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Eye Shadow

If we could name one area of make-up that has the potential of doing the metamorphosis of an individual, it surely would be eye make-up. Eye make-up holds the power of transforming one individual into another. Eye shadows are the show stoppers of eye make-up. A simple tint of colour to a full blown smokey eye make-up, eye shadows are powerful and speak volumes about your personality. There is a downside to eye shadows too. Wrong and messy application can make your look go from fab to dab in mere seconds. Eye shadows are supposed to be fun rather than looking intimidating. 

It is stated correctly that mastering eye shadow is not an easy business. There is applying the colours, blending them together, patting them into the lids and using various kinds of brushes to do this all. Applying eye shadow with precision can look like a tough job but it is not as complicated as it might seem like. The very first step involves understanding the various kinds of formulas that you can opt from. 


Just like other make-up products, eye shadows also come in various textures. The primary ones include cream eye shadow, powder eye shadow and liquid eye shadow. Let us break to you from which to choose from. 

Cream Eyeshadow

The easiest ones to apply are cream eyeshadows. You do not require any major tools to apply cream eye shadows as your fingers can blend the product seamlessly. Cream textures feel soft and melt due to the heat on your fingers, making them easily blendable and stay put throughout the day or night. 

Cream eye shadows come in sticks, matte formulas, pots, shimmery formulas and tiny tubs. They can be worn under powder eye shadow to enhance the colour or can be worn alone for a dash of tint. 

Powder Eyeshadow

These are most commonly available and come in a palette along with some other shades. These palettes can be really fun to work with as you can blend so many colours and create the ones of your choice. Powder eye shadows, as the name suggests, some in powder texture and it is advised to used a good eye primer under powder eyeshadows as they are prone to get smudged in an abstract with the passage of time. Using the right base and the right brushes can ensure that you make the most beautiful looks using powder eye shadows. There are two formulas to choose from: matte and shimmery. 

Liquid Eyeshadow

Liquid eyeshadows come in thick fluid form that turns to matte when it dries out. They come with a doe-foot applicator or a want. This makes the application very easy and you can create very précised eye looks. Liquid eye shadows are highly pigmented similar to liquid lipsticks therefore, these are great when you would like to go for extremely bold eye looks. 

Know Your Eyeshadow Brushes

Prior to we move forward towards the application of eyeshadow, it is crucial to understand the use of right kind of eyeshadow brushes and their precise application techniques. Given below are some primary brushes that you should have in your vanity for pulling together a magnificent eye make-up look. 

  1. A fluffy brush with wide-dome: This brush is used for covering the eyelid completely.
  2. A relatively small tapered blending brush: This is used for cutting the crease on the upper eye lid and for blending the two colours. 
  3. A blending brush which is angled: This brush comes in handy when you want to reach the outer and inner corners of your eye. It blends the colours in hard-to-reach areas of the eyes. 

Steps to Apply Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow application asks for patience and practice. If you are a beginner, start with using two shades and blend them together to get a simpler eye look. Succeed with the use of brushes and colours as you master blending and cutting crease. Refer to the guide below to better understand the steps you can consider to follow.

Step-1: Eye Primer

An eye primer helps with the colour opacity and staying power of your eye shadow. It helps the eyeshadow last a long time by preventing it from sliding off the eyelids when exposed to heat and moisture. The necessity of applying the eye primer increases as you choose use more eye make-up. 

If you have oily skin, applying eye primer becomes all the way more crucial as it will hinder the oil on your face from reacting with your make-up. 

Step-2: Choosing the Colour

You can choose four shades primarily to create an eye look. A neutral colour to cover your eyelids. You can choose the one which comes nearest to your skin colour. A medium shade to cut crease of your lid, a relatively dark shade for your outer corner and a lighter shade for the inner corner. 

Step-3: Crease Defining

Defining the crease on the upper eyelid gives a fantastic definition to the eyes. Eyes look bigger, wider and more awake due to this step. 

To define the crease, opt for a darker shade in the family of the neutral shade that you used to cover your lids. Use small angular brush and sweep it in short precise motions to achieve the look. 

For hooded eyes, apply the crease shade with eyes wide open. To define the eyes further, use your angular brush to define the outer corner of your crease, making a V-shape from the lash line to the outer crease. 

Step-4: Blend, blend and blend

Eyeshadows are all about blending. The technique is to blend the colours as such that you cannot simply put a finger on where each one of them starts or finishes. 

Start with a clean blending brush to scatter the shades on your outer V and crease and blend until they become seamless. If your over blend, use some more of dark shade and then blend. 

Step-5: Highlight away

Use the lightest eyeshadow to highlight the eye areas like inner corner and below the eyebrows. During the day time, you can use a matte eyeshadow to highlight and at the night use a shimmer shade. 

Whichever shade you decide to use, you'll want to apply it along your brow bone (just below the arch of your eyebrow) to give your face a wide-awake and lifted look. 

Eyeshadows At Make-Up Studio

Make-Up Studio offers a wide range of eyeshadows to choose from. The eyeshadow colours are available in a spectacular range of more than 100 colours, matte, glossy and shimmery. 

Our Eyeshadow in Box can be applied dry as well as wet. It gives intense colour and precise application. The Lumière eyeshadow are shimmery and can be used well for a 3D effect. The Eyeshadow Moondust is a baked eye shadow that can also be applied wet and dry. It has black undertones and comes with beautiful shimmer. Ideal for smokey eye make-up.

The range consists of 7 kinds of eyeshadows and therefore are a sure shot way to enhance your eye make-up skills.



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