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The world of false eyelashes can seem a little bit intimidating for most of us. All the different options, glues, applicators and thick hair can appear too much to apprehend in a single go. However, who doesn’t love long fluttery lashes that enhance your beautiful eyes. So, if you are someone who wants to try false eyelashes but couldn’t understand where to start from, we are here to assist. 

Most of us spare ourselves from trying falsies because they can be too difficult to apply. Not using the right amount of adhesive and technique can make them look all the way more stripping and unnatural. With the introduction of beauty vloggers on Instagram and a recouped sense of individuality with respect to make-up (I’m sure you can spot atleast one woman wearing falsies on a Tuesday afternoon while on her trip to the grocery store), everybody seems to be obsessed with faux lashes and therefore we can comment that these little troublemakers have become an important accessory to learn about. 

The market is hoarded with options and anyone as a beginner can get lost in the ocean of alternatives. Even the sudden emergence of false lash-effect mascaras speaks volumes about the desire of possessing long lashes and that it is here to stay for a prolonged period of time. We have enlisted all the necessary points that you need to keep in mind before you go ahead to buy and try falsies.

Individual Lashes

Individual lashes come in the form of individual strands, usually 30-60, of different lengths. They are flexible to use and you can customize using them as they can be added in certain areas of the lash line. As they do not come in strips, you tend to have more control with their application. 

Who should buy individuals?

If you want to add a little bit of volume and length to your lashes without making them look all made-up you can go for individuals. These kinds of lashes are the most versatile ones as be subtle with them and then layer up as your mood shifts towards maximum intensity. 

Another important aspect of individuals is that you can fill in the gaps in your lashes happened due to lash loss. Individuals sit so beautifully with your natural lashes that they disappear in them completely. 

How to apply individuals?

Start with using a magnifying mirror, the zoomed in feature helps in getting a closer look at the application. Now, carefully apply each lash with the help of an eyelash applicator. Eyelash application takes some practice and therefore we encourage you to find a quiet place, rest your elbow on a table and then start applying. Apply the individuals in the spaces that you want to cover or on the outer corner of your lash line for eyes that look wide. 


Popularly known as flares and accents, clusters are thicker than individual lashes and therefore add a little more thickness. These lie somewhere between individuals and strips. Clusters come in handy when you have little time and are not fully practiced for applying strips. Clusters can be used to create varying looks like a cat eye if you add them on the corner of your lash line. 

Who should buy clusters?

If you want somewhat similar finish of a strip and pretty high thickness with flexibility of individuals, then use clusters for sure. You can apply them in a single line for the finish of strips or just attach them at the end of the lash line. 

How to apply clusters?

Apply a thin quantity of lash glue on the band of the falsies, give it some seconds to get a little thick and then place the clusters. Layer according to your need and end with a mascara at the root for making blending them with your natural lashes. 


Strips are the infamous false lashes that everyone talks about. Strips are literally in the form of a strip with attached strands on them. Strip lashes give the ultimate thickness to your lashes and apply in one go. They too come in different intensity to choose from and you can opt for the length according to the size of your own eyes. 

Who should buy strips?

Anyone who wishes to add drama and volume to their eyes can have strip lashes. They apply easily as you just need to fix one strip to the lashes. They come with a black band to add a little more depth to the roots or an invisible band for subtle effect. 

How to apply strips?

Usually, strips do not match the length of your eyelashes so you should trim them down to the size of your eyes. Just place the band on your lash line where you want it to stick. Curve the lash at the point where you would like to trim it according to your eyes and then cut from there. 

Now, apply an eyelash glue on the band of the strip, without overdoing it. Give it a few seconds to turn thick and place on the lash line while looking downwards. Adjust the strip according to your natural lash line and gently press into your skin using tweezers.

Eyelashes at Make-Up Studio

Make-up Studio offers false eyelashes in 5 different variants. You can choose from individual strands, clusters and full blown intense strips. The superb quality lashes stick to your eyes for long hours and do not come off easily.



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