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Blusher & Bronzers

If you are a make-up enthusiast, you surely understand how drastically blush and bronzer change the dimensions of your face. Make-up without accentuating the cheekbones looks comparatively flat. Blushers and bronzers seem to serve quite a similar purpose, but, they have very different and equally important roles to play. To get started, the golden rule to keep in mind while using both is, blush can be used to give that flush of colour and warmth to the cheeks whereas bronzer is used to make you look a little bit tan and sun kissed. 


Let’s go to the depths of the bronzer first. To put it simply, bronzers are highly pigmented cheek make-up tools that create ‘a halo’ of a glow. One should always opt for a bronzer that has minimal or no shimmer to it. Using the bronzer in an appropriate manner accentuates the areas that the sun would tan on the face. Giving a warm glow and depth to it. Bronzer usually works wonders on people who tend to have pale skin tone with very less melanin. 

Bronzer should be applied on the top of your forehead tracing your hairline, down the bridge of your nose and above over the top of the cheeks. You should always start with a little amount and build your way up to the look you want to achieve. 

You can even use a bronzer to accentuate your features and contour your face softly. Glide your brush along the hollows of your cheeks and around the jawline for a soft contouring effect.

Kinds of Bronzers

Bronzers usually come in 3 kinds of formulas: cream, powder and liquid, and in two kinds of finishes: matte and shimmery. Cream bronzers are great to work with and you can use your fingers to gather the product and press it on your cheeks. Powder bronzers are the easiest to work with and look great on people with oily skin. Liquid bronzers are versatile as they can be used in many different ways. You can mix the product with your moisturizer or serum to thin it out and use it as a strobe cream for a subtle glow. 

Coming to the finishes, Matte bronzers tend to look more natural and go with almost all kinds of make-up looks whereas, shimmery bronzers work somewhat as a highlighter and deliver a subtle glow to the face. 

The Right Bronzer for Me

The easiest way to opt for a bronzer is to go for a shade that matches your undertone. Undertones usually lay in three categories: warm, cool and neutral with each of them having separate tones such as:

Warm – yellow, peach and gold

Cool – blue, red and pink

Neutral – somewhere between warm and cool

It is absolutely essential that you identify your skin tone and undertone to grab the correct shades of bronzers (or any other make-up product) for you. 


Blush is one of the most important make-up products that are applied to live up the face and entire look. Blush is applied on the apples of the cheeks and sometimes on the nose for a flush of colour. Blushes come in variations of the pink colour, with peach and plum undertones. Having so many products on the isle, you might overlook the important of a blush. But, just a little bit of blush makes your complexion look healthy and youthful. While bronzer and highlighter have their own roles, they simply cannot substitute the glow that a blush gives. 

How To Apply Blush

Applying blush takes practice and comprehension of the correct formula and colour. It is not as simple as a spin on the cheeks with a brush.

You should always prep your skin by cleaning it with a cleanser and a moisturizer before starting your make-up. To make your make-up last longer, use a face primer and apply your blush on the top of your foundation. This gives the blush a base to stick to, thus making it last really long. 

The Right Shade for Me

Blushes don’t come in free size. You need to understand your tone and undertone to pick the right kind of blush too. Then, choose a shade that flatters your complexion. Do not choose a shade that is too dark or too bright for your complexion. It can make your blush look popped out instead of blended in. Choose a shade that matches your natural flush and you are good to go.

Fair skin- people with pale and fair skin should opt for subtle pink colours. Choosing an extremely tinted shade can overpower your natural skin tone, not letting the product blend with your overall make-up. Your goal should be that no one should be able to pin point the edges of your blush. It should look as if it is there, naturally, coming from within the skin. 

Medium skin- people with medium skin tones should choose peach shades. Peach shades blend in well with the pigmented skin and do not stand out extensively. 

Olive skin-people with warm undertones can opt for brighter colours to even out the tint of their skin. Olive skin tones tend to wash out easily, so a dash of bright colour and awaken the whole face.  

Dark skin- People with dark skin tones should go for bright shades with warm undertones. These shades blend well with the colour of the skin. 

Bronzer Or Blush: Which One Should I Pick? 

Choosing between a blush and a bronzer is a no brainer. If you want to have a vibrant, fresh-faced look, opt for a blush. It mimics health and imparts youthfulness. Bronzer on the other hand given a warm glow. It works best at the night time looks and on camera. Whereas, blush looks great on day time looks. Blush and bronzer can be applied together as well, for the best of both worlds. 

Blushers and Bronzers at Make-Up Studio

Make-Up Studio is a one stop solution to all of your blusher and bronzer needs. 

Our Bronzing Powder Lumiere is a baked, subtly shiny bronzer that gives a beautiful glow to the skin. It does not dust and comes in two variants. 

The Blusher Lumiere is a hard-baked blush that contains micro gloss particles. These gloss particles give a beautiful shine with the hint of colour. It is best suited for your party make-up looks. 

Blusher in Box is a matte blush that comes in 7 different shades to choose from. It gives a beautiful natural finish.

Our cream blusher is another excellent variant for blushers. It comes with a soft formula that glides on the face effortlessly and blends like a dream. It can be used with full fledged make-up or solely for that natural flush of tint.



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