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Want to feel powerful? Wear lipstick. Want to feel put together? Wear a lipstick. Want to look beautiful instantly? Just wear a lipstick. Sia very acutely sings that, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile” and we would like to humbly add to the statement that you’re never fully dresses without a smile and a lip colour. The most ancient weapon of beauty, lipstick is the first cosmetic that a girl uses as she learns about make-up. There is absolutely no denial that once you start applying a lipstick, you simply cannot stick to just one lipstick shade.  

Even if you apply a nude lipstick. You most probably realise how impactful a lipstick can be. On others about you and on you about how you perceive yourself at the moment. For instance, a red lipstick can magically surge your self-confidence whereas, a dark ox-blood colour can add that edge to you, something like air of mystery. You can buy the best lipsticks in India online at Make-Up Studio. 

What looks good on me?

So, what determines that a shade will look flattering on you? Even a palette of reds has quite a shade range to choose from. And if you are a lipstick hoarder, you might know that no one shade of red is similar to another. So, what’s the trick to know that a particular shade will work for you? The foremost guideline you need is the key to identify your skin’s undertone. Skin has two kinds of categories: warm and cool. To understand yours, observe the colour of your veins. Blue and purple veins are a sign of cool undertones whereas green ones dictate warm undertones.

Now, if you fall under the category of cool undertone, nudes, pinks, berry, bright reds and wine shades will look perfect on you. And if you have warm undertone, pale pink, peach shades, bronze hues and deep maroon shades will look flattering on you. 

Which finish will suit me?

After undermining the shade comes the finish. Finish is as important as choosing the right base for yourself. Each kind of lipstick finish feels different on the lips and looks different in pictures. 


A creamy lipstick is a most widely available commodity. Creamy lipsticks are universal and suit everyone. These are easiest to apply and require little to no prepping. 


Sheer lipsticks have light pigmentation and some amount of hydration. They deliver a natural look and can be build up using layers of the same product. 


Star of the current times are matte lipsticks. They dry out with zero shine and are the most durable lipsticks. Matte lipsticks come in liquid as well as bullet forms. We advise to use a lip balm under these for a comfortable wear. 


Just like their name, they give a satiny finish with some amount of shine and a good colour payoff. Satin lipsticks are less durable than the matte ones and reflect light. 


Frosted lipsticks come with pearlescent shimmer. They are great for occasions when you want to add some unusual glitz to your lips. 


Metallic lipsticks are not meant for the faint hearted. They deliver a metal like homogenous shine and give a lustrous finish. 

How do I apply lipstick perfectly?

Mostly applying lipstick comes naturally to all the women due to our practice from the sneaky sessions of applying it from our mother’s vanity. But, for someone who is new to apply lipsticks there are a few guidelines that you can follow to get a perfect pout. 

Step #1: Prepping the pout

Just like any other lip product, your lipstick too asks for hydrated and well exfoliated lips. The easiest way to do so is by applying a good amount of lip balm to your lips. Now, brush away the dead skin on the lips with the help of a damp toothbrush. Use very light, gentle, circular strokes. After this step, blot the extra lip balm with the help of a tissue paper and you are good to go.

Step #2: Creating a base

After hydrating your lips, you can use a lip primer and a concealer to camouflage the pigmentation of your lips, if any. While a concealer gives coverage, a lip primer fills in the lines of your lips for smooth application of the lipstick. 

Step #3: Choosing the right tools

Using a lip brush can make the biggest of difference. Using a lip brush instead of applying it directly from the tube will allow more precision. 

Step #4: Applying the lipstick

Start from the middle of your lips and swipe it towards the outer corners. If your want a natural bee stung look, start by applying from the middle of your lower lip. 

Step #5: Lock it in

Hold your lipstick for longer by holding a tissue on your lips and brushing a translucent powder on over the issue. 

How should I remove my lipstick?

As long lasting as the formulas of lipsticks are evolving to be, it is best to know the correct procedure of removing them. For removing an adamant formula just use some micellar water or oil-based cleanser to melt away the pigments. Post this, use your cleanser to wash off the debris away. 

Letting your lipstick sit on your lips during the night can make them dry and develop pigmentation. Therefore, it is highly advised to completely wash off the pigment and wear a balm on the lips before you hit the bed. 

Lipsticks at Make-Up Studio

Make-Up Studio offers lipsticks in almost 100 unique shades from glossy nude lipstick tones to deep blood reds. Our lipsticks feature creamy as well as matte textures that feel soft on your lips. Infused with active ingredients, they keep the lips hydrated and protected from the sun. The hydrating ingredients in the make-up studio lipstick make them stand apart from the ones that keep the lips dry and itchy.



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