The better way to get healthy skin

Ain’t everybody born with beautiful skin like Scarlett Johansson. It’s all about creating your appearances as per your preferences now.

With deep-red lips, statement eyes, dimples and even shaped jawlines getting a rage, an enhancing figure of students and adolescent experts are forming a line for their part of personalized beauty at beauty shops.

Surgical expert of the clinic, Dr Kamal Khurana – a professional in the area of non-operative cosmetic improvement — is acknowledged for her innovating job in laser treatments. Officially confirmed and trained for skin fillers and Botox, Dr Khurana many times composes for journals and publications. The doctor owns his advanced treatment clinic, which is based in center of Kolkata, where he carries out several semi-painful, immediate methods with first class optical treatments. He also provides immediate Makeover medical cares since 2009.

Appearing healthy is a must and it is these semi-aggressive methods that ensure you beautiful and bright skin. A rising figure of girls and boys, and also middle-aged mates, go to see the health care facility for beautiful skin, brow arch, red lips hairless skin, edgy nose, radiant cheeks, attractive apple of the cheeks and oval face. In addition, since a person is sensible of their appearance and skin, there is a huge requirement for immediate beauty treatments. As a matter of fact, particularly women, pick out to plan their beauty treatments in advance to look charming on their D-day. Therefore, it’s feasible for all the newlyweds to be to appearing a million bucks, whatever their age, for examples Bollywood divas Shilpa Shetty and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who decide to enter the step in marital relationship much later in life.

Provided the no downtime and immediate and proven results the different medical care providers, teenagers nowadays have a plenty of choices to pick from. Dissimilar to current salon directions, the choices provided at the clinic provide you the intended cure ans make time-used on them completely valuable it.

Mentioned below are some of the advantages of beauty treatments:

  • Complements all skin tones and provides intended shape of the face
  • Enhances collagen and elastin induction and delays aging
  • Enhances quality and surface of the skin
  • Minimizes seeming fine lines and creases
  • Assists sustain skin dampness
  • Not related with undesirable effects of any severe quality
  • Zero downtime – can be carried out as a lunchtime facial method
  • Provides an instant freshness

Jump off that Young Skin Care Cosmetic Myths!

Want a skin solution that can help you prevent premature aging? Then don’t accept these statements of anti-aging cream as true.

Whenever you go to market for buying anti-aging creams, drive these myths away and buy in a reasonable or intelligent manner…

1. More costly the cream, the better quality it has!

There are some people who think that skin creams can give magical results also look to think that the more costly the cream, the better results it gives. They seem to feel sure of the truth of expensive anti-aging creams. Latest report, but, reveals otherwise in certain proceedings. Reasonable creams can be just as beneficial for your skin, however it is essential to purchase skin creams that address your unique requirements. Don’t give too much attention on the price only, because reasonable creams can also lead to skin problem and a costly cream might not be beneficial for you if your skin can’t resist the abundance of the product ingredients.

2. One Anti-Aging Cream will give intended results

It is strongly recommended to everyone that one skin cream cannot tackle all your skin problems you have. The skin calls for different constituents at periodic times of the day and it is ideal to go for cosmetic that is formulated mainly for a particular time frame. A lotion is required, and so is an eye cream, apart from your daily night cream. Throughout the daytime, you will require serum with SPF, so ensure you buy a cream with this constituent. Go for different cosmetics for different time of the day.

3. You will get quick & unbelievable results

Oh – This is what all cosmetic companies would have you accept, however is just not feasible. Every skin care cream will do is pause the aging effect somewhat, however age will necessarily creep into your life, despite of what you apply. This is ideal, hence, to examine what you require most – do you want assistance for coloration? Is it glowing that you need? Or is your trouble that of premature aging? Go for a cream that will assist you with these particular parts, however keep in mind — everything needs time. Several skin care creams may start again in 3 months for any notable improvement to be observed on your skin.

4. Go for creams as per the age cited on the packaging

Stepping into a sales outlet and the representative at the store will straight off request you how old you are or insist and give a try about your age. The representative will then provide you cosmetics as per your age like those 30+, 40+ and other skin care lotions viewed in several age brackets. It is not considered as the correct way to purchase a quality anti-aging cream. One could get wrinkles in the 30′s if he or she has been a sun believer or a sportsperson. In addition to this, a woman can get acne at 50. therefore, don’t think of age when it comes to buying anti-aging cream. Go for creams as per the skin care requirements.

Five Essentials that your Skin Requires Daily

Your skin requires care not only one time a week, however regularly if you need it to be glowing and beautiful.

If you do care for your skin on “ON” and “OFF” basis or depend on the periodic facials to beautify your skin, you’re not showing any kindness to your skin. Here’s a list of things that your skin requires every day..


Your skin is quick to respond to slight changes – do proper care of it and nurture it with quality moisturizers. Dampening your skin two times a day is essential if you need your skin to appear healthy, blemish-free and better your skin tone.

Water In-take

When you consume liquid, it cleans out toxins from your immune system and enables cells to soak essential nutrients. It also ensures that your digestive process works the right way. Also, your skin requires water the most to keep it hydrated. It also eliminates skin dirtiness, which leads to pimple, skin problem and makes the skin appearing healthy and smooth-textured. Make sure that you consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water regularly if you require glowing skin.


Antioxidants play an essential role in protecting your skin from damage. These are richly present in fresh fruits, raw vegetables, certain fish and oils. These inhibitors have free radical-scavenging properties, which kill molecules that harm healthy cells. Are you consuming the right amount of Vitamin C and E? Vitamin C makes it easier to develop collagen for chubby skin, whereas Vitamin E keeps safe cell membranes. Vitamin C is richly present in whole grains, apples and oranges, on the other side Vitamin E has its presence in wheat germ oil, almonds and peanut butter.

