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Camouflage Stick

Available in 6 Shades


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Concealer Box 6 Colours

Available in 2 Variants


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Spotless skin with little help.

Camouflage makeup is the technique to cover imperfections on the skin. These imperfections could be red spots, blemishes, dark spots and any sort of discolouration. With Camouflaging makeup we can also cover permanent tattoos. Choosing a right camouflage shade is important in order to achieve even results. This requires sound knowledge of colour theory or an expert advice.The camouflage product is chosen on the basis of skin tone and the undertone.

Camouflaging using Make-Up Studio products

Make-up Studio offers various products to make your skin colour correction easier and effective. Our on- the-go Camouflage Stick is a combination of a corrector and foundation which covers the red & blue zones on the skin and gives a flawless coverage. The Concealer in Box corrects imperfections such as dark circles, acne, age spots and scars. The Concealer Pencil is a real multi-tool and must-have for your make-up bag. The Liquid Concealer Pen is a light weight concealer to cover up less intense flaws on skin.


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