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Face Brushes

Face brushes are must have tools when putting together a makeup kit. Between foundation, loose powder, highlighters, blushes and other contouring cosmetics, makeup users find lots of uses for a proper face brush. Makeup Studio features a variety of brushes in both flat and angled shapes for easy yet accurate application. Most of our brushes stick to use natural hair from squirrels and goats. They tend to be fluffier and disperse well when under pressure. They also pick up oils which makes them great for blending powders.

The foundation brushes are the only ones that feature synthetic fibers since that helps with getting a nice and even coverage. You can get both the shaper and blusher brushes in flat and angled form factors. The powder brush is only available in a flat form factor. Just remember to move in circular motions from the center outwards, when blending a powder or blush. The angled brushes, on the other hand, will give you a lot more control over precision applications.