Sunblock Cream

Despite of how rainy or sunny whether it is, applying a sunblock cream is a necessary 365 days of the year. The cream not only help you shield from skin problem however also postpones the indications of aging that are happening because of sun exposure. Therefore if you don’t need faded, wrinkled, pigmented and flabby skin, make sure that you apply that sunscreen on a daily basis. Apply a sunscreen having an SPF of at least 30 and use it 15 minutes prior you move out. Reuse it everyday so that the effects are maximal.


If you need to eliminate harsh impurities from your skin and make it oil-free, regular cleaning up is an absolute must. Cleansing also eliminates the substance of all the skin cosmetics you apply and makes your skin looking perfect and fresh. Apply a cleanser that compliments your complexion and is soap-free so that it is soft on your facial skin. Girls who are having extra dry skin should go for a gentle cleanser while those having delicate skin should go for a quality cleanser that doesn’t contain alcohol. Women who all are having an oily skin should go for an acidic cleanser, which damages sebum — your skin’s oily secretion that leads to blocked pores. When you apply a cleanser, softly rub it into your facial skin for about half a minute so it provides intended results.

Summer’s here, Ready to Follow an effective Skin Care Regime!

Summer is getting worse day by day, it exactly does to your skin what a microwave does to meals – Heat up! It’s of vital importance to go that additional step to keep safe your skin from getting harmed under the burning sun.

Cleansing should be considered one of the essential parts of your skin care regime. The reason is that your skin experiences many adverse conditions through out the day such as impurities, dust, sweat and what not. Therefore, it’s quite crucial to assist your skin breathe by rinsing it in the correct manner.

Mentioned below are some of the secrets that will help you do proper cleansing of your skin during the summertime:

  • The adverse environmental conditions during the summertime leads to the oil glands to work more, hence generating more oils and creating your skin viscous. Make sure to rinse your face and neck with a gentle wash each morning prior you walk out, and in the evening time prior you go to sleep. Go for a soft, pH-balanced facial cleanser as per your skin texture followed by a quality toner.

  • Too much cleansing can crack the outward layer that takes care of the skin, resulting in excessive dryness and irritation, hence, don’t get extravagant with it.

  • Creation of oil glands in the immune system is really a way of keeping the skin safe, so make sure that you stay naturally absorbed.

  • Suppose your are having an oily skin, then you should prefer a soft gel-based cleansing wash that makes their skin healthy and beautiful.

  • People who all are having a dry skin should go for a cleansing milk, oil or balm that offers a proper clean without over-cleansing.

  • In order to run through all traced of makeup, it is advised to go for a quality make up remover.

This Summer: Tackle your Skin Problems with Ease

Harmful summer is all around the corner and it is the extremely alarming time for skin problems particularly acne. Unattractive to view and aching in general, the occurrence of acne can be highly de-motivating and impact the confidence of an individual.

However, pimple can be pinched in the bud and we are not recommending nipping it out as this will lead to a scar. Therefore, begin using cosmetics or herbal remedies on your pimples rather than picking out. Here are some of the things that you can do to tackle your skin problems, specially acne:

1. Always keep your facial skin clean and clear. Take off your makeup in a right manner. Take the help of a salicylic acne face wash.

2. Wash off your facial skin once you reach home after spending all your day out.

3. Don’t go for scrub. Over rinsing and scrubbing can lead to skin issues.

4. Try to avoid touching the pimple as well. This can make the skin condition more worse. Touching it often can make the area more infected with bacteria.

5. Go for only trusted or quality beauty products. This means pick those cosmetics that match your skin tone.

6. Keep away from the direct sunlight. It can enhance the risk of an acne outbreak.

7. A women can also apply anti acne masks one time in seven days.

8. Pimple happens due to hormonal change, therefore your skin specialist might request you to go for your hormones tested.

9. Dandruff is considered one of the most common issues of skin problems on facial skin. It is essential to go for an anti-dandruff shampoo recommended by your skin specialist.

10. Get rid of applying tight body hugging outfits if you have pimples on the body.

If all above things don’t work out for you, your skin specialist can deliver you with the best solution. Get in tough with him or her if you believe the occurrence of acne is getting down or if there is a deeper issue.

Face Serum – A perfect way to solve all your Skin Problems!

This season, you don’t need to get upset for your skin problems –– skin serums are the perfect beauty solutions for a flawless skin tone.

In order to achieve the intended results for beautiful-looking skin, along with your cleansing lotion and moisturizing cream, use a skin serum to your regular skin care regime. The benefit of this serum lies in the fact that is made to deal with particular skin difficulties. Therefore, whether you require to minimize wrinkles, even out skin tone, prevent dark spots, avoid pimple, lighten your complexion, there is a skin serum for you.

What do serums mean?

Packed with nourishing ingredients, ceramides, glycerin, organic constitutions and nutriments, face serums are oil-based substance that can go deep inside the coats of your skin, so that you achieve remarkable results. Dissimilar to other skin cosmetics, serums have a superior concentration of progressive constituents and normally come in a creamy gel kind. As a matter of fact, these face serums are made with the help of silicones, which enable your skin to get the supplements, without the grease.

Using it the correct manner

To get desired results, use the serum in your regular skin care regime. Apply only a small amount of the cosmetic.

  • Once you have rinsed your facial skin, go for an alcohol-free toner and keep it moist on the skin prior to using your serum. This way, the constituents will go deep inside within the skin.

