It’s time to do some cleaning!

Did you know your makeup brushes could give birth to a number of harmful skin bacteria? Make sure their regular cleaning and maintenance is one of your top priorities. 

The harsh brush truth During the rains, infection-prone bacteria are breeding in full swing. They are likely to get trapped in the bristles of your treasuredbrushes that you use for makeup. This can lead to clogged pores, pesky breakouts and even aggravate your current skin problems. Therefore, it is very important that you protect your investment with care. To ensure the same, all you need is a shallow bowl, a gentle clarifying shampoo or baby shampoo, clean, lukewarm water and a cloth.

The method
- Wash the residual makeup off your unclean brushes gently with lukewarm water. Focus on the bristles rather than the point where the handle meets the bristles to avoid the loosening of glue or any future breakage.

- Take the shallow bowl and fill it with lukewarm water. If you’re cleaning your blusher brush, fill the bowl a little more so that it soaks well. Add shampoo as required and form luxurious lather.

- Gently dip your brush tip in the bowl of water and swirl it. Follow up by rinsing it with running water once again. Repeat this process until the water runs clear from the brush.

- Finally, use the clean cloth to pat dry the brush and soak the water from the wet brushes. Don’t forget to lay your brushes flat on a cloth to dry!


Where to Get Discounted Makeup Cosmetics?

Have you ever regretted buying expensive makeup products at branded beauty shops or even at renowned retail outlets like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, and others? Minimizing your beauty expenses is a tricky task and every girl should have the master this art. Here are some of the tricks that will assist you to discover all of your beauty requirements at an impressive discount!

1. Go to see your local department store near to your residence. A store where you will find a plenty of makeup products from brands like Makeup Studio, CoverGirl and many others! Suppose you find a makeup product you want, ensure you keep for future use because it may not be in stock the next time you’re in demand of the similar makeup item. In addition, it is strongly advised not to go for makeup products at general stores because it has been found that their costs are actually more costly than other areas like Shoppers Stop & Lifestyle.

2. Get involved in the daily deal websites. These sites provide not only deals at cosmetic areas however also other retailers across the nation. As an instance, many times an online user gets a chance to buy one & get one free. It could be a good deal to cut your high beauty expenses.

3. There are plenty of legal websites online where you can purchase department store makeup lines such as Makeup Studio, Bobby Brown, and many more! Many people will recommend you E-Bay most probably. As the store has millions of sellers who seek a range of makeup and beauty products at a reasonable price. A majority of beauty products available online is only hundred bugs a piece and you can acquire coupon codes on several discount websites and save at times an extra 50% on your order!

4. Always look for periodic discounts in the company’s newsletter or get in touch with popular brands by e-mail and request them for discount coupons. Several department stores enable you to double discounts. An ideal time to apply your coupons and double them is when the outlet is already giving a discount on the company of makeup that you are purchasing! With this, a discount seeking women can buy makeup for as little as 100 rupees.

5. Several brands also give out freebie to random users for advertising their company name and products. Make a point you are going to try to avail the special offers from your popular brand. Several people over the web have been given hundreds of free samples within the past year by doing this!

6. You can also do your search at local store and go to outlets or other stores with makeup counters and request for free samples.

7. If you are a regular customer of a department store that sells branded makeup products, you can also request him for samples. These makeup brands give their representatives with a plenty of freebies to spread out to potential clients!

Doing Party Makeup, why not apply Pigment Powders!

These pigment powders can be blended with all cosmetic products to acquire a bold and bright shade. In order to understand the secret of pigment powders, it is necessary to read on the below mentioned points:

In fact, a modest day can be agitated with certain vibrant makeup and what with the party season is right around the corner, you could apply all the shade you need to acquire that excellent party appearance.

The trend of this year is Makeup Studio’s pigment powder. One can experience a wide range of shades including from intensive matte to delicate pearl. These pigment powders can be blended with all cosmetics – right from the eyes completely to the lips.

What is a Pigment Powder?

