Red-carpet ready

Spread the word of love and power through your red lips. But picking the right red that complements your skin tone is bit of a tricky task.

Fair and fine skin
If you are blessed  with fair skin, opt for shades with a blue undertone. Make sure they are deep and rich with no hints of brown, pink and orange. Coral reds and classic red a la Marilyn Monroe looks ultra-glam on fair skinned babes. If your skin has a pinkish glow, a matte red lipstick will do wonders. You can try peachy red if your complexion is fair but with a pale yellow tinge. 

Sun kissed skin
Ladies who have the beautiful wheatish complexion should give red tints with a blue base or a red with a subtle orange touch a chance. A brick red shade with a golden touch will define your lips well. Try the cranberry red, if your skin tone is slightly in between medium and fair. A bronzer on a red lipstick is also a good option to bring out the shimmering diva in you.

Dusky darling skin 
Flaunt your delicious looking cocoa complexion in a plum mixed dark shade of red. It will make you look ultra gorgeous. Apply the rich burgundy or berry red or dab a little sultry tomato red on your dark lips and pout with élan. You can also try terracotta or muddy red or red infused with brown or purple hues, as they work miracles on this warm skin tone.