  • Keep the mixture on for a couple of minutes until the serum gets completely absorbed by the skin prior to using a moisturizer.

  • Store your moisturizing cream in the freezer as when it is used icy, it energies blood off from the skin, develops a vacuum effect to penetrate the effective serum constituents deeper within the layers of skin.

Skin advantages…

In order to deal with several skin problems, these skin serums are available in different features and benefits. Every skin serum may be targeted at handling a particular skin problem. According to the renowned beauty consultant, “since this extremely concentrated medical care includes superior levels of nutritive constituents, all of them assist rejuvenate moisture and elasticity to the skin, while maintaining oil formation.” Some of the other advantages involve hydration, enhanced nutrition, lightening of the skin, and acne avoidance. Face serums also assist in strengthening skin cells. As other moisturizing creams include 5 to 10 per cent of active constituents, a skin serum includes near about 70 per cent! Not surprising these beauty products are able to show a much higher tightness of nutrients, deeper into the skin.


Always apply these products as per the mentioned directions because extra application of this can lead to irritation, skin rashes and other infections. In addition, never apply double coating of serums at a moment. As per several beauty specialists, “Initially, it is time spending to incorporate another cosmetic to your ongoing beauty routine. Due to the active constituents they include, these products can be costly as compared to other moisturizers and toner. Succeeding, provided the dense content of these cosmetics, blocking of pores is a general side-effect, particularly if the product isn’t non-comedogenic. At last, serums have the ability to make your skin look healthy, especially in the month of summers.”

Picking the correct serum to match your skin

No matter you are born with a healthy skin tone or have problematic complexion, the absolute mixture that you have in serums can be a problem for even a beauty addict. To make sure that you discover one that will match your complexion, start by choosing a serum according to your skin tone –– dry, delicate, oily or combination. There is nothing like skin serum that can help your skin.

You just need to find out the correct serum for you as per your age and beauty requirements. In addition, keep in mind what other beauty serums and methods you are applying. A skin specialist notifies, “If you do chemical peels on a daily basis, make sure if you are incorporating an anti-aging serum to your beauty regime. The natural ingredients used in the formulation of serums are quite acidic and can provoke freshly peeled skin. Make sure with other kinds of exfoliation when incorporating anti-aging serums.”

Achieve the intended results from most beauty cosmetics by applying them in a consistent manner. This is particularly genuine if you are trying to eliminate fine lines and dark spots. Go for a serum for at least a month prior you bestow on it. It is possible you make some trial and error, however, sooner or later you will discover the adaptable face serum for your skin requirements.

Psychological pressures can harm your skin

Maybe people don’t know how metal or psychological pressures affect on health and physique. As per the beauty experts, mental pressure or stress can worsen skin problems by causing rashes and other kinds of skin infections.

A mental pressure can also lead to high blood pressure, heart problem, respiratory disease and weight gain, however did you aware of that it can do serious problem with your skin tone? Some of the problems that can be occurred with stress and mental or psychological pressure are as follows:

– Your perfect skin tone all of a sudden experiences an acne or starts showing of early fine lines. Either you manage your stress in a better feasible manner, or go to see a medical practitioner. And in case, you are not confident that both options will work out, then you can go for meditation or yoga sessions, and involve a couple of spa medical aid in it.

– Skin specialists are acknowledged to notice tension when they spot a deviation in someone’s skin tone.

– Have you ever noticed anyone’s face flush? A chronic dermatitis is a skin disorder worsens by mental or psychological pressure. This skin problem not only enhances the internal secretion, cortisol, however also causes serious skin infections such as a pimple, psoriasis, rosacea and fine lines.

– Suppose the mental pressure makes worse the formation of sebum, it also enhances the formation of adrenaline. In this position, the internal secretion controls blood flow from the skin to the muscles to provide its physical energy to manage with crises. However, this medical state for an extended period can cause an over-formation of internal secretion and a light, bloodless appearance. Get in touch with a skin expert as soon as feasible.

– Mental pressure leads to stiffen muscles, which blocks the common blood circulation to the skin. This medical condition avoids the removal of material from the underlying tissues, leaving a colorless, unhealthy skin in its area. Therefore, discover a proportion between organic herbs, drugs and workout to avoid ‘S’ factor, and take back the shine to your skin complexion.

Everything you required to understand about Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

Several dermatologists may have gone hoarse making you understand how important it is to put on sunscreen cream, however there are some women who give a miss to this essential skin routine. Several women are not even aware of the attributes of SPF application.

According to the several skin specialists, it has been stated that SPF or Sun Protection Factor of a cream signifies the time span that you can stand in the sun without offending your skin. They have also added, “what several teen girls don’t understand is that direct sunlight is one of the chief reasons of early aging. Sun burn is considered one of the main reasons for dull and dead skin. Ultra Violet (UV) rays can lead to pigmentation, skin burns and early aging, which is why putting on a sunblock cream is compulsory. Putting on a cream having SPF 15 can help you fight with sunlight for just about 50 minutes or 2 ½ hours without any harm to your skin. However that has not been the sole reason while you bur a sunblock cream – is should also include UVA and UVB blocking constituents.

The quantity of cream that you put on is also very essential. “Several teen girls incline to put on far lesser that what is needed for sufficient covering. These girls use a small sized dot on a face – that is not adequate because it gets absorbed in your facial skin at zero time. If we talk about Delhi, the heat and humidity in environment ensure that a sunblock cream should be sweat proof so as to deliver intended results. Because of sweating, your sunscreen will wipe off and thereby lessen its effect. Put on it for half an hour prior you move out and ensure you re-use it relying on the SPF factor. Suppose you are planning to go for a swim, it is strongly advised to purchase a sunscreen that is water proof.

