Center head

Sandeep Shrestha

Sandeep Shrestha holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts from Barkatullah University, Bhopal. He moved to New Delhi in 2010, where he attended Comprehensive Makeup Artistry from Make-up Studio Training Center. His love for makeup is based on his passion for art which truly flourished when he got a chance to work with Make-up Studio.

Sandeep started as a Technical Trainer Sales at Make-up Studio. Later, he moved to Make-Up Studio Training Center and has worked as Senior Trainer at Jaipur & Mumbai branches. Currently he is working as a Centre Head, MSTC New Delhi.

It’s always been his dream to be an Educator which he is fulfilling right now. Apart from teaching students, he also conducts workshops and seminars for Make-Up Studio.

He is proficient with all the genres of make-up artistry and enjoys doing prosthetics make-up which he had learned on his own.

Art has always allured him, from makeup to music and literature to dance, be it any form, he relishes it.

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