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Lip Primer

Ever thought of one product that is the most metamorphic? Enter Lipstick in its full glory. Even if you decide to put no make-up at all (we are talking about only a moisturizer and a lip balm kind of days), just a dab of lipstick makes you look and feel from blah to wah! 

Your messy, busy and sometimes hungover mornings can be well sorted with a lipstick. But let’s be real, the problem with a lipstick lies in its longevity. Irrespective of the formula, brand or texture you choose, eating, drinking, and generally going about your day does make your lipstick come off. 

Hence, let us introduce you to lip primers. Remember how amazing of a base you create with the help of your face primer when applied pre-foundation? The same finish is delivered by lip primers. These little ones are meant to be applied under your lipstick, amping up its colour intensity, staying power and smoothness. Yes! A lip primer can be this transformative. Apart from this, lip primers hydrate the lips, preventing them from flaking and feathering under the lipstick (we’re sure you know how disastrous the lipstick looks when it is feathering). In India, you can find the best lip primers online at Make-Up Studio. 

What is the difference between a lip primer and a lip balm?

A lip primer is basically a face primer meant for just your lips. Now, the question arises how they are different from our classic, good old lip balms?

You may feel that a lip balm can be used as a primer but the key point to remember is, a lip balm is meant to give you hydrated and well-nourished lips. Lip primers on the other hand, create a smooth base for your lipstick, adhering the pigment on the lips for long hours, and preventing them from smudging further. A good lip primer can keep the lips nourished but it is just an add on factor to its numerous abilities, not a primary function. 

Sometimes, it is difficult to apply a lip colour while your lips have a generous amount of lip balm on them. It prevents the product from adhering on to the lips therefore it is advised to dab the extra balm on a tissue before you apply your lipstick. 

In contrast to this, lip primers hold very well onto the lipsticks. It glides on smoothly and the colour is beautifully amplified due to the smooth base. 

Do I really need a lip primer?

We agree to the fact that there is an overabundance of available make-up products. Sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming to decide on the essential ones and the ones that can be given a pass. But if you ask us about the significance of lip primers in your vanity we would argue-yes they are important. 

To convince you further, we have listed down the key benefits of lip primers. Read on the quick rundown to decide for yourself. 

  • Smoothens the lips: our lips contain fine lines. These are not the aftermath of age or dehydration, they just exist. The matte formula of the lip primers fills into these lines, creating a uniform base for your lipstick. Since it adds one extra layer on the lips, it gives a plumped lips effect that makes the lipstick look prominent. 
  • Creates a flawless base: this is the primary purpose of a lip primer. Even a thin layer of lip primer makes even the most matte lipstick glide on easily. If you are a fan of lipsticks, you must have gone through some formulas that do not just glide no matter how hydrated your lips are. 
  • Prevents smudging: since a lip primer adheres the lipstick to itself, it prevents it from transferring to surfaces. 
  • Prevents feathering: many lip colours, mostly the dark ones tend to feather quite easily. Sometimes they feather from the out edges of the lips and other times they feather from the middle of your lips. Lip primers prevent this phenomenon. Just concentrate on the areas that you think feather the most and your lipstick will stay put. 
  • Makes the lipstick long lasting: creamy formulas transfer the most. They go away in max 3-4 hours. Products like lip primers increase their sustainability on the lips, making the most of your cream lipsticks. 
  • Evens out the lip surface: many of us have the habit of picking on our lips or chewing them while under stressful situations. This makes the surface of the lips uneven. Lip primers can solve this problem of yours by creating an even base so that the lipstick looks smooth. 

How do I use a lip primer?

Okay! So, after a ton of convincing, we have come down to the usage of lip primers. It is no rocket science to one. You just need to know a few basic steps and you are sorted forever. 

Step 1: Exfoliation

Exfoliation of the lips is a must before any given lip product. Exfoliation eliminates the dead skin cells on your lips, giving you a smooth canvas to work on. Lesser the flakiness more the staying power of your lipstick. 

If you cannot find a lip exfoliator, just use a damp tooth brush very gently on your wet lips to brush away the dead skin. Or you can mix some sugar with honey and rub it on your lips. The key is to be as gentle as possible. 

Step 2: Hydration

After exfoliation it is absolutely essential to use a lip balm as it will calm the skin and provide nourishment to the newly revealed baby skin of your lips. Skipping the lip balm after exfoliation can lead to sever dryness.  

Step 3: Priming 

After the lip balm, take a small quantity of the lip primer and apply it using your ring finger in a dabbing motion. Avoid using too much product as it will lead to a sticky mess. 

After applying the lip primer wait for some seconds to let it set and dry and them go on with applying your lip colour. 

Step 4: Applying lipstick

Now, carefully apply your lipstick and do not go beyond the area of the lip primer to prevent it from smudging and bleeding. 

Step 5: Blot with a tissue

If you want your lipstick to be accurately set in its place, then we advise you to not skip this step. Take a paper tissue and gently pat your lips to soak up any extra lip colour. If you are wearing a liquid lipstick, then wait for it to dry completely before you do this step. 

Lip Primer at Make-Up Studio

Make-Up Studio Lip Primers are available online on the website and they are known to cover the pigmentation on the lips to maximize the actual colour of the lipstick. It works exceptionally well on the chapped lips and fills in the lines to give a smooth application.

Increasing the color intensity of your lipstick, it ensures that it lasts longer. Curated with nourishing ingredients, it ensures that your lips are well hydrated and look plump under your favourite lippies.


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