According to the Delhi temperature, a sunscreen lotion having an SPF of 30 is satisfactory. No matter you are sitting in an air conditioned all day or working on a computer system for hours, apply a sunscreen is a must because that also passes off radiation. Planning to enjoy a beach holiday, go for a sunscreen having an SPF of 60. Just keep in mind that soaps and shampoos promise to have sunscreen aren’t beneficial. But, sunscreen lotions can do wonders because women will include to putting on a compact evenly all around their face.

According to several skin specialists, the direct exposure of UVB and UVA is harmful to facial skin. When these UVB and UVA rays subjected to the skin, some are dispersed, some mirrored but much soaked up by skin cells, which leads to damage that in turn touches of an effect that can cause skin problems and infections. One of the most general problems to ultraviolet radiation is tanning. Tanning is dimensioned to UVA rays and can happen in less than 20 minutes in the sunlight relying upon your skin condition.

It has been seen that people who are having extreme tanning and have a risk of skin cancer as the ozone is exhausted and/ or global warming intensifies reflection. So, it is strongly advised to protect your skin in a proper manner.

Mentioned below are some of the remedies that will help you avoid skin tanning:

  • Prepare a face mask by blending the cucumber juice, rose water and lemon juice. Use 1 time in a week and rinse away after 10 minutes. One could also prepare a face pack using honey and lemon juice.

  • Use a small amount of turmeric and combine it using a little lemon juice and raw milk. Put on it on tanned spots.

  • Put on a mixture of fresh ground mint leaves and keep it for 20 minutes. Rinse it away using cold water.

  • In order to brighten tanned skin, you can also massage the inward slice of a watermelon

  • Rinsing your facial skin using buttermilk will light up the tan and is suitable for oily to combination skin.

Natural ways to Prevent Aging Hands

Just go through the below information that will help you treat the aging of your hands.

There are plenty of companies that are paying attention to offer skin care cosmetics to heal an aging face, but barely does any company concentrate on aging hands. According to the beauty experts, two parts that truly can uncover a woman’s actual age is her knees and her hands. Though we believe you can’t repair knee aging, a daily skin care routine can certainly avoid aging of hands. Mentioned below are some of the natural skin care secrets that will assist you to release that damper.

1. Put on gloves: During the winter months, or while exposing your hands to rough chemicals (like farming, rinsing utensils/clothes) safeguard your hands by protecting them with a pair of gloves.

2. Selecting the correct sunscreen: It is real, sun screen is way essential for a healthy looking skin. In order to get rid of skin aging, apply sunscreen on your facial skin, however don’t forget to use the same for your hands. Go for an SPF 15 or SPF 30 for the hands too.

3. Moisten your hands each night: An easy process like dampening can create a lot of difference to your skin. After going for a bath, or after rinsing your hands, put on a hand cream to achieve younger looking skin. Prior you strike the sack, go for a lotion that encourages collagen formation, this is of much support.

4. Experiment a peptide based lotion: As time passes, the veins finish up becoming noticeable. It is strongly recommended that you apply a lotion that has constituents like peptides, retinol and other development stimulants that aim lack of collagen.

5. Apply antioxidants: To get rid of burn from the sun (as the skin of your hand is always exposed to the direct sunlight in turn enabling dark areas on it) put on a cream/lotion that includes antioxidants in it. This enables the UV radiation from getting the skin and hence avoid skin burn.

Tips to Deal with Rough Skin while Tanning

Skin tanning is not a perfect option for everyone, because at times one can’t stand the entice of warm rays and a bronzed body. A person who is employed to tan often feels skin brittleness and roughness, however with the correct skin routine, they can keep their browned body from feeling restless and scaly. The daily application of moisturizers will assist you to safeguard your body’s biggest part while you change yourself into a sun god or goddess. Preventing some practices during the day can also maintain your skin in best shape while you’re out of the sun in formulation for tanning later.

Mentioned below are some of the instructions that will help you deal with rough skin while tanning:

1. Try to prevent taking a shower for more than 15 minutes at a time. As per the makeup expert, rinsing for too long eliminates your skin’s moisture-sealing secretion, which closes in dampen and avoids undue skin dryness.

2. Go for a body wash including moisturizers when you take a bath. Prevent harmful soaps and divine scented cosmetics.

3. Put on your preferred body moisturizer after having a shower. Wet skin is more sensitive to moisturizers, and you will secure wetness into your skin’s uppermost layer, known as stratum corneum.

4. Put on moisturizer prior and after tanning. It is advised to pick special tanning moisturizers that includes aloe Vera, or you can apply aloe Vera individually prior and after you tan. Avoid the delicate skin on your face by taking the help of a quality facial moisturizer having SPF.

5. Suppose you experience pain while tanning, it is suggested to keep out of the sun until your skin entirely recovers. Skin experts really suggests using aloe Vera gel and hydrocortisone lotion. Even though you can’t avoid a suntan from breaking and peeling once you make it, keeping out of the sun and expanding on soothing lotions can make your burn from getting worse.

6. Consume adequate amount of water while you tan. Suppose your body is unhealthy, your skin will be more incline to drying and flakiness.

Time to say Goodbye to Facial Skin Problems

It has been stated that acne is one of the most common skin problems found especially in youth. The acne scars have made their impact on both men as well as women. It is quite often for people to get trapped in facial skin problems during their teenage. Some of the skin problems include minor conditions such as warts and dryness that can be handled with the help of home facial skin care. There are plenty of other skin problems such as discoloring and rosacea that need beauty treatments by a skin specialist. Safe, reliable and quick beauty treatments are available for numerous skin problems, and you can rejuvenate your skin health with certain basic improvements to your consuming and personal care regimes.

