Born to shine

Bored of going matte? We tell you how to shine this month.
For the beginners 
If you are not used to wearing sparkly makeup, try a little on your eyes first. It’s easier to use glitter on your eyes, which are also more forgiving if you err while trying the look.

Do it in pairs

If one single colour seems boring, pep up your look by pairing two different shades. The right combination will always look appealing and will be an instant attention grabber. Some of the combinations we love are silver and purple, pink and grey and brown and gold.

Glitter grabs eyes
Glitter tends to settle into wrinkles and draw attention. Avoid wearing it on the outer corner of your eyes especially if you have crow’s feet, or on your cheeks if you have too many blemishes.

Body glitter
Shimmer needn’t be restricted to your face, go ahead and flaunt your collar bone and shoulders with a pigmented bronzer or body glitter. It’s a great way to show off these features, especially if you’re wearing a one-shouldered on strapless outfit.

When glitter is too much
If you feel that glitter is too loud for you, metallic makeup might be an easier way to try out this trend.

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