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Make-up plays an extremely important part in making you feel confident and cheerful on the days when you don’t even feel like getting up from the bed. Specially on the days when you feel less like yourself, just put on some lipstick and mascara and see your mood shift from gloomy to confident. While some women enjoy applying subtle shades and playing safe with make-up, some of us like to experiment with bold looks and even bolder colours. 

Glitter make-up is one such form of bold and candid ways to express yourself through the art of make-up. Be it light shimmer or pigments, glitter make-up is here to stay since a very long time. Ask any make-up enthusiast about the time they first came across glitter make-up and they would take the name Helen, an Indian actress and dancer, who used fantastic glitter eye make-up in each of her magnificent performances. 

Glitter eye make-up is not something that you would utilize every day. You can choose to use a single product subtly on a daily basis to get creative or to infuse a little bit of fun to your whole look. Glitter comes in many forms, textures, products and size of the pigments. The key is to not use everything at once and mixing too many colours altogether. A little bit of product goes a long way and the success of your glitter make-up look lies in the fact that how accurately you use the required amount of the product. 

Glitter Eye Shadow

Many women tend to believe that glitter eye shadows are only meant for runway models. Make-Up brands have done quite a bit to uplift this stigma and have introduced products and sometimes entire lines that consist of glitter make-up. Make-Up Studio for example, has a beautiful wide range of eye shadows, eye shadow palettes and eyeliners that are shimmery and give a beautiful sparkle to the eyes. 

So, how do we start on applying glitter make-up, what are the steps involved and how much quantity is enough for not ending up blazing like a disco ball? Read on to find out! 

  • Pick one product at a time. If you are starting with your journey of glitter eye make-up, just pick one product that contains glitter and keep the rest of them muted. You can choose an eyeliner that has glitter particles or you can choose an eye shadow that has sparkle. Using both at the same time can come out be intimidating to you as a beginner. 
  • Keep it subtle. You can use a dash of glitter on the inner or outer corner of your eyes. This makes the eyes look awake and wider. Another way of using glitter on eyes is by using a small amount in the center of your upper eye lid and blending it on the entire area over an eye shadow. This step is the easiest way you can use glitter and sparkle on your eyes and doesn’t require any specific make-up skills. 
  • Many brands offer glitter eyeshadow pencils for this purpose. You can opt for these pencils as well as they are very easy to use and apply the correct amount of shimmer on your eyes. 

Steps to Apply Glitter Eyeshadow

  • Start by applying an eye shadow of light colour on the upper eye lid. Use a small fluffy brush to blend it properly on the entire eyelid area. 
  • Now, take a darker shade of the same colour family and sweep it on the outer corner of the eye. Blend the dark shade with the lighter one to get a beautiful transition of the both. You should not be able to find the outline of the darker shade. 
  • After you have softened the shades, pick a glitter shade and apply in the middle of the eyelid. Blend the glitter shade subtle and keep the, ‘less is more’ rule in mind as you do it. 

Glitter Eye Liner

Glitter eye liners are easiest to apply and look absolutely wonderful on the eyes. They provide definition to the upper lash line and add a little more glamour to the eyes. These tiny tubbies also require precision and some carefulness while you play with them. 

Always use a right kind of brush to apply glitter eyeliner. Keep your hands firm while you do it and find a calm place where you can prevent jerks. If you want to outline your black eyeliner, you should use a thin brush and if you want to apply only glitter eyeliner then use an angled eyeliner brush or the applicator that comes with the glitter eyeliner. 

Avoid using too much of glitter eyeliner at once. Just apply a thin line so that the look doesn’t come as daunting. 

An eyeliner’s job is to define your eyes properly. While dark coloured eyeliners such as black, brown and blue do this job fairly well, light coloured eyeliner if not applied with precision and end up looking disastrously distorted. Glitter reflects light so using a light coloured eyeliner with no definite line can make your eyes look ill shaped. 

When you opt to use a glitter eyeliner, skip the other glitter make-up products such as a glitter lipstick or a sparkling highlighter. Using 2-3 glitter products together will make you look overdone. 

If you have dry skin, you can happily choose pencil glitter eyeliners as they generally come in cream formulations and will sit beautifully with your skin type. But, if you are on the oily skin side, opt for waterproof liquid glitter eyeliners because these seldom smudge and last a long time on the skin. 

Given the choice between glitter and glaze, choose the eyeliner that has proper glitter particles rather than having glazy feel to it. Glazed eyeliners tend to look plastic-y after they dry out and on the other hand, eyeliner with proper glitter particles look exceptionally beautiful. 

Glitter away at Make-Up Studio

Make-up Studio has a beautiful range of glitter make-up. Our assorted eye shadows and eyeshadow palettes have all the glitter shades that you need. 

Jewel Effects and Glimmer Effects are two glitter pigments that the brand offers. 

The Jewel Effects formula is made from real silver particles, as the name suggests. This beautiful product comes in two versions: Shine and Sparkle. The Shine version is super finely cut and balances between a powder and a glitter. The Sparkle is slightly coarser than the Shine. Both suitable for eyes, face and body. 

Glimmer Effects is a composition of loose make-up glitters that can be used across the whole eyelid or as a highlighter. Create eye-catching glitter eyeliner by combining Glimmer Effects with our 2-Way gel.



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