Cited below are some of the points that you should take into account while treating your facial skin problems:

1. In order to better your skin health and avoid the signs of early aging, it is advised to consume a healthy diet that is rich in antioxidants, raw fruits, vegetables, olive oil, beans, nuts and multigrain bread. You can also keep your skin beautiful with rich doses of vitamins A, C and E.

2. Give a try to prevent long and direct exposure to the sun. Apply a regular moisturizer having at least SPF 15, and a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher on days when you need to invest time in the sun. Make sure you have applied quality sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays, and apply sunblock year round, not just in the summertime.

3. One can deal with acne and oily skin by rinsing the face using tepid water and a gentle facial moisturizer two times a day. Dab skin dry instead of scrubbing to prevent skin problems and scarring. Prevent affecting oily skin, and maintain hair out of your facial skin whenever feasible. Visit to skin specialist for oral antibiotic remedies or prescription-strength topical moisturizers to bright skin.

4. Put on moisturizing cream to moist skin to avoid undue dryness, especially in the winter season. Prevent applying soaps that have firm cleansing agents in them, which also change the skin, and put on a facial of oatmeal & baking soda blended with water one time a week for good skin care.

5. One can also go for over-the-counter medications to take off warts, or see a skin specialist for a small wart removal procedure.

Proven tips that care for your skin during Winter

When it comes to skin care in the winter season, you need to be making sure of avoiding potential condition, mishap, or harm. The mentioned below are some of the tips that will assist you treat those dreadful winter woes:

1. Begin with the application of creamy face wash. There are plenty of beauty companies engaged in providing a wide array of cleansers. Face wash, which you apply to eliminate makeup normally, peel away moisture from the skin and at the time of winter, this issue gets enlarged.

2. Make your skin less dry throughout the day. Apply a moistening facial mask. Try with the use of body cream even prior you’ve missed the shower, straight after washing soap or body bathe. This technique will assist lock in certain additional moisture.

3. As might be expected, warm water showers experience excellent in cold season, however they cause a lot of trouble on dry skin. It is advised to go for half-heated water rather than hot, and later on tap your skin rough using a towel.

4. Keep away your skin care cosmetics and hairstyling creams that include a great amount of alcoholic content. The time alcohol absorbs, it senses chilly and energizing, however it also peels away wetness, therefore pick out for alcohol-free cosmetics, when the invisible gaseous substance is already dry.

5. Hair care is the another area which requires your attention, suppose you’re already handling your rough, frangible hair, withstand the drive to reach for the hair dryer. Just keep in mind if you do this, it will only make things bad. Make use of towel to dry your hair, and suppose you still need to apply a dryer, then try to use it at a low speed.

6. One of the major troubles during the cold season are cracked and roughened lips. Apply a lip balm having at least SPF 15 and ideally one with antiseptic things to help in curing. There are several lip balms available in the market that are processed with tea tree oil, which assists cure sore cracks.

7. At the time of winter season your hands, feet and elbows get rough and look pale. So, it is advised to apply cosmetics that contain shea butter, mineral jelly, mineral oil, tea tree oil or glycerin. In order to obtain immense relief, you are requested to apply moisturizing cream on hands and feet at night, and later on slide on gloves or socks to close with the moisture.

Baking soda for your skin

Have you ever heard that the baking soda is a skin care remedy? This product is publicly acknowledged to be a primary in the cooking, however it is one of the best skin care products and let alone low-budget ingredient available when it comes to do-it yourself skin remedy! Buy a packet of baking soda or take it from your kitchen and be prepared to notice some noticeable changes:

Used as a Face Cleanser

Prepare a soft, moist paste by mixing 2 teaspoons (tsp) baking soda and a tsp hot water. First, rinse your face with normal water and put on the paste that you made in calm round strokes. Keep the mixture for at least 10 minutes and wash off the paste with warm water.

Removes dead skin

This natural remedy helps you to get rid of dead skin. In order to do so, add a tsp of baking soda to your face wash and rub face softly. People who are having oily skin should add 1 tsp baking soda to 2 tablespoons of unboiled oats. Combine this mixture with water and massage on your facial skin gently in a circular motion. According to the experts, it has been stated that oats blended with baking soda is an absolute remedy for thoroughly cleansing.

Foot care

While you’re busy with your hectic schedule, it’s your feet that receive the greatest punishment. It’s quite unhappy that your feet do not even number in your DIY list of skin care. Deal your cracked feet with a baking soda and hot water. This product will help you clean your foot and also make the skin less hard. Blend ½ a bowl of baking soda for each 4 liters of water and allow your feet to become thoroughly wet for at least 30 minutes. Make the feet skin moisten, soft and clean using a thick cream.

Baking soda or Bathing soda

This product is beneficial for an absolute detox bath. Engaging in a detox bath occasionally is helpful for your skin since it aids in removing toxins from your skin. Put 1 or 2 bowls of baking soda with 2 bowls of Epsom salt and let them soak for about half an hour. Make a point that the water is sipping all through.

Gently calm a sunburn

Stop feeling distressed about the annoyed & sun burnt skin with baking soda. Allow a neat cloth to become thoroughly wet in baking soda and water to gain a fresh compress or do a moderately warm bath with ½ a bowl baking soda in it to calm itchy skin particularly when there’s no aloe vera present.

