Tips for applying Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow has been one of the hottest trends so far in 2012. But, there are right & wrong ways to apply this shadow. Most ladies appear great in neutral shades, such as browns or bone, but the brighter the shade the harder to make your eyes stand out in the crowd. Mentioned below are the tricks on the right & the wrong ways to apply blue eyeshadow.

Rule #1: Not everyone looks beautiful using blue eyeshadow. It looks beautiful on ladies having fair skin, brown eyes and black or platinum hair color, or on ladies having dark skin. Just stop yourself from perfectly matching the shadow to your eye shade. Why? Just imagine: would you exhibit sapphires on a blue outfit? As per the expert advices, it’s ideal not to match your shadow to the color of your eyes because anyone who will notice is the shadow.

Rule #2: Combining is key. Applied to be an electric blue shadow was bang-up on the runway fashion shows, however not on the streets. It can’t continue anymore. This year bold shades won’t look cheap, just ensure to apply a professional brush and combine well into the eye.

In order to get a modern & softer look, it is advised that one should place a dark blue shade close to the lashes.

In case you need to add a bit of appeal to your lifestyle, you can apply blue eyeshadow. A sheer wash of pale, colorful blue on your lids and a clue of metallic brow powder will stimulate your skin & make you appear sun-kissed.

Rule #3: Apply 2 shadows, one is a sheer & other is a dark. Select a soft shade for the complete eye area up to the brow bone & then apply the darker shade.

Rule #4: Try to avoid going too high. Dark colors can create eyes tired so ensure not to draw shade above the crease line.

Rule #5: Pass over the dark eyeliner. It’s just too rough. Rather, use a deep-hued color of blue. One can also go for indigo or navy color. Just bear in mind that blue eyeliner can steal the show.

Rule #6: It is advised that one should keep the makeup sheer. You can also opt for a Nude lip color with gloss, as this will go perfect with strong eyes. Try to avoid using shades on the lips as they’ll not only compete with your blue eyes, however the shades could clash.

Note: Avoid comparing your eye shadow with your outfit.

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