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Curious which make-up colours suit you best? The undertone of the skin is important for finding colours that suit you. There is a difference between the skin tone and the undertone. On this page you can discover your undertone.

Cool Undertone


With a cool undertone, the skin has a pink hue. There is a lot less melanin present in the skin, which means that tanning hardly happens. Signs of the cold undertone are traces of redness, easy flushing and freckles.

Especially colours like silver and ice blue will look beautiful.

Neutral Undertone


With a neutral undertone, it is not clear whether the skin has a cool or warm undertone.

With this undertone you are the lucky one: both warm and cool colors let you shine!

Warm Undertone


With a warm undertone, the skin has a yellow hue.

People with a warm undertone have a lot of melanin in their skin. Often these are also people with brown or blue/green eyes in combination with warm blond, chestnut brown or black hair.

Discober your undertone


Are the veins on the inside of your wrist blue? Then your skin has a cool undertone. Do they tend to be greener? Then your skin has a warm burn quickly undertone. Is it hard to tell the color? Then our skin has a neutral undertone.


Does gold or silver look better on you? Keep both silver and gold jewellery close to your face. Does gold look better? Then the skin has a warm undertone. With a cool undertone, silver will look better.


Skin with a warm undertone will tan quickly during a sunny day. With a cool undertone, the skin tends to burn quickly.


Wrap a white scarf around the neck. Stand in front of a mirror in daylight. If the skin appears yellow, it has a warm undertone. If there is more pink in the skin, this indicates a cool undertone.