Cuti care

Let your nail brush briefly in baking soda and massage your nails & cuticles to provide them a deep cleansing. If someone is experiencing from nail fungus, then he/she should combine baking soda and warm water, prepare a mixture. Use the mixture in a generous manner on the affected nail and keep it on for at least 15 minutes. Follow this tip two times a day till the infection is no longer present.

Acne pack

Rinse your face and later on use a mixture of baking soda & water if you have an acne prone skin. Keep the mixture on for at least 10 minutes and rinse off with hot water. The application of mixture will also help in avoiding blackheads.

Seek information on Healthy & Soft skin

Several of us are not aware that the fridge can be an absolute keeping place for our daily astringent liquid and the expansive anti-aging cream. The organic stuff present in the refrigerator feels refreshing, particularly when you return back from a job at the end of a hectic day.

Soft & supple skin

The ‘fresh’ organic cucumber is highly beneficial for the skin. In order to get a soft & supple skin, one can apply a cucumber face pack. For applying, a uniform mixture is made by crushing a cucumber into a soft pulp and add 1 tbsp of sugar, and freeze it. Use the paste on your face and keep it for at least 10 minutes, later on rinse with chilled water. One can also apply cucumber pieces on your eyelids too.

Acne control

Is your skin is prone to pimple or acne? Put 1 tablespoon of dried annual herbs in a bowl, heating water and keep it soak for at least 10-15 minutes. Once it gets dry, use the paste to affected spot using a cotton pad. This natural pimple remedy really does wonders as well as eliminate pimples in an effective manner.

An effective pimple treatment is an onion and oatmeal mask. Heat water and shower over it dried oatmeal. Keep it dry for at least 10 minutes. Properly mash an onion using a food mixing machine, making a uniform paste. Put the mixture to the oatmeal while the oatmeal paste has remained calm. If the paste is not dense enough, incorporate some honey so that the face pack penetrates easily on your face.

Get rid of wrinkles and tighten skin

Squash a banana to a uniform mass by crushing it and apply it on the face, and keep for at least 10-20 minutes. Wash with hot water, later on appling cold water to shut the open pores. In order to tighten the skin, use a peach face pack. Use a mature peach, an egg white and 1 tsp of complete-fat yogurt. Remove the outer covering of the peach and combine together with egg white and yogurt till it gets dry. Apply quickly and softly onto face. Stay it for at least half an hour. Wash with chilled water.

Scrub clean

For daily scrubbing, this secret goes really good, particularly when you don’t have plenty of time. Combine mashed almonds with yogurt or milk and freeze it. Apply the mixture to scrub your face.

Skin care tips in winter season

You should change your skincare routine like the way you change your collection of clothes in season. In the winter season, it has been seen that the skin starts to get dry and uneven. That’s why, we have come up with the check list that will help you keep your skin smooth and soften during the winter season:

Consume a lot of water: It is essential to remain hydrated at the time of winters. Normally you incline to get dehydrated at the time of winters because of the scarcity of moisture in the air. By drinking sufficient amount of water, you will not only keep yourself hydrated but also keep your skin beautiful and pretty.

Have a facial: having a facial during the chilling months is a best way to cleanse your skin. With the fall in the temperature, your skin also begin showing a variation in terms of getting uneven and rough. This tip makes sure that your skin receives its amount of moisture and does not begin removing the outer skin.

Keep off from petroleum: Your lips incline to be highly rough at the time of winters. Try to pay attention to your lips. During winters, always carry a lip balm in your bag and keep using it as and when your lips get free from moisture. However, keep off from petroleum. It inclines to block the pores in your skin and keeps it difficult for the moisture to enter.

Just keep in mind to put on a sunscreen: It is advised to put on a sunscreen prior moving out into the sun at the time of the winter. During the colder months, the UV rays exposed by the sun incline to harm your skin all the more, creating it more sensitive to tanning.

Skin care before and after cosmetic treatment

Nowadays, cosmetic surgeries have gained a wide appreciation in the beauty industry for their quick results & non-invasive treatment. Pause your aging used to be hopeless has become possible now, as you can take help of these cosmetic therapies to minimize the effects of aging on the skin. Several beauty conscious individuals are speedily going for cosmetic treatments for not only a beautiful skin however weight loss as well.

People are informing these cosmetic therapies for pout, nose job, lip job or other skin disorders. Going for these treatments has become fashionable however there are some areas of skin care you need to keep in mind before and after beauty treatment. Prior you decide to change the way you appear, we want to share some skin care tips that you should keep in mind before and after cosmetic surgery.

1. Avoid beauty products: Several individuals are becoming more sensible of their facial characteristics and opt for under the knife for nose improvement or even for plastic surgery. After surgery, one will need to take care of herself/himself by avoiding the use of beauty products as it can cause allergies or infections. The body part treated with a surgery should be kept free from dirt and it should be rinsed using meditated water.

2. Prevent direct exposure to the Sun: Direct sun exposure should be avoided because the UV rays can cause harm to the surgical stitches and the body part in which it has been done. Regularly using sunscreen is not an only solution. Use antibiotic and ointment as advised by the skin specialist after the sutures are eliminated.

3. Consume Proper diet: Taking antibiotics on a daily basis can cause gastric problems. A healthy diet should be consumed, there should be an adequate intake of raw fruits, toned milk and fast food. People having a facial therapy face a bit of difficulty in having food, but one should follow a liquid diet in such cases. There is no need to smoke or drink till the treated area recovers entirely. It is advisable to avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoking even prior the surgery.

4. No drugs and supplements: Drugs should be prevented that create the blood clotting hard. One mush have a strong immunity system prior the cosmetic therapy begins. Consumption of excessive medicines and supplements without skin specialists acceptance can cause harmful effects.