The concentrated product is a highly focused loose shade powder that sticks fast to the skin and therefore can be blended with a natural color of beauty product to make a completely bold shade. You can apply the concentrated powder as a marker on the face and body.

Secrets to apply a Pigment Powder

Apply the sparkly frosted colors on your shoulders and neckline (if you are putting on a sleeveless top). Several of us also combine it with their timed and ‘dull’ foundation to make a wholly unique color!

One can even apply a cue of its favored shade in her regular moisturizing/toning routine and make a charming effect on your facial and body skin!

The concentrated powder also combines excellently with your nail paints to provide your nails the modern party appearance or the chic day request.

Just keep in mind there are some shades that are not meant for the lip area. And in the same context , there are some colors that are not applied in the eye spot.

Expert Advice: Always apply a foundation to emphasize your pigment powder. With the help of this technique, you will be able to assist the powder to remain on the skin for a long time.

Worrying about the shelf life of your beauty/makeup products?

All the teen girls and ladies have a collection of makeup in her drawer that they “everyday” or “sometimes” use. As we all know that makeup has been mainly applied by women to enhance their beauty not for getting allergic reactions.

Makeup products do have a long shelf life, but, and the possibilities are that blue eyeshadow with the bright bits that you purchased a few years ago has long expired. Following points are a fast guide on the shelf lives of regular makeup products. We’ve mentioned them in an orderly order according to their application. Please bear in mind that these are figures claimed by the experienced makeup artists, no matter what anyone advices you.

  • Concealer: It has a shelf life of 12 to 14 months.

  • Powder: Powder has a shelf life of 2 years.

  • Cream & gel cleansers 1 year.

  • Pencil eye liner: It is always advised that you should sharpen your eye liner regularly. Shelf life of an eye liner is up to 3 years.

  • Eyeshadow: Will also expire after 3 years. Additional trick: A dark eyeshadow can be applied as eyeliner, as a matter of fact, most makeup professionals swear by eyeshadow applied as eyeliner. In order to swift the application process of eyeliner, you’ll require a super-flat eyeliner brush. Use the brush a small damp and splash in black eyeshadow. Move the brush into your lash line targeting on the area between your eyelashes, then reach the shade just above your lash line.

  • Brushes: Clean your makeup brushes after every 2-3 month in a soft detergent.

  • Sponges Wash the sponges once in a week.

  • Foundation: Check the ingredients: A waterproof foundation has a shelf life of 12 months, whereas an oil-based foundation will last up to 18 months. One may require two separate shades of foundation every year: One for summertime when your skin is naturally sweaty and other for winter when you’re dry.

  • Lip liner: This product has a shelf life of 3 years. Additional tip: Pass over the push-up lip liners. They’re high-priced, incline to break and you never really understand how much you have left until you end. No require to pay money on lip liners, there’s no trick to greatness for this cosmetic. Keep your money for foundations and powders.

  • Lipstick: According to the makeup artist, it has a life of 1-2 years. Some says up to 4 years. What everyone accepts is that if it smells bad, don’t apply it, it’s spoiled. Additional tip: Suppose you keep the lipstick in the refrigerator, then it will be last longer.

  • Mascara This cosmetic lasts the quickest: Don’t apply it after 4 months. Additional tip: If you don’t need your mascara to last quicker than its fresh date.

  • Nail Polish: The nail polish has a shelf life of 12 months, relying upon the quality and brand you have bought.

How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Products

There are plenty of anti-aging skin care products available in the market that ensure to reduce your signs of aging and wrinkles. Regret to inform you that many of these skin-care products are processed with the use of toxic chemicals, which are bad for your skin & might cause allergic reactions. In order to prevent your skin from these allergic reactions, we have come up with some effective home remedy treatments. With the help of our remedies, you can make your own anti-aging products. In order to get naturally glowing skin, these skincare products can be applied that have wrinkle smoothing and facial toning properties.

