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Get two girls together for a coffee, or open a group chat, or simply check a girls browsing history, more often than not the topic of makeup comes up. From product suggestions, to tips and tricks and dupes we know we like to discuss it all over and over again! With the luxury face makeup market so saturated with new brands and new products coming in every day, it can get overwhelming to purchase the right products for yourself but that's where we come in! We’re going to be talking about all the essentials you need in your face makeup kit and why you need them to help you make the right decisions when it comes to purchasing face makeup products online! 

Makeup Studio is one of the leading brands in the luxury makeup sector in India. When it comes to makeup, we all know it's an art but creating that art becomes a lot easier when you have the right tools aka products at your disposal. 


The first and foremost step in any makeup routine should be cleansing your skin properly and ensuring you have a clean canvas to begin with. A good cleanser is key as it removes old makeup, dust and dirt from your skin without stripping it of moisture. The Makeup studio Quick Face and Eye Cleanser 3 in 1 is the perfect product to ensure your skin is clean and ready for makeup application. 


Once you have cleansed your face, it is time to prime it and prep it for your makeup products to layer on smoothly. Primers are often ignored in makeup routines but they make all the difference to how your look turns out. Once your skin is squeaky clean, apply a moisturizer like the day and night 24 hour cream and then follow it up with a primer of your choice. After you've applied your moisturizer, wait a few minutes to let it absorb, and then apply the layer of primer all over your face. Be sure to let the primer set for a few minutes before starting with your next step of make-up. We recommend either the pre base for night time looks and the face prep illuminating primer with SPF 30 for day looks because it gives your skin that extra boost of sun protection while ensuring your makeup looks flawless!


Now this is where it might get a little complicated but with us here, you can be rest assured you will make the right choice. Foundation is the product that covers the most surface area on your face and if you do not get this right, your look may get ruined. Choose a foundation based on the result you are looking for in terms of finish and texture. Another key aspect is to ensure that the shade is your correct match and it makes a huge difference. If you've found your true foundation match, trust us half the battle is already won. Make-Up Studio brings to you a wide range of foundations to choose from. Our range covers all the formulas, coverages and finishes. 

Our first suggestion is our star product, The Fluid Foundation No Transfer is a liquid foundation with medium coverage which is buildable and is power packed by silicone, which makes it waterproof and long lasting. You can also opt for the Face It Cream Foundation if you are looking for a  full coverage foundation. You can build it up to cover the most glaring flaws of your face or you can choose the velvet Foundation which is a 2-in-1 product that comes with the consistency of a cream and gives the finish of a powder. You do not need to swipe a setting powder to finish this one up. No matter what you choose, when you wear Makeup Studio the end result is always flawless!

Colour Corrector and Concealer 

Once your foundation is applied and blended, it's time to color correct your skin and make sure you have an even toned appearance. We recommend using the 6-color palette with which you have endless possibilities to camouflage and you can easily mix colors. It has 2 varieties and both the boxes contain the color orange and green. Green conceals red bumps and orange blurs blue/dark areas under the eyes. Tackle all problem areas with this handy Concealer box! These boxes are also ideal for camouflage tattoos with the addition of orange and green.

Blush and Bronzer

Next comes the most exciting part, adding that flush and color to your cheeks to make you look like a blushing beauty! Make-Up Studio is a one stop solution to all of your blusher and bronzer needs. Our first recommendation is our Bronzing Powder Lumiere which is a baked, subtly shiny bronzer that gives a beautiful glow to the skin.

For blush we recommend the Blusher Lumiere is a hard-baked blush that contains micro gloss particles which give a beautiful shine with the hint of color. If you are someone who likes to experiment and mix things up, the Blusher in Box is perfect for you. It is a matte blush that comes in 7 different shades to choose from, all of which give a beautiful natural finish. In case you are looking for a cream blush for all your no makeup makeup looks then our cream blusher is the answer.. It comes with a soft formula that glides on the face effortlessly and blends like a dream. It can be used with full fledged make-up or solely for that natural flush of tint.


Powders are really important in any makeup routine because unless you set your makeup properly. Otherwise, your makeup can start to look greasy and wear off quicker. Both compact/pressed powder and loose powder are available with us. We recommend the Compact Powder 3-in-1 provides three functions in a single product's packaging. The powder functions as a foundation primer, fixing powder, and makeup compact. It comes in a reliable container that is simple to carry in a handbag. You can use it when traveling because of the convenient packaging. The powder can be applied wet or dry and provides a matte finish that is long-lasting. We also have the Transparent loose powder called Powder Extra Fine that gives off a natural matte look and can be used to set makeup. The delicately tinted powder is ideal for use on the under-eye area and offers a long-lasting, smooth effect.


Everyone wants glowing skin, and it is not difficult at all to get that enviable glow, that makes you look absolutely ravishing. There are four different types of highlighters available from Make-Up Studio. We are aware of the demands placed on various textures and formulae, and as a result, we provide a wide variety of solutions that will help you boost your highlight performance. The Strobe-It Cream is our flagship product. It is a moisturizing luminizer that gives the face a light sheen. It has a lovely pearly sheen that gives off a dewy appearance. The Strobe-It cream can be used as a base before applying makeup or as a highlighter on your face's high points. With its vivid color and sparkle, the second highlighter, Lumiere Highlighting Powder, draws attention to your greatest features. The Highlighter Palettes, our third offering, come in five different color options. You can combine different colors to make your own stunning tints that best complement your skin tone. The palettes' high pigment content produces colors that are long-lasting and do not dust. The fourth item, Shimmer Effect, is a highlighter that many make-up artists adore. It can serve as a base, be combined with foundation, or be applied to the high points of the area after doing your makeup. It is constructible and operates flawlessly.

Setting Spray

Setting Spray is really important if you want your makeup to last all day. They also help makeup seamlessly blend into your skin and make sure you get a flawless finish on your look. We recommend the Dé & Pré Make-up Fixer. After wearing your makeup, use this fixer spray and observe the change for yourself. It is perfect for any special event as it makes your makeup remain waterproof and smudge-proof whether it's a heatwave or a rainy day.