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Face Primer

A face primer for a radiant look

A face primer is a basic building block for a great makeup results. Especially if you wear foundation, it is essential to use a primer. Face primer tends to prepare your skin for the application of other face products. It essentially helps in keeping your makeup intact all day long. You should always apply the face primer after your moisturiser and before your concealers and foundation. You can instantly feel the difference after application of face primer as the skin feels smooth and even textured. Make-Up Studio has two face primers with different effects. Choose the primer that goes with your skin.

Nourishing face primer

Our MakeUp Studio Face Primers are enriched with caring properties. The Pre Base is a face primer that suits all skin types with benefits of a nourishing moisturizer and contains UV-B & vitamin B. It is non-greasy and absorbs quickly. The Face Prep Illuminating Primer is a face primer that moisturizes, nourishes and protects against sunlight through the SPF 30. You dont have to worry about stepping out in sun when wearing Face Prep Illuminating Primer.


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