5. Aloe Vera juice: The use of aloe vera is widely preferred for its medicinal properties. Consumption of aloe vera juice aids in curing the damaged cells from inside and also improving the quality of skin. The cosmetic treatments, even facial, normally lead to damage of skin glow. Aloe vera aids in renewing the shine, however it should be intake only on skin specialist’s advice.

6. Know your skin specialist. Prior selecting a skin specialist, one should do comprehensive research on the qualifications and his/her field of skill. Opting for a nose surgery by a liposuction specialist won’t be an informed decision. One should also research the medical background of the skin specialist before deciding as it helps in further surgical procedures.

No shortcuts to get a beautiful face, go for Natural products

Cosmetic treatments have gained an immense popularity in the beauty industry. Are these treatments & therapies safe??? According to the skin experts, it has been stated that you should not take shortcuts to achieve a beautiful face. There are plenty of natural and herbal products available in the market to take care your beautiful skin.

Nowadays, everyone prefers to take a shortcut for beauty because natural products have more lasting results. However, the risks and side-effects involved in the cosmetic therapies make the natural products more reliable and safe for skin.

Cosmetic therapies and facials can make you look beautiful, but at what cost? These treatments are not only expensive & painful, but they’re not real. According to the global study report, it has been found that the women who performed botox were judged unlikely in comparison to ladies who aged naturally.

Consult only to experienced skin specialists and nurses. Be careful that the specialists are certified with the recognized degrees and certification, and do not take suggestion from unqualified or so-called expert. For small methods that don’t involve actual surgery, ensure you talk to a qualified dermatologist.

Go for for natural products prior making any informed decision about the cosmetic treatment. Explore the opinion of using natural ways of achieving the wanted effects. Healthy diet and physical exercise can help you go a long way, as do quitting smoking, resting properly and consuming healthy. Prior making decision to go for cosmetic treatment, just keep in mind all the risks & side-effects involved and what you can do to better your overall appearance.

Use Tomato for healthy skin

Tomatoes are an important element of every cuisine, however you hardly listen using them for cosmetic benefits. Whether you need to treat deep pores or minimize acne or reduce a bad sunburn or merely to bring back the glow on dull skin, tomatoes are useful in several home-based remedies.

It is necessary to consume tomatoes as they have lycopene, which is an antioxidant and hence works as a sun block cream. Due to their antioxidant attribute, tomatoes are recommended as an anti-aging product as they assist in treating cellular damage and reddening of skin. According to the experts, you need to consume 16 milligrams of lycopene per day as they minimize the figure of free radicals in the body and also assist the moisture in people who are in the habit of sitting in air-conditioned areas. One doesn’t want to waste his/her hard-earned money on costly beauty products if he/she follows these easy tips to get clean & clear skin:

Deep pores? Shrink Them

Deep pores give easy entrance to dust and smear thus enhancing the possibilities of offending the pore. Use a tbsp of pure tomato juice. Combine a few drops of clean lime juice to the tomato juice. With the help of a cotton ball, you can apply the mixture on your face. Rub it in a circular manner. Keep it on for at least 20 minutes and then rinse it off with fresh water.

Acne healing

The property of tomatoes assists in minimizing and eliminating your acne. There are plenty of Vitamin A and vitamin C available in tomatoes that help them to replace all those acne medicines. People having mild acne can apply a half cut tomato on your face. For painful pimple, crush a fresh tomato and apply the pulp as a face pack. Keep it on your face for at least an hour. Later on, wash it off and moisturize.


Ladies who have oily skin and fight to maintain the skin from shining like a fried papad. Mash a fresh piece and filter it. Get a little cucumber juice and mix it with the tomato juice. Use this mixture using a cotton ball on a daily basis to balance additional oiliness.

Healthy to consume, best to clean

Applying an avocado and tomato mask can do wonders on the acne-prone skin. This is due to the astringent property of tomato as well as an oil-reducing feature of avocados that have a moisturizing effect. A mixture of crushed tomatoes and avocados assists in smoothing and tightening skin, as they include plenty of vitamin A, C and E. Use this mixture and rinse off after 30 minutes using tepid water.

Shining skin

Blend honey with tomato juice till you achieve a dense mixture. Use this pack and rinse off after 15 minutes of soothing and shining skin.

Tips to Eliminate Blackhead at home

A Blackhead is a yellow or blackish bump that has wider opening, which gets blocked with dirt and dead skin. It has been seen that the oily skin is inclined to get more of blackheads due to surplus of sebum and open pores which gets into the bleach heads. The point of the skin gets black so it is known as blackhead.

The blackish bumps look dirty on the skin and if they go deep they get tough to eliminate. They resemble as if dust is put into the pores of the skin however they are much in depth. People who think that squeezing them is the only way to get rid of them, then we are regret to inform you that you are totally wrong. You may get an infection and scars. The skin does not need just external care you should keep the skin toxins free by consuming plenty of water to avoid the skin from getting blackheads and minimizing your tea or coffee intake.

Mentioned below are the following things that will definitely assist you in eliminating blackheads:

1. It’s time to buy acne cream and facial cleanser that include salicylic acid. Regular use of the cream or cleanser will assist dry out the oil in the pores. Several facial cleansers available in the market posses exfoliating beads that assist too.

2. According to the experts, it is advised to hover your face over the steam. Steaming will assist open your pores.

3. Make efforts to pull out some of the yellow or black material with the use of tweezers. Just keep in mind, apply gentle pressure to the sides of the pore using washed fingers.

