How to apply Bharatanatyam Makeup

Here are the basic steps, you should keep in mind while applying Bharatanatyam makeup:

The first step says that it is important to let your skin breathe. Hence, you should first of all rinse your face using an organic face wash. To do this, make use of a soft lint free cotton cloth so as to remove any dirt or impurities on your face. After, you want a moisturizing lotion having an SPF that should be applied initially. And then, put on a concealer which is one color brighter as compared to the foundations on any appearances under eye circles using a sponge or your fingertips.

The further step is to put on the foundation using a sponge or fingertips so that it blends entirely with the skin.

Other steps is to work on the eyebrow. In order to give a more intense color to your eyebrows, Apply an eyebrow shadow. It is very significant to apply the proper brush so that the eyebrow doesn’t have that artificial look which often eyebrow pencils provide if they are not applied properly. Therefore, it is advised to apply an eyebrow powder instead of an eyebrow pencil.

The further step in Bharatanatyam make-up is to select 3 colors of eye shadow. Select 3 colors, one is of a dark, medium and a light. Use the darkest color just above the eyelid; it should be of just a layer of shade. The medium shade should be used in the middle fold of the eye and the appearance would be accomplished by using the lighter color just below the eyebrow.

While applying Bharatanatyam makeup, keep in mind that eyes play a substantive role in performing arts since it is going to show your emotions. They must appear important thus it has to be fantastic. In order to get a darker look, put on eyeliner on the eyelid and also line beneath the lashes. It is advised to line two third of the eyelid using a thin brush, otherwise all your attempts are just an absolute waste of time.

The other step is to achieve that desirable natural appearance. This is only possible if you apply a thin layer of mascara on the lower and the upper lashes of the eyes. Try to apply a thin layer because too much can get smudged. For the darker skinned people, black & black brown color should be recommended. But for the fairer females, it should be advised to apply Brown colored mascara.

The next step is taking care of your cheeks using a round blusher. The easiest way to put on blush is to smile and then apply blush to the apples of the cheek or beneath, whatever may suit you. Particularly on the nose sides, use dark foundation to the borders of your nose.

The most important thing for the ladies is to handle the shade of the lipstick that goes with the shade of the outfit. Select radiant colors. In order to give a fuller look, make use of pat lip-gloss in the middle of the lower lips. In reality, most ladies think that lip-gloss finish the look. But, the counterpart is true as it involves to the shape of the lip and makes it appear fuller.

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