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Makeup Sponge, also known as beauty blenders are the ideal tools used to apply and blend makeup products specifically blusher, concealer, and foundation. It has become one of the most important tools for makeup purposes. Makeup is all about perfection and apart from a makeup brush, a makeup sponge is something that you must have in your kit. So, buy the best quality makeup sponge online in India to complete your makeup toolkit.

There are so many shapes and sizes of makeup blender sponges that make it daunting to choose the appropriate one. Each shape of this Makeup tool is designed for a specific purpose and will assist you to apply makeup flawlessly. You must have knowledge of every shape and its usage to buy the one for you online.

Different Shapes of Makeup Sponge

  • Triangle Sponge

The triangle sponge has been designed specifically to be used by professional makeup artists in India and across the world. As compared to other makeup sponges, these are something different. They are used to apply makeup with utmost perfection. These aren’t ideal for beginners because they have rigid lines that will make it challenging for the newbie to spread the product evenly.

  • Pear-Shaped Sponge

Shop for a Pear-shaped sponge to apply a highlighter and blend it perfectly. This makeup sponge has a tapered tip that allows targeted coverage with supreme precision. The tip is designed for the delicate areas which are difficult to reach like the corner of the nose. Apply the product by using the curves of this best makeup tool for an opaque finish. The rounded base provides a sheerer application. When it comes to blending the highlighter then, buy this slightly contoured-shaped sponge and roll it on the bones of your cheeks.

  • Oval Shaped Makeup Sponge

This oval-shaped classic teardrop makeup sponge is widely used by bloggers, makeup enthusiasts, and makeup artists generally. This oval-shaped sponge can be available online at the best price in India. It is ideal for flawless coating of liquid, cream, or gel and leaves your skin with natural perfection. The large end is ideal to be used to apply the foundation and the tapered point is ideal to blend concealer over the targeted face areas.

  • Multi-Tasker Sponge

Buy a multi-tasker sponge to get an all-in-one makeup blender tool at the best price in India. This flat-ended sponge boasts three different sides, the rounded side is ideal for the basic application of bronzer and foundation, the flat side is ideal for contouring, and the tapered is designed for perfect detailing. So, this one is the best choice if you are looking for a sponge by keeping multi-tasks in mind.

What Are the Usage of Beauty Blender Sponges?

Because you know the shapes and the usages of Blender sponges. So now the time is to understand the usage of the makeup blender sponge before buying it online. 

Whether it is about lip makeup using a lip brush or it is about eye makeup using an eye brush, you should be aware of the shapes and the exact usages. The same goes with Makeup Sponge so, let’s move ahead with the usage.

1. Ideal for Newbie

For those who have just entered the world of makeup or experimenting with new makeup techniques, the Makeup blender sponge is the best to buy online in India. Beauty blender sponges are simple to use and hence, there is no need to have the expert skill to blend the makeup. Face, eye, or lip brush requires an expert level of skill to apply makeup.

2. Goes with All Skin Types

The beauty blender makeup sponge is great for all skin types, whether you have textured or dry skin, it will cover with makeup products with ultimate perfection. These sponges are great to fill the foundation evenly in your pores in an appropriate way.

3. Care for Your Skin

Such sponges are also used to apply cream-based skincare products. Whether it is serums, moisturizers, or essences, all skin care products can be perfectly blended with the sponge.

4. Spotless Result

Buy the makeup sponge to get the spotless effect of makeup on your skin. With utmost ease, this blender sponge can reach the delicate under-eye area, cheekbones, and other such areas of your face. This makes the application of highlighter blending, blusher, and contour products effortless and easy.

5. Ideal for Touch-Ups and Makeup Removal

Uses of Makeup sponges aren’t just limited to the makeup application. But it can also be used for makeup removal in the swiping motion. They are also ideal to be used for refreshing the skin just by soaking in the essence and patting over the skin area for flawless makeup removal.

How to Use Beauty Blender Sponge?

Step 1- Moisten the beauty blender sponge by soaking it in cold water. The damped sponge provides a sheer dewy look and won’t consume more product.

Step 2- Squeeze all the excess water from it very gently. Don’t be harsh and be careful of your nails as they might hurt this makeup tool.

Step 3- To apply any makeup product, don’t drag or wipe this sponge over the face with a harsh hand. Just firmly bounce the beauty makeup sponge or light pat in a stippling motion and blend the product on your skin simultaneously. This is the ideal way to get flawless and uniform coverage with a softer finish

Step 4- If you buy this makeup sponge for applying concealer then, apply the product under your eye with your finger and mix the concealer by using the pointed edge with the base foundation.

Follow the steps to use the makeup sponge and never be harsh with this soft makeup tool. Clean this sponge with warm water to kill germs and bacteria which might build over time. Keep this makeup tool in the dry container when it gets dry.



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