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How to get a Natural Makeup Look

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Those days are gone when the strong 80s contouring and heavily winged-out eyeliner were oh-so-hot. This season, the fashion is all about looking as natural as you are. Here are the tips that tell how you can apply natural makeup to look flawless while maintaining its subtle.


Step 1: Begin by applying your skin an oil-free moisturizer. The use of moisturizer will provide a bit of slip so that your makeup goes on richer.
Step 2: People who are having issues-free skin should use a tinted moisturizer to level out their skin tone. If they require extra coverage, apply a liquid foundation with a wet finish.
Step 3: Use your tinted moisturizer or foundation with a sponge in a painting motion. Draw more attention towards the edges to assure there are no visible lines. Keep in mind, real skin is never dull so finish by only powdering areas that get oily over a day.
Step 4: To obtain the most healthy & natural glow, apply a cream blush. With the help of your fingers, use three dots of Creme blend Blush on your cheeks and combine towards the temples.
Step 5: In order to keep your skin looking fresh and dewy, clean your face with a facial mist.


Step 1: Using an eye pencil will never give you a natural eyebrow look. So, let it go and apply a powder that suits with your hair color instead. Use with an angled brush and combine with a brow brush or clean mascara wand to soften the appearance.
Step 2: Instead of eyeliner and apply a mascara wand into the roots of your lashes to make them look fuller. In case, you need to apply eyeliner make the line thin and stick to softer colors such as gray or brown. As a matter of choice, apply lining the inner rims of your eyes using a cake eyeliner. To achieve this, elevate your eyelid softly and force the eyeliner into the rim of your lids using a flat brush.
Step 3: If you want to get rid of clumps, make use of one to two coats of mascara & apply a lash comb. Don’t have one handy? Lifting up your lashes softly with your fingers works just as well.
Step 4: If you need extra definition, use a pair of long or thin fake lashes. To get the natural look from the false lashes, there is a trick to use the right glue and pause until the glue turns gaudy before you apply.

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