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Have you ever admired how someone’s face glows when it is hit by the light or a camera flash? Chances are that person is wearing a fantastic highlighter. That is how powerful a highlighter is when it comes to make-up. Highlighters are make-up products that are generally created using mica-a light reflecting, shimmery mineral. Once applied on the skin, they give an illusion of glow from within as they reflect any kind of light that comes their way. 

Highlighters are supposed to be applied on the highest points of your face, where the sunlight touches first. The areas might include your brow bone, cheekbones, bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow. You can apply a very little of highlighter on any part of your face that you want to pop out and glow. But, there is a fine line between the glow that the right amount of highlighter can give and looking like a full blown lamp post. Using the right shade, texture and most importantly amount is the key. 

Different Highlighters for Different Skin Types

Highlighters come in three different formulas, liquid, cream and powder. If you have dry skin that tends to flake in the months of winters and kind of behaves well during summers and monsoons, you should opt for liquid and cream highlighters. Liquid and cream formulas stick very beautifully to the dry skin and blend smooth without caking. 

If you are someone with oily or combination skin that literally drips oil during the humid months you should go for a powder formula. Oily skin doesn’t flake which makes it take well the powder textured make-up and doesn’t let it cake on the skin. You should never mix the two finishes of the highlighters wearing one over the other. This with make the highlighter stand out and fragment.  

How To Apply a Highlighter Like a Pro?

Different highlighter formulas need different techniques for application. For a powder highlighter, use a fluffy brush or a fan brush and apply using a light sweeping motion. Do not press the brush on the skin as it will disrupt the base make-up you have done. For areas that are smaller like cupid’s bow and brow bone, use a small eyeshadow brush for a precise application and use small gentle strokes. 

Coming back to liquid highlighters, take a small amount on your fingers and dab it on the area where you want to apply. Now, using a damp sponge blend the product in dabbing motion. Do not use sweeping technique for liquid highlighters as it will cause streakiness on the face. You should always opt to apply the highlighter after your base make-up, after your foundation and blush. 

How To Choose the Right Shade of Highlighter? 

Highlighters are meant for everyone who wears make-up. You just need to find the right kind of shade for yourself. 

For a natural look, choose one or two shades lighter to your skin tone. People with very fair or pale skin tone should opt for pearl shades. Golden and peach highlighters look amazing on medium skin tones and people with beautiful deep skin tones should go for gold, bronze and copper shades. 

How Do I Fix the Highlighter Blunder?

It is extremely common to go a little bit over board with the highlighter. We all want to glow, but it can go out of hand sometimes. To correct the too much highlighter, you can grab a clean make-up brush and buff out the extra or you can use a clean sponge to buff it down. 

Another thing that you can do is use some concealer or powder to tone the product down. Just apply very little of the product over the highlighter and it should do the trick. Dusting powder works best when it comes to toning down the highlighter. 

Highlighters at Make-Up Studio

Make-Up Studio offers four kinds of different highlighters. We understand the needs of different textures and formulas and therefore have a wide range of products that can help you acing up your highlight game. 

Our first and foremost product is the Strobe-It Cream. It is an illuminating moisturizer that gives a subtle shine to the face. It has that beautiful pearly finish which delivers a dewy look. You can apply the Strobe-It cream as a base before your make-up or as a highlighter on the high points of your face. 

The second highlighter, Lumiere Highlighting Powder accentuates your best features and imparts intense colour and shine. It can be applied dry and wet for extra pigmentation. 

Our third product, the Highlighter Palettes have five different shades to choose from. You can mix and match and create your own beautiful tints that suit your skin tone the best. The palettes have high pigmentation yielding colours that do not dust and stay long. 

The fourth product, Shimmer Effect is a start highlighter and is loved by many make-up artists. It can be used as a base, mixed with your foundation or can be applied on the high points of the place at the end of your make-up routine. It works flawlessly and is buildable.

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