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Lip Gloss

Remember the sticky stuff we used to lather on our lips in the 90’s while we were teenagers? Yes! We are talking about lip glosses. Lip glosses were the go-to and primary make-up product of every adolescent girl. With time, we all ditched the gloss and became more of matte lipstick lovers. Well... we are here to break it to you that our favourite make-up product too has grown up. 

Rejoice as there is a lot more to learn about your old friend-the lip gloss. It is hugely loved for the shine it gives to the lips and how it makes them look plump but gets low marks when it comes to the staying power. There are some tricks that you can use to make your lip gloss last for some extended period of time. Or, you can buy one according to your needs. You can find the best lip glosses and glaze online in India at Make-Up Studio. 

Types of Lip glosses

Many of us tend to misunderstand that lip glosses come in only one way and do only job of providing ultra-glossiness and shimmer. Now-a-days, lip glosses come in various finishes and you can choose the one which suits you the best. 

Sheer Lip Gloss

Sheer lip glosses come with no colour and pigment. They are applied on the top of a lipstick or a lip stain to provide shine and extra punch of colour. 

Pigmented Lip Gloss

If you are not a fan of applying layers of products on your lips (lip balm + lip primer + lipstick + Lip gloss) but desire the glossy finish, then you can go for pigmented lip glosses. They come in highly pigmented shades that shine like a gloss. Although, lip glosses have less staying power than the classic long wearing lipsticks but you can make them stay put for longer (more on that later).

Shimmer Lip Gloss

Shimmer lip glosses, as their name suggests, have fine milled shimmer particles. They were highly famed in early 2000s, found in every girl’s bag. 

Glitter Lip Gloss

Glitter lip gloss and shimmer lip gloss are two different things. Glitter ones come with chunky glitter particle and are more prominent than the previous ones. 

Matte Lip Gloss

Sound like an oxymoron but is quite a wonderful product. Matte lip gloss has the liquid formula of a lip gloss but he staying power of a matte lipstick. It doesn’t have a flat finish like a matte lipstick. Instead it comes with a satin finish which is free from any kind of shimmer.  

How to apply lip gloss?

Now the important question arises about the correct application of lip gloss. Applying one is not much of a complicated task but if you follow some general guidelines you can make the most out of the product and make it last longer. 

Step 1: Prep the pout.

Every lip product that you use asks for well exfoliated and hydrated lips. Same is with lip glosses. So, remove dead skin from your lips using a mild scrub and apply a lip balm to make them healthier. 

Step 2: Line the lips.

Using a lip liner of your choice, trace your lip line. You can fill the entire lip with a thin layer of the lip liner as this works amazingly in preventing your lipstick and gloss from bleeding. 

Step 3: Apply lipstick.

Now, apply your favourite lipstick on the top of your lip liner. Ensure that you do not over line the lipstick beyond your lip liner. 

If you are using a pigmented lip gloss, you can skip the lipstick and directly apply the gloss. 

Step 4: Apply lip gloss. 

Finally, apply the lip gloss on the center of your lips and drag it outwards. Avoid applying the gloss above your natural lip line. After application, blot the extra lip gloss on a napkin to prevent bleeding. 

Lip Glaze

Another contender in the area of shiny lippies is the lip glaze. Lip glaze generally have medium coverage and are translucent. These can be used on a lipstick to deliver glossiness or can be applied alone for a subtle tint and shine. The procedure to use a lip gaze is similar to a lip gloss. 

Lip Gloss and Lip Glaze from Make-Up Studio

Lip Gloss and Glaze are the best substitute for lipstick, especially on days when you want to give your lips that extra shine. They work best for creating a minimal look that still sparkles. Even in neutral colors a best lip gloss can make your lips look plump and inviting without much color. Even if you prefer a more colorful approach, Makeup Studio has lots of options to pick from. You can get a wide variety of shades that offer a beautiful glossy finish with unparalleled color intensity.

If you want to avoid the shimmer, Makeup Studio offers a lot of color options in Lip Glazes as well. They offer medium coverage that doesn’t feel sticky on your lips. Yet, it still has enough staying power to last you throughout the day. It comes with an applicator which makes the whole process quick and easy. Just follow the outside line of the lip and color in. You can also try Makeup Studio’s Lip Gloss Paint with 100% opacity and competes with the intensity of a lipstick.

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