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Since the day a girl starts to experiment with make-up, foundation is the first kind of base make-up she gets to know about. A foundation is the most essential ingredient of a make-up junkie’s secrets to surreal make-up. Many of us tend to have a love and hate relationship with this product. We love the fact that a foundation delivers an even-toned, uniform complexion which almost all of us struggle with. But we hate that it can be extremely tricky to look like that we aren’t wearing anything on our face. This is why you need a lot of practice, a keen eye and the right kind of knowledge to pick a perfect bottle of foundation. 

For the first timers, foundation is a form of make-up used as a base on the face. Just like a primer and concealer, foundation is used to achieve a smooth finish and even based complexion. But, having so many options, why is foundation so important? 

All of the products that are used while creating a uniform base on the face, carry a specialized function. A primer covers the pores as it fills in the gaps of the skin. A concealer covers the pre-dominant pigmentation and dark spots bringing the skin on the face to a similar tone. A foundation, when applied on top of this, brings everything together. It works as the last film on the skin that evens out the remaining differences, concealer and colour corrector. 

So, the next question might arise that which is the best foundation for me? Just like any other make-up product, a foundation comes in different formulas, coverages, finishes and tints. Speaking of which, it is essential to understand your skin’s tone and undertone to opt for the accurate shade that doesn’t stand out when applied to the face. 


A make-up aisle is hoarded with incalculable kinds of foundations. So, to start the segregation, think of the formula that you wish to have. Below are the 5 prominent formulas that you could find:

  1. Liquid Foundation

The most omnipresent formula of a foundation is in the form of a thick liquid. This is the easiest formula to work with. It can be used according to the coverage that you want to achieve and can be blended easily with your fingers, make-up sponge and brush. 

  1. Cream Foundation

This foundation is comparatively thicker than the liquid one. It usually comes in a jar or a pump. People with dry skin should opt for a cream foundation as it tends to keep the skin hydrated and is heavier than the liquid foundation. 

  1. Powder Foundation

Oily skin people are generally inclined towards powder foundation. As the name suggests, these are dry powder/compact based foundations. Liquid foundations many times lead to extra shine and oil secretion on the face if not chosen according to the skin type. 

Powder foundations are therefore, a safe option to choose from. They prevent clogging of pores and combat the extra shine on the face. 

  1. Serum Foundation

A serum foundation is the hybrid of a skincare and make-up product. The consistency is similar to the liquid foundation and the ingredients speak of skin care. Serum foundations are generally heavy and are a good option for the dry skinned peeps. 

  1. Water Based Foundation

People with extremely oily skin find it hard to settle to an oil-based foundation. Their sebaceous glands already produce enough oil to given them a shine all day long. This is when a water-based foundation comes in handy. 

The primary difference in a water-based foundation and an oil-based foundation is that the first one has water as its base ingredient and buffer. The second one has oil as its buffer and base ingredient. 


After the formula of the foundation comes the coverage. Coverage of a foundation determines how opaque it sits on the face when applied. Foundations come in different coverages because not all of us like to hide the entire skin under make-up. Some women like a tint of colour to look more even. 

  1. Sheer Coverage Foundation

A sheer or light coverage foundation doesn’t sit opaque on the skin. These foundations just make the skin look more awakened and even rather than covering all the imperfections on the face. The light pigmentation and spots are sometimes diminished but the adamant ones need a little bit more of a heavy coverage. 

You can hide your dark spots using a concealer and then apply a sheer foundation if you are not a fan of heavy coverage on the entire face. 

  1. Medium Coverage Foundation

A medium coverage foundation is heavier than its first variant. It conceals some imperfections and gives a blurred effect on the face. 

  1. Full Coverage Foundation

A full coverage foundation can hide away all of your skin flaws and spots. It is completely opaque and provides a clean and uniform canvas on the skin for further application of make-up. 

  1. Buildable Coverage Foundation

A buildable foundation, as the name suggests can be layered in many ways to get the desired camouflage. This type of foundation is highly suitable for people with sensitive skin as it can be applied according to the needs of the different portions of the face. A single product can be used for sheer as well as full coverage. 


Finish is the way a foundation looks on the skin. Different foundations deliver different kinds of finishes. 

  1. Natural Finish

Similar to its name, natural finish almost resembles your own skin. It doesn’t look like heavy make-up is applied on the skin. This is a hit between teenagers and beginners of make-up.

  1. Matte Finish

A foundation with matte finish looks absolutely shine free when applied on the skin. People with oily skin usually go for a matte foundation. Matte foundations can make the skin feel even more dry if you have dry skin. It is advised to apply a moisturizer under this foundation. 

  1. Dewy Finish

A dewy foundation imparts glow on the face. The foundation has particles that reflect light, thus making the skin look radiant. People with dry skin gravitate more towards these kinds of foundations. 

Foundations from Make-Up Studio

Make-Up Studio brings to you a wide range of foundations. Since we are a global brand, catering to different ethnicities all around the world, our foundations range from dark tints to very light hues. Our range covers all the formulas, coverages and finishes. 

Our start product, The Fluid Foundation No Transfer is a liquid foundation with medium coverage. The foundation is buildable and is power packed by silicone, which makes it waterproof and long lasting. 

The Face It Cream Foundation is a full coverage foundation. You can build it up to cover the most adamant flaws of your face. 

The velvet Foundation is a 2-in-1 product that comes with the consistency of a cream and gives the finish of a powder. You do not need to swipe a setting powder to finish this one up.