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Shivali (Batch-57)

Good environment fair teachers. Hair & makeup classes are very good.

Anubha Mam, Pooja Mam, Avleen Mam, Nagina Mam are very sweet and very talented.

Just one problem that we faced that cut-crease and airbrush were not taught in bridal.

Ansh (Batch-57)
It was a good experience here, we got to know new, new things about makeup and hair. Teachers are very co-operative and good. They help and guide us to the fullest. Environment is good here. I enjoyed each day here with my teachers.

Richa pandey (Batch-57)

Here makeup class were amazing each & everyone was so co-operative. Anubha Mam, Avleen Mam, Nagina Mam, Namrata Mam. They taught us everything and helped us for everything. Product knowledge given nicely. Then the hair class was also very amazing. All over experience was good.

Special thanks to Anubha Mam.

Gurmukh (Batch-56)

 I am very impressed with the knowledge level and skill mastery, especially from Avleen. She is very talented and has great talent with the brush. The few things I liked about the course and experience

1. The pace is good

2. The facility is good

3. Teaching is excellent

4. People are very patient and co-operative

Overall a very good experience for me. I became with very little understanding of makeup and now I return feeling very confident and accomplished.

A big thank you!

Chandni maini (Batch-56)

It was indeed a good experience in make-up studio . The staff is very experienced and are good trainer. My make-up has improved from a lot and now I have the confidence to do any make- up . over all experience was been fabulous.

However I find the Make-up and trainers very expreinced and I look forward to work with them in future.


Thanks a ton for the patience and bearing with the students .

Mukta Chauhan (Batch-47)

It was a great experience for me, 36 days course learning make-up both theory and practical. As am new in this field, I have enjoyed a lot regarding to use the products, do research and with the help of the teachers to know from basic things. Completed the course, now am sure that I will explore any single thing that I have learnt from MSTC into practice. As am not from India, as a foreigner I was so impressed the way the teacher and student of my batch help me a lot.


Anshika Gulati (Batch-47)

I sound the course extremely intresting . it helped me explore new products techniques and make up styles. This was further complemented by the Excellent supportive teachers. Overall it was a good experience. I m very satisfied with this course.

Rama Vadhvani (Batch-47)

It Has Been a great Pleasure to be part of the MSTC family , and the opportunity to work in such a cougenial environment . the faculty is very co-oprerative and understanding .

My Colleagues have been a major support to me in my good and rough times. I am leaving this institute  well – equipped with all the where with all so that I can use it to the best of my artistry in future.

I am again thank every one their guidance and show. Caring path towards bright future




Renu Khurana (Batch-47)
I have learned a lot at MSTC, now I can literally feel that I have really become a make-up artist & for others rest all depends about ones attitude way of thinking and of course your artists hand and practice. It is the most element to practice makes the man perfects.

Gunjan (Batch-56)

It was an Amazing experience At MSTC , as a student here I got to learn a lot and came across with many new things and experiences. The staff and teachers  are very copretive and adjusting they put in to lot of effort in making learn and understand the concepts. I am fully satisfied with their work and I am thankfull to all of them for being so corperative with us . it was really very nice to join your institute

Sunita (Batch(56))

 It was a plessure to learn make-up and hair from makeup studio . thank you all for being a great teacher 

Mukta Tyagi (Batch(56))

 Expreience was so good .i have learn so much and I feel I am improved

I have Learn valuable Applications such as visualization techniques

I really Enjoyed the course and feel like a learned  a lot 

Devika (Batch(56))

My Expreience at Mstc was really very different and nice, knowledge which I gained here is very helpful for me for my career. Institute and faculty is very nice. Each and every teacher is helpful . the ideasand way of teaching is up to date here. Makeup classes were very Amazing and All new treands were taught here . As well as hairstyles are Also up to date styles which are being taught here. The makeup studio is best academy  of delhi. I am glad that I choose MSTC to Learn My intrest. I would really Like To Thank. 

jogita (Batch 56)
wow!That's been great learning and joyful experience.what to say i enjoyed been every moment here.the trainer's were awosome.I would like to thank all the teachers and the staffs also for the knowledge they have shared with me.

Chahat (Batch-42)

I have learned a lot at MSTC, now I can literally feel that I have really become a make-up artist & for others rest all depends about ones attitude way of thinking and of course your artists hand and practice. It is the most element to practice makes the man perfects.

I am happy with the course and no doubt faculty is really good and very co-operation. Avleen Mam always helped a lot ever on small - small issues while course and other teachers are also very perfect, you really felt that your demos are being demonstrated by the best hands and professionals.

Bhavika Kurseja (Batch-3 Mumbai)

Had an good experience at MSTC. Got to learn with very good and experienced teachers.

The trainer's here at MSTC are excellent & their talent & experience comes in makeup comes through in their teaching. I would highly recommend MSTC to anyone who's interested in learning makeup. 

Deepali puri (Batch-42)

It was a brilliant experience. I have learnt a lot during my tenure at MSTC.  All the teachers are so amazing and are doing a perfect joli. They are all amazing & very helpful humans.

Anubha Ma'am - A friend and a guide. Deep knowledge about make-up.

Pooja Ma'am - Extremely sweet teacher very patiently.

Priyanka Ma'am - Dedicated

Avleen Ma'am - Will miss you.

Pratishtha Ma'am - Will miss you.