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The idea of grooming the eyebrows in the good old days was limited to just threading and they were good to go. Trimming the brows, no doubt is the best practice to shape them. A twisted thread plucks even the smallest of hair and thus works best for shaping the tiny hair of eyebrows. 

If we talk about the importance of eyebrows scientifically, they exist to keep our vision acute by keeping water and sweat away from our eyes. In terms of grooming, eyebrows are one of the most challenging features to groom right. 

Eyebrows need their own time and yet you are supposed to make them look natural. One wrong move can transform your entire make-up to the point that you won’t be able to put a finger on where you went wrong with your make-up. 

The beauty industry doesn’t lack behind in terms of eyebrow grooming products. There is a plethora of tools to choose from, yet, it can be time consuming and exhausting to achieve a symmetrical look. We understand how overwhelming it can get so we have decoded the prime concerns and products that you should know about in order to comprehend eyebrow grooming. So, sit back and read on!

Most Common Eyebrow Concerns

Grooming is subjective. What an individual feels needs to be corrected doesn’t necessarily mean is an area of concern for another. We all have our own problem areas thus our own ways to get rid of them. Some problems, however are common to most of us. Since we all have eyebrows, we all can benefit from the below mentioned points. 


Patches are simple missing hair strands from your eyebrows. On some areas they can be thick and on the others you can almost see your skin. This means the hair are missing from that particular area. Eyebrow make-up can help with filling these gaps and bring them to a more youthful and uniform look. 

Thin Brows

Thin brows are the concern of the masses. Not all of us are birthed with good thick brows. But, thanks to make-up you can imitate thick brows that are a sign of good health and impart a certain youthfulness to the face. 

Lack Of Definition

Shapelessness of the eyebrows can make your entire eye make-up look less defined. Adding definition gives a clean look to your entire make-up (Remember contouring?). 

The best way to add definition to your brows is by identifying the key points of your brows. You can use an eyebrow pencil to map these out. Start by aligning the pencil straight from the dimple of your nose. Where the pencil lands on your brow area should be the place where your eyebrow should begin. Mark this by drawing a small strand with the eyebrow pencil. 

Next, move the pencil diagonally towards the outer of your eyebrow, across your iris. The place it lands is where your arch’s high point should be. Mark this as well, for guidance. 

Lastly, align the pencil from the dimple of your nose towards the end of your eyebrow. Where the pencil falls without losing the touch of the nose is the end point of your brow. Mark this as well.

Use this map to groom, fill in and define your eyebrows. 

Brow Tools

After mapping comes the part of choosing the right kinds of products. There are primarily three kinds of products used for priming the eyebrows: Brow Pencil, Brow Powder and Brow Gel. Any other product is just the extension of these products and revolve around the similar issues. 

Brow Pencil

A soft, creamy pencil is the most versatile product to use on your brows. You can use any fancy product but it cannot match the natural finish of a creamy pencil. The beauty experts believe that eyebrow pencil is that one product that you should have in your vanity for sure. 

Eyebrow pencils are the perfect products to fill in the gaps and undo the over plucked brows. The only thing that needs to be kept in mid is not using any harsh lines to draw. Use small hair like strokes and start filling the brows from the middle. 

Start with the base of your brows and draw outward strokes. Try opting for a colour that is half a shade lighter to the colour of your natural brows. The oil on your skin oxidize the pigment of the products that you apply, so using an exact shade might look like a little too dark post application. Finish with a spoolie brush to even out the product applied. 

Brow Powder

Brow powders work by creating a shadow beneath the hair on your brows, which makes them look thicker containing more hair. You can start with light application and build up the colour when it comes to powders. Usually make-up artists like to work with two shades of powders, they start with the lighter shade and fill in the brows with dark colour on the arch and tail. 

To make the eyebrow powder stay longer, apply a brow wax. If you don’t have access to a brow wax, you can use an eye primer in a very little amount on your eyebrows and then fill in with brow powder. 

The primary thing to keep in mind while using a brow powder is to use the right brush and the right amount of the product. It is easier to use because you can control the amount of product applied and clean-up is easier if anything goes wrong. 

Brow Gel 

Brow gels work like hair sprays. They keep the brow hair fixed at one place and are a must have for people with thick eyebrows. They come in clear and dark shades. Clear ones do the work of fixing hair while the tinted ones give colour and help in darkening as well as lightening the hair on the brows. 

Just use the applicator that comes with the gel and sweep any extra product in the bottle just like you do with your mascara. Simply brush the gel along and through your eyebrow, in short, upward, even strokes—focusing on the tail end. 

Eyebrow Products at Make-Up Studio

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