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Lipcolourbox 6 Colours

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Lip Shaping Palette

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Lip Palette

Collecting lipsticks can be fun, but after a certain number it all becomes too unwieldy and cumbersome. That is when you need a properly curated lip shaping palette to help you keep experimenting with the possibilities. Depending on which one you pick, you can get between 6 to 18 different color choices to start from. Some packages also include a mirror, lip brush, lip primer, shader, shimmer, a white lipstick for tone correction, as well as instructions on how to use it all.

All of this is packaged beautifully in a sleek and secure packaging that lasts until long after the product is used up. Between the base colors, as well as the combinations you can create with them, you have endless options when exploring with different lip shades. You can create all types of looks, such as full lips, heart-shaped lips, thin lips, glossy lips, matte lips and more. Makeup Studio even has a multiple social media channels on different platforms to help guide you through the process. For step by step guidance, explore our tutorial videos on YouTube.

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