Some of the ingredients you require in making your own anti-aging products

  • Jojoba oil
  • Stone ground oats
  • Baking soda
  • French green clay
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Rose essential oil
  • Mixing bowl
  • 1 Raw egg


  1. The first step is to make a facial toning egg mask. Take a mixing bowl, jerk a raw egg using a whisk till it is light and frothy. Put on the mixture directly to freshly washed skin with the help of your fingers. Keep the mixture on the face until it gets dry completely. Wipe out the egg from your face with the use of warm to cool water. This mixture is widely preferred as the egg will tone the skin and reduce the appearance of the pores.

  2. Make a skin-smoothing scrub. Take a mixing bowl for blending 1 cup of stone ground oats with 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Put 1/2 cup of hot water in the scrub and blend it well. After making the scrub, use it to your skin and massage into the skin with the help of fingers in a circular motion. Rinse off the scrub using warm water. Oatmeal can be used as a facial mask because of its nourishing and softening properties.

  3. Make an eye smoother. For mixing 1 tablespoon of Vitamin E oil with 1 tablespoon of Jojoba oil, it is necessary to have a bowl. Put 2 drops of Rose essential oil in the scrub and combine it well. With the help of your fingers, massage gently the scrub onto the face around your eyes in a circular motion. Make sure that the mixture gets into your eyes or on your eyelashes. All the ingredients used in making this tip are highly preferred for minimizing the appearance of wrinkles.

  4. Make a softening mud mask. Take a french green clay and blend 2 tablespoons of it with a drizzle of water. Whip the water until you obtain a uniform mixture similar to thin toothpaste. Make use of rose essential oil in the mixture. After making the mixture, apply it to your skin and let the mixture stay until it dries. Wash out the scrub with warm water. This scrub is applied to protect and nourish the skin. The application of french green clay helps in reducing the pores of the skin.

When to Store Beauty Products in the Fridge

Maintaining the shelf life of the cosmetics can be as difficult as beating the heat!

You must all have heard about keeping the cosmetics in the fridge to sustain their longer shelf life just may be true. Here are the reasons behind this, why you need to store the makeup products in cool places.

Low-Temp Beauty

In order to maintain the shelf life of the cosmetics, lower temperatures are generally better. It is due to the chemical reactions that happen at higher temperatures. Moisturizers and other makeup cosmetics are inclined to oxidation reactions since they include oils that can become rancid (ew!). Storing them in the cool places can minimize that process. Even, perfumes can be last longer if stored at cooler temps. Fragrances include lots of constituents, and few of those ingredients can go awfully over time. But, keeping them in the cool places can minimize the chemical reactions and keep the perfume effective.

Any downsides?

While storing these beauty & makeup products, there can be a few potential problems that you face. For instance, one may notice beads of “sweat” on your lipstick. The drops coming out of the wax are of oil and up to the surface of the stick. In case, too much of this sweating happens, the lipstick won’t cover properly on your lips. Additionally, one can’t let your cosmetics freeze. If cosmetics like moisturizers get frozen they actually fall apart and then the product is washed-up.

What’s the best way to store products?

In case, you do select to cool down your cosmetic products, make sure to keep them in closed containers. There is no need to contaminate your food with your beauty product. Storing the products in a closed container will also help them to avoid the fridge odors.

If the temperature reduction is not your thing, keep the beauty products in a cool and dark place. Light (both artificial and natural) can cut down their life-time.

Bottom Line

Temperature reduction is an absolute way to increase the life of your cosmetics products (and finally your rupees!). Just keep in mind to accommodate these products properly so no spillage or food contamination occurs.

Makeup Products India | Professional Makeup Products

It is so obvious that nothing would make a woman happier than to find out a makeup brand that provides a beautiful product, superior quality pigments and glowing colors at a pocket friendly price. The application of branded products will nourish the skin with nutrients for glowing fairness, which is the need of every woman.

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Customers are personally obsessed with our range of eyeliners and lipsticks, which feel like velvet on their skin. Another best thing about this international makeup brand is that you can try with the bright & fashionable colors for Summer without affecting the bank balance. The prices of the products are highly competitive, you have no reason not to give this trusted brand a try.

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