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Eye makeup has been popular for a while, and many women use it to make their eyes appear more appealing. The combination of eyeliner, eyeshadow, kohl, mascara, and artificial eyelashes enhances the eyes like magic. Furthermore, being able to apply eye makeup is a game-changer because it allows you to try out various looks. Therefore take advantage of Makeup Studio’s wide array of products to fill out your eye makeup kit with all you need. You can master the most stylish styles with our collection of essential eye makeup items.

Eye Makeup Routine and Must have products

Basic eye makeup is a gods' craft, and the transformation it makes to your face is really enchanting. Your entire face is suddenly altered, giving you a strong and gorgeous appearance. Practice, a grasp of selecting the appropriate colors, and some fundamental advice are all you need to perfect the art of beautiful eye makeup.

The Fundamentals of Eye Makeup in Easy Steps

To apply eye makeup correctly, you don't need to be a master, so start small and practice until you can blend it like your favorite beauty blogger! A starting kit for eye makeup will only contain a palette with a few hues, a little eye makeup brush, and several examples of glitzy, straightforward eye makeup. Ladies, are you prepared to master simple eye makeup techniques step by step? You're in the correct place, so scroll down for a quick how-to and get ready to add some much-needed drama to those eyes.

Step 1: Eye Primer

You must always apply an eye primer, to begin with! Because of this, your eye makeup will stay in place for a longer period of time. A smooth surface is created by using eye primer, which makes it easier for makeup to apply. There is no way to avoid this step if you have greasy lids. Apply a small quantity of eye primer, then wait for it to dry. We recommend the Makeup Studio Eye Primer which differs from the rest due to the presence of Vitamin E in the formula. It not only helps protect the sensitive skin around your eyelids from sun exposure, but also prevents premature aging. The liner features a neutral color tone that goes with almost any skin type, and highlights the various eye shadow colors nicely. 

Step 2: Choose your hues

It's crucial to begin your simple eye makeup looks with the fundamental colors; once you've mastered them, you can always go crazy with colors and glitters. Choose hues that will help you achieve a relaxed, everyday look. A highlighter that is lighter than your skin tone, a mid-tone that will bring color to your eyes, a contouring shade that is darker than your skin tone, and a bit of black, blue, or gray to enhance definition are all necessary.  Make-Up Studio offers a wide range of eyeshadows to choose from. The eyeshadow colors are available in a spectacular range of more than 100 colors, matte, glossy and shimmery. Our Eyeshadow in Box can be applied dry as well as wet. It gives intense color and precise application. The Lumière eyeshadow is shimmery and can be used well for a 3D effect. The Eyeshadow Moondust is a baked eyeshadow that can also be applied wet and dry. It has black undertones and comes with beautiful shimmer. Ideal for smokey eye make-up. The range consists of 7 kinds of eyeshadows and therefore are a sure shot way to enhance your eye make-up skills.

Step 3: Choose your blending instruments

Although some makeup artists merely use their fingertips for basic effects like smoky eyes or others, eye makeup brushes are different from other makeup brushes. If you are a newbie, we advise using a brush. A little eye shadow brush is required since it is flat and facilitates precise application. Then, using a small and medium-sized blending brush, create a seamless smokey effect by blending the hues together smoothly. A smudger brush can be added to your makeup collection in case you decide to go all out on the smoky, sensual effect.

Step 4: It's time to add some color to the lower lash line

The time has come to apply eye makeup to the lower lash line after finishing the eyelids. Use a very small quantity of the mid-tone shade and place it on the brush. Working from the outside in, glide the brush until it touches the lighter shade you used for the highlighting. For more drama, you can even dab a little eyeliner on your lower lash just below the waterline. Put a finger on any kind of eyeliner that you desire and we at Make-Up Studio have it for you. Our range of eyeliners consists of Fluid Eyeliner, eyeliner with sparkle - Fluid Liner Sparkling, Cream Eyeliner, Precise Eyeliner Pen, Eye Definer and Pencil Creamy Kohl. 

Our eyeliner lines come with various shades and formulas and are trusted by the most esteemed make-up artists all around the world. The longevity of these eyeliners make them stand out in the market.

Step 5: Lets wing it

Don't be afraid to use eyeliner to boost your basic eye makeup because a small wing may quickly take your everyday look to the next level and create the illusion of upturned eyes. Despite being for novices, The Fluid Eyeliner Liner is easy to use thanks to the long handle's pleasant grip and waterproof composition. You can also try our eye lashes to add some extra drama to the look. They are easy to apply and add the perfect amount of flair to your eyes to make you stand out from the crowd.

Step 6: Apply mascara

Use a quality mascara to give your lashes length and volume while you finish your eye makeup.  Make-Up Studio offers four different kinds of mascaras: Mascara Ultimate Curl – a curved wand mascara that ensures maximum curls, Mascara False Lash Effect 4D Extra Black – a superstar and bestselling product that ensure maximum volume, long length and ultimate curl, Mascara waterproof 3D Extra Black – a deep black formula that gives dark thick lashes and Mascara Pro Lash Water Resistant – a water resistant formula that stays put all day long. 

Step 7: Finish up!

Only a few finishing touches and you're ready to completely fall in love with the simple art of eye makeup. Your eye makeup is sure to turn quite a few heads. To mattify skin around the eyes, remove extra oil, and stop smudges, use translucent powder.