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Lip Brushes

Choosing and applying lipstick is a work of art and needs perfect application strokes. The best way to apply lipstick for a perfect shape is by using a Lip Brush. Make this lip brush your go-to travel partner by adding it to your makeup vanity. A Lip Brush will make the application easier than you think. Whether you want to apply a liquid lipstick or a creamy bullet lipstick, a lip brush works beyond your expectation.

All the Lip Brushes have the same functions and applications. What matters is the shape and quality of the brush. A lip brush should be thin and with a long handle for optimum control. The bristles should be soft & dense with a tapered point. A high-grade quality brush will empower you to apply the favorite lip shade or gloss evenly on the lips. 

Many people think that a lip brush is a waste to buy but, it is great to buy. Because lipstick bullets don’t provide the perfection which is required for an attractive-looking lip. But a lip brush will do it. If you want to try a bold colour like bright fuchsia, hot red, or even black or purple, a Lip brush will ensure full coverage on your lips with utmost precision to provide an appealing look.

Reason to Use a Lip Brush

You must be wondering the reason behind using a lip brush. So, let’s know the benefits of using a lip brush.

Lip brushes are ideal to apply lip products with utmost perfection and for smudge protection. A precise lipstick shade is all about good control during application and this will be fulfilled with the long handle of such brushes. It helps to create a thin lipstick layer that will look outstanding and better than the one applied with a bullet. Buy this lip brush online in India to layer the lipstick and improve the long-lasting effect.

If you have to try something new by mixing several shades of formulas then, this makeup lip brush is a must-have.

Apart from this, some people don’t even use lip liner to make the application very precise and perfect. But lip liner and lipstick together will provide a perfect shape to the lips so, buy this lip brush online in India to blend the lipstick and lip liner together on the lips.

How to Use a Lip Brush?

Because you already know the reason behind using Lip Brush so, this is the time to know the application method. If you are one who wants to buy a lip brush online then, check the quality of the bristles because good quality bristles will help to apply lipstick or liner uniformly. Now, the usage-

A lip makeup brush might be dipped right into the lip pot or the lipstick tube. Or you just can squeeze a bit of it on the makeup tray and apply it with the lip brush.

Note: Never give your lip brushes to anyone. And always use two different lip brushes for darker and lighter colors to avoid unwanted mixing.

Lipstick Application

Whether you have to apply lip gloss or lipstick, you should start from the center of your lips and mix the makeup product out towards the lip line. You can use the tip of the brush to define the lip lining at the corners and bows for that crisp finish.

Types of Lip Brushes

There are several types of lip brushes, regular retractable or classic. Retractable is better as they can be kept in a makeup vanity while on the go. The cap comes with it fits perfectly into the opposite of the brush and hence, one can get optimum control with more handle length.

How to Clean and Maintain a Lip Brush?

It is very important to maintain and clean the lip brushes regularly by washing them with warm water and soap. Ensure to keep them dry, never leave them wet. You should also replace it just like another makeup too and the best time to replace this lip brush is when the bristles turn out to be stiff or start to fray.

It is best to buy a lip brush online to complete your makeup vanity box. Just like face and eye brushes, lip brushes are also necessary to get a flawless makeup look.



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