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Lumiere Highlighting Powder

Available in 3 Shades


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Highlighter Palette

Available in 2 Variants


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Shimmer Effect

Available in 4 Shades


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The Contouring and Highlighting Technique

Contouring & highlighting is a technique to bring forward your best features. This technique uses light and dark shades of a colour to enhance the best features. Create an optical effect with highlighters that will naturally accentuate the most beautiful elements of your face. By working with a variety of dark and light makeup, you shape the face and emphasize areas of your face to make it extra noticeable or that you do not want to emphasize at all.

Highlighters for that glowing skin!

Highlighters are available in different variants. Make-up Studio offers liquid highlighters, powder highlighters, highlighter palettes and the products for strobing. One can choose a highlighter according to their personal preference and kind of results their are looking for. For oily skin, we recommend using a powder highlighter. For dry skin, we recommend a liquid or cream highlighter.

How do you apply a highlighter?

Apply your powder highlighter with a special highlighter brush. We recommend our Pro brush No. 8. You can apply cream or liquid highlighter with your fingers, a make-up sponge or a brush.

Highlighters Product Price List