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How many times have you thought about the disappeared foundation on your face after some time of application? Wonder where it goes and why it disappears? Maybe, because you are not finishing it up with a face powder. 

For the longest time, we have thought of not wasting our bucks on a useless powder that instils the potential of making the face cakey and dry. But guess what? This backstage artist has more potential than you realise.  

What Are Face Powders?

Face powders, at par with their name, are finely milled powders that are set in a packaging densely. They are used for sheer coverage and setting the make-up to make it last longer. Face powders come in two variants: 

Loose powders: These are less dense loosely packaged powders that look natural on the skin. 

Pressed powders: These are highly dense powders compressed in a tiny tub or packaging. Pressed powders are highly pigmented and are a great option for touch-ups. Due to their convenient packaging, they can be carried easily and applied on-the-go. These powders should be applied carefully as they usually have a tendency to look cakey if overdone. 

Why Face Powders?

A face powder is a finishing product that has many benefits. It smooths the skin, mattifies it and evens out the sin tone. Mostly, it is used as a last step of the make-up application but, it can be used solo too. 

Face powders make your skin look fresh and awake. It diminishes the oil on the T-Zone which makes the skin look tired. The face powders generally last very long and manage to keep the base-make stay put. Some of the prime advantages of face powders are:

  1. They are a book to the oily skinned people. In a country like India, where humidity hinders the fresh look of the face and lingers for almost all of the year, it is absolutely necessary to include it in the make-up routine. 
  2. Since face powders are good absorbers of oil, they prevent sweat production and fungal infections. 
  3. They even out the skin tone. You can use the product both alone or with other base products. It all depends on the condition of your skin the coverage that you desire. On some days we don’t like wearing a lot of make-up. On one of those days, you can dab some face powder and go on with your respective day. 
  4. For people who like using heavy make-up, face powders can help you to sustain your make-up for a longer period of time. Since it acts as a barrier between your make-up and the environment, it prevents the outside factors from hindering your make-up. 

Moreover, excess oil production on the face intersects with the pigments of your foundation, making them melt. Therefore, dusting the face powder keeps the oil secretion to a minimum ultimately slowing down the entire process. 

  1. In extension to the above point, face powders are great absorbents by nature. So, on the rainy and humid days you can completely skip the foundation and go for a face powder over your moisturizer. This way you will achieve a beautiful coverage that is fresh and feels light on the skin. 
  2. Face powders can undo your make-up mistakes. We all have been to the place where we have applied too much blush and end up looking like a comic. Or, have you opted for a foundation shade that is too dark for you? All of these blunders can be undone with the help of a face powder. There are only a few make-up mistakes that a face powder can’t fix. 

How Do I Choose the Right Shade?

Face powders come in various shades. When it comes to picking up the right shade of a face powder, go for the one that matches your skin the most. This will help you in achieving a flawless finish and natural look making it virtually unnoticeable. 

Face powders can demand to be changed according to the weather conditions in your area. As skin gets drier in the winters, you might like to go for the pressed powders as they have high pigment thus need to be applied in low quantity. More powder can dry out your skin in winters. Similarly, you can opt for loose powder in summers as it is low on pigmentation and gives a fresher coverage. Plus, it absorbs more oil. 

Some face powders are sold in unconventional shades to combat different skin concerns. For example, a face powder with greenish tint can minimize the appearance of redness on face. A face powder with purple tint can make the skin look less yellow and pale. 

Face Powders with Benefits

As times change, so does make-up. Face powders have levelled themselves up a notch. Now, some of these are manufactured with goodness of skin care ingredients for some extra benefits. SPF is infused to protect the skin from UV rays, acne fighting ingredients are instilled to combat breakouts and vitamins are used to give the skin some extra care. 

How Do I Use a Face Powder?

You can apply face powder using a make-up brush, powder puff, or makeup sponge. Start with a clean face and apply a moisturizer that suits your skin. Follow with primer, concealer and foundation. Afterwards, grab the powder with an appropriate makeup tool and apply it in quick downward strokes. Start by applying lesser quantity and then build it up if needed. Blend it precisely on the edges of the face such as at the hairline, jawline, ears, neck, and corners of the nose. 

Make-Up Studio Face Powders

Make-Up Studio is your one stop destination for the face powder requirements. The brand offers both compact/pressed powder and loose powder. 

Compact Powder 3-in-1 offers does three jobs in the packaging of one product. The powder can be used as a fixing powder, make-up compact and a long-lasting foundation. It comes in a sturdy packaging that can be easily carried in a hand bag. The packaging is travel friendly so that you can use it while being on a go. The powder gives a matte finish which is durable and it can be applied both wet and dry. 

The translucent Powder Extra Fine is transparent loose powder that provides a natural matte finish and can be used to set the foundation. The lightly tinted powder has a long-lasting and silky effect that is suitable for under-eyes and the T-zone.