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Lip Palette

What’s better than having multiple lipstick together in one packaging? We argue-nothing! Lip palettes are the best substitutes to single lipsticks because they provide multiple options to mix and match different shades together. While lip palette application can be tricky and require some practice, they give you the leverage of creating custom shades. In context to their versatility, lipstick palettes come limitedly in the market, depriving their customers of the lip palette use. 

While it is fun to collect lipsticks, after a point you can hoard too many with their expiration date reaching near. Therefore, it is best to have lip palettes that offer multiple shades in adequate quantities so that you can fully utilize them before they go bad. Depending on which one you pick, you can get between 6 to 18 different colour choices to start from. Usually, lip palettes include different colours to choose from like reds, pinks and plums. They also include a brush and a mirror for precise application. You can buy the best lipstick palettes online in India at Make-Up Studio. 

How to use lipstick palettes

Prep the lips

Just like you do for a lipstick, prep your lips before using a lip palette too for best results. The easiest way to do so is by applying a good amount of lip balm to your lips. Now, brush away the dead skin on the lips with the help of a damp toothbrush. Use very light, gentle, circular strokes. Afterthis step, blot the extra lip balm with the help of a tissue paper and you are good to go.

Lining the lips

Since you’ll be using a brush to apply the product, you need to line the lips in the best way for precision on your lips. For this, apply your concealer and primer and then line your lips with the appropriate lip liner. 

Starting with the brush

Choose a lip brush to collect the shade and apply it on your lips. You can choose the one that comes with the palette or pick another one from your vanity. 

Pick the colour using the brush and start from the middle of your upper lip. Fill in your lips with the adequate amount of colour and do not move beyond the line of your lip liner. 

Blotting the lips

Hold your lipstick for longer by holding a tissue on your lips and brushing a translucent powder on over the issue. 

Different Looks You Can Create Using Lip Palettes

1. Line the lips with a nude shade.
2. Now, use a darker shade and apply it on the outer corners of your lips where you have applied the lip liner.
3. After this, take a lighter shade and apply it in the middle of your lips creating a transition of light to dark colour on both the lips.
4. At last, use a brush to mix the two shades.


Think of this as a reverse ombré. Use a light shade in the place of base and a dark shade in the middle. You can create an infinite number of shades with this palette. shade.

Mix and Match

Create a completely new shade by taking two colours and mixing them on a glass or a non-porous surface. Add the colours little bit at a time to create the perfect lip shade that you want rather than using too much of the lipstick at once

Lip Palettes at Make-Up Studio

Lip palettes at Make-Up Studio are packaged beautifully in a sleek and secure packaging that lasts until long after the product is used up. Between the base colours, as well as the combinations you can create with them, you have endless options when exploring with different lip shades. You can create all types of looks, such as full lips, heart-shaped lips, thin lips, glossy lips, matte lips and more. Makeup Studio even has multiple social media channels on different platforms to help guide you through the process. For step-by-step guidance, explore our tutorial videos on YouTube. You can buy lip palettes online in India.


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