding. Request for a professional makeup expert advice if you are doubtful about what cosmetics to apply. Take considerable amount of sleep, and drink a lot of water so as to avoid toxins that may be in your body for getting healthier skin.

2. Pick a mehndi design to put on your hands and feet. There are some widely acknowledged designs such as peacocks, leaves, blossoms and conch shells, and time-honored the partner’s name is written someplace in the middle of the design. Once the mehndi design is over, make a point it is entirely dry prior rinsing it off. To assure the shade turns dark, one is advised to use oil and heat to the design.

3. On the occasion of your big day, rinse your face and put on a moisturizer. Later on put on concealer, oil-free foundation and transparent powder to make a long-lasting, shine-free appearance. Suppose you decide on using attractive makeup on your face, put on the concealer and foundation first.

4. Make your eyes more noticeable and prominent. According to the makeup experts, for the remodeling of the eyes, glitters can be applied to give a shining appearance of the bride. A less dense line of eyeliner on the eyelid is applied to accentuate the eyes. To give more emphasize on the bride’s lashes, you are suggested to apply black mascara. Eyebrows can be applied to get a deep look.

Shivali Sharma, a renowned makeup artist, strongly recommends applying gold or bronze eyeshadow, which praise the light shades of an Indian bride’s outfit, and adapting the eyes with false eyelashes.

5. Put on lipstick. “The best shades for lipsticks,” as per the makeup artist, “are maroons and browns for the darkish skin shade of the Indian bride.” some makeup artists suggest matching lipstick to the red color of the bride’s outfit.