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Compact Powder Make-Up 3 in 1

Available in 5 Shades


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Translucent Powder Extra Fine

Available in 5 Shades


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Face Powder for an instant even result.

Powders are great to make your skin smoother and helps to set the layers of liquid or cream foundation so that it won't migrate into any lines or slide down off your face. Powders can also reduce the look of fine lines and pores.

Powder is also a great base upon which we apply blush, contour, bronzer, or highlighter. A good face powder makes the skin smoother and mattens the skin without everyone seeing that you have a powder. If you have a oily skin then it is really important to use a powder to make your foundation stay all day long.

Compact powder VS loose powder

A face powder comes either in loose form or as a pressed compact form. Compact powders provide a matte finish, fix foundation and our tinted to give an extra coverage on top of your liquid or cream foundation. Compact powder can be used alone as well. Loose powder is much lighter and provides a velvety, natural finish. Both powders are suitable for daily use.

When do I choose compact powder over loose powder and vice-versa.

Make-Up Studio offers both compact powder and loose powder. The Compact Powder 3-in-1 offers three functions in one product. This powder can be used as a compact fixing powder, compact powder makeup and longlasting foundation. The Translucent Powder Extra Fine is transparent loose powders that provide a natural matte look and sets your cream or liquid foundation."

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