Expert Makeup Tips :-

With the help of this blog, MSTC provides professional makeup tips that will enable you to select the correct makeup shades and then put on the makeup easily. Mentioned below are the few professional makeup tips:

Makeup Base :-

MSTC, a renowned Training Center, discloses the trick of developing the perfect base for makeup. It is advisable to apply a foundation, powder or concealed of a shade lighter than your skin type. In order to create a uniform effect on your face, you should spread the foundation/powder over your face by using a cosmetic sponge or your fingers. By applying the highlighter, you can also define your jaw bone, your cheeks and the bridge of your nose.

Blush :-

Several people think that it is difficult to find a perfect blush shade. Whereas, MSTC informs you a tip to puzzle out your problem. For all those ladies who are feeling difficulty in the choice of most appropriate blush, here is the tip – “Press your forefinger and thumb collectively & watch the skin color you acquire”. The skin type you obtain by blending the thumb and forefinger is really the shade your cheeks when you “glow”. With the help of this technique, you can choose the most perfect blush colors.

Eye curling :-

Tracing the eye curler between your fingers, prior applying it, will make it a bit warm and the warmer eye curler will make easier for the curling of eyelashes.

Lipstick :-

It has been advised by the lip makeup expert that the ladies having small lips should avoid dark-red or brown lipsticks. As per the expert, these dark shades shrink the lips instead of magnifying them. Therefore, it is good for them to go for soft and flirty glittering lip glosses.


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