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Sponge & Tools

People often forget about sponges and other accessories when configuring their makeup kits, even when they are essential supplies that can make or break your makeup experience. A good blending sponge is vital to handle the minute blending tasks that you need to perform with each layer of makeup. Without a proper sponge you can easily get a patchy blend, which only enhances the uneven skin tone look that we try to avoid. To prevent this, Makeup Studio has created a unique blending sponge that can be used for both foundation as well as concealer. It features a special ergonomic design which automatically creates a pointed application surface that you can mold with pressure from your fingers. The sponge can be reused, as long as you make sure to moisten it before use, and clean it afterwards.

Another area that needs constant care is the point of your lip liner pencils and other such cosmetic stationary. Without a proper point, applying liners can become tricky as it will smudge by default. This is why you need a special pencil sharpner to keep it trimmed. Makeup Studio has a double bladed sharpner dedicated to this task. It features a plastic covering on both sides to prevent crumbles of liner from littering your space. Both of these tools are quite valuable for getting the most out of your makeup products.

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