Red-carpet ready

Spread the word of love and power through your red lips. But picking the right red that complements your skin tone is bit of a tricky task.

Fair and fine skin
If you are blessed  with fair skin, opt for shades with a blue undertone. Make sure they are deep and rich with no hints of brown, pink and orange. Coral reds and classic red a la Marilyn Monroe looks ultra-glam on fair skinned babes. If your skin has a pinkish glow, a matte red lipstick will do wonders. You can try peachy red if your complexion is fair but with a pale yellow tinge.

Sun kissed skin
Ladies who have the beautiful wheatish complexion should give red tints with a blue base or a red with a subtle orange touch a chance. A brick red shade with a golden touch will define your lips well. Try the cranberry red, if your skin tone is slightly in between medium and fair. A bronzer on a red lipstick is also a good option to bring out the shimmering diva in you.

Dusky darling skin 
Flaunt your delicious looking cocoa complexion in a plum mixed dark shade of red. It will make you look ultra gorgeous. Apply the rich burgundy or berry red or dab a little sultry tomato red on your dark lips and pout with élan. You can also try terracotta or muddy red or red infused with brown or purple hues, as they work miracles on this warm skin tone.

Makeup Tricks for Brides to Look Gorgeous on Wedding Day!

For any Indian bride, makeup plays an essential role in making her look elegant and beautiful on her big day. With statement eyes combined with perfect foundation and audacious red-shaded lips, the Indian bride is managed to appear nothing less than extremely impressive on her wedding day. Red is considered as a time-honored shade of choice for the bridal saree, or a sari, and makeup works together with the outfit. Red pouts often suit the red bridal sari.

Airbrush Makeup

Cosmetic base applied on the big day requires to end the overall day without smearing or applying off. The best option to a regularly liquid or mineral-based cosmetic base is airbrush makeup. This makeup foundation gives outstanding coverage while also preventing a painted-on appearance. With airbrush method, shaping the cheekbones is also feasible. A gentle coating can be acquired with airbrush technique. Prevent dense, caked-like makeup on your big day. With the several images that will be clicked, perfect skin is essential.

Statement Eyes

The eyes are the most essential part of the Indian bride. They should look impressive and statement that stands out in the crowd. Use an eyeshadow primer to the lids prior to using any makeup. This assists eyeshadow keep in a spot and avoids it from the lining. Apply a dense brown eye shadow with an outlining brush to shape the line of the eye. A gold-shaded eyeshadow can be used for the outward line. Using a sheer bright pearl to the inward edge of the eye creates the eyes beautiful and makes a lucent, open effect. Use a dense Kajol eyeliner to the above and lower lash lines.


Created cheekbones help in making an outlined appearance. A powder just about two colors denser than your actual complexion should be applied with an arched blush brush to shape the cheek bones. Begin from the spot that matches with the center of your eye just below the cheekbone and combine upwards in a slanted way. Use a deep red blush to the centers of the cheeks. A liquid highlighter can be used softly using the fingertips just upper the cheekbone for a delicate brightness.


It is strongly advised to use a lip balm a bit early prior to using lipstick. This assists avoid the lips from becoming drier. Crease the outward of the lips using a rose lip liner. Combine the liner slenderly. Use a dull red-shaded lipstick to the lips in double layers. If required, end up the lips with a clue of lip gloss. Use the gloss instantly to the center of the lips to make the misconception of bigger lips.


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Comprehensive Make-up Artistry Diploma

Comprehensive makeup artistry courses include all the features of the makeup practice. A person can explore current makeup techniques that include daytime makeup, formal makeup, theatrical makeup, Glam night makeup and casual makeup.

Apart from practical knowledge, a person will explore all about makeup tools and proper application like brushes, pads and liners. In addition, you will explore about the chemistry and mixture of makeup cosmetics. Through practical training, you use your skills under the assistance of a professional makeup expert, which offers you a possibility to put theory into practice. It generally takes time to polish your knowledge.

Bridal Makeup Courses

These make-up classes involve:product knowledge, eye makeup, color theory, facials and nails. A person will explore how to create any bride appearance like a princess. Throughout your makeup training, experts and trained artists who have been making attractive brides for years assist you toward being a skilled wedding makeup artist.

Hairstyling Course

Some makeup schools provide hairstyling courses that last 1 to 3 months. A student will explore different features of the wide domain of hairstyle and he or she picks his or her own areas of interest. A student learns from knowledgeable hair stylists and he or she takes the help of learning materials like instructional videos and organized guide to increase the learning experience. Similar to other professional makeup courses, makeup schools need practical work through which you exercise your learning.

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