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Skincare with Make-up Studio

Good skincare is essential for beautiful, healthy skin. A smooth and healthy skin ensures easy makeup application and lasting results.

Knowing your skintype is really important. This way you can adjust the products to your skin and you can be sure that the products deliver the desired result. Skin types are broadly classified as Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination & Sensitive. Thanks to our advance technology and best ingredients, Make-Up Studio products are all hypoallergenic.

Steps to glowing complexion

Taking care of skin on daily basis is of great importance. Specially if you are wearing make-up on a daily basis. At Make-up Studio we have various products for this. The general steps of a make-up includes cleansing, moisturizing, applying primer, using correctors, foundations & fixing the make-up. At Make-Up Studio we have covered everything to make your vanity complete. Our cleanser & make-up removers are so gentle on skin and takes off the make-up in one go. Our Day & Night 24 hours cream is the best professional moisturizer for all skin types. One can opt for Perfect Skin Lift to fill in the fine lines on the face for smooth skin surface. Prebase & Face Prep Illuminating primers makes your makeup last all day long. And we have the best make-up fixers one can ask for."