4. Rinse your face using the facial cleanser then put on an acne cream to infected spots.

Get Younger Skin using Gemstone Facials

One of the easiest ways to keep your skin fresh and excellent is having Gemstone facials.

To know more about this topic, read the text below…..

Which gemstone does your skin like? Get back the youthful skin with the use of gemstone facials that are specially made to eliminate dry and dead skin so to initiate new beautiful skin. Put out your skin’s desire using this hydrating action particularly made to restore radiance.

Nowadays, facial methods are becoming quite famous among people who need a curing procedure that also assists to balance their energy levels. The power of the gemstones varies depending upon the type of stone. There are varieties of stones available in the market such as onyx, amber, sapphire and emerald, to name a few. These stones are made with a blend of aromatherapy essences and vitamin rich oils & are used straight to the skin which assists our face to relax and enhance the complexion with excellent receptive experiences.


This is widely acknowledged as ‘happy stone’, removes the effects and defends your skin from radiation, encouraging positive energy and power. It clears the skin deeply however softly at the end of which the face perceives relaxed and smooth.


This black stone has gained immense popularity for its healing feature. The stone is highly accepted for curing infected wounds, fungal infections and sunburn. It totally improves the skin and also encourages cellular production.


This gemstone emits red rays that consolidate and foster the facial skin, deal with skin problems and enhance blood circulation. Being the precious stone of the sun it provides nourishment to the skin. This is not done yet. Ruby stone is a perfect moisturizer and a main source of vitamin A which is good for an aging skin too.


This stone is recommended to all those who are in the queue of needing a beautiful skin. The gem ingredients assist to calm, profoundly hydrate and guard the skin making it look clean, soothe, fresher and younger. It takes off the lifeless cells, restores and holds the suitable skin and protects it from harsh environmental affects. Additionally, the blue sapphire method is considered to bring sleep and wipe off depression.


These are mostly loved stone for illuminating process. If you have a responsive skin tone, do you moan about the changed color of facial skin or skin-burn or blackheads or dryness of skin? Diamond facial is the perfect option for you. The treatment is also employed to minimize stretch marks and white heads too.

Advantages of gemstone facials

  • Controlling out a rough complexion

  • Encouraging healthy blood circulation

  • Assisting our skin with its renewable action

  • Minimizing the wrinkles

  • Giving an immediate glow to the skin

  • Give a healthy elasticity to our skin cells

Want younger glowing skin, follow these simple tips

Mentioned below are some expert secrets that help you maintain your skin younger and glowing last longer.

There are lots of things that go wrong with the skin from acne to eczema. We go through the in-depth research on the latest ways to keep is certainly glowing….

Time to exclude white bread from the diet

Even though dermatologists have stated diet has no effecting on acne, however, a current study proved that a low GI diet did assist reduce spots. This implies cutting out white refined carbs like cereal, bread and pasta for wholemeal assortments.

To avoid wrinkles, don’t sleep on your stomach or side

As per the experienced dermatologists, sleeping on your side night after night can drive to wrinkles that don’t go away easily. They also claim that sleeping in a wrong position enhances wrinkles on the chin and cheeks. The best thing you can do for getting beautiful skin is to rest face up, on your back.

Make your living place eczema-proof

Hand allergy is the one of the most common grounds for anyone taking leave from work. Any function that requires with chemicals or getting hands continually wet can be a reason. Therefore, it’s essential to always put on preventive gloves, particularly if you have undergone from allergy as a child, as it can frequent occur in adulthood.

Don’t spend too much on super-high SPFs

One might imagine sunscreen SPF 100 would be 2 times as good as SPF 50, however there’s barely any difference. It has been seen that the sunscreen SPF 50 obstructs 98% of UV rays whereas SPF 100 obstructs 99% — a little difference in safeguarding for the big price difference.

Drink red wine

Red wine is one of the strongest anti-ageing antioxidants yet found — which includes Resveratrol. Published reports indicate it can assist sustain a glowing complexion by fighting damaged free radicals. However, don’t consume it on a daily basis. An old proverb says excess of anything is bad. Consume a small glass of red wine only 3 times a week.

Softly massage your face

Not merely does it feel amaze, a gentle massage can assist encourage fibroblasts in the face to let off collagen and regenerate some of the elasticity that’s lost as we grow. However, don’t spend money on it. Right 3-4 minutes a night rubbing in your best-loved moisturizer, with the use of sweeping movements, will have just the similar effect.

Get your oats

According to the medical reports, oats are considered one of the natural ingredients that are highly beneficial for the skin. They include phytoalexins, which have a calming and anti-pain effect on the skin.

Ditch trans fats

As per the dermatologists, the man-made fats are offending to your skin. Several grocery stores have prohibited trans fats from own-brand products yet it’s still feasible to purchase cakes, biscuits and other prepared food that includes them.

Don’t be a doubtful lady

Continual facial actions such as squinting can over strain the facial muscles, developing a channel below the skin’s surface. This finally becomes a lasting frown line or crease. Carry sunshades if you require them for computer activity and shades on sunny days to finish up squinting.

Availability of Non-invasive Beauty Treatments

With modern technologies in the cosmetic industry, skin treatments are becoming less aggressive. There are plenty of skin treatments available, however to pick up the best one is really a tough task.

The huge advancements in the use of lasers and fillers have made skin surgery a less aggressive method than before. According to the skin experts, it has been recorded that there is an uninterrupted rise in non-aggressive methods. Treatments that once needed invasive surgery and downtime are being transformed by smaller snicks and less time under insensitivity to pain.

As per the published reports, it has been proved that there is a rise in the figure of people who have started picking these non-invasive treatments. These ongoing technologies have shortened downtime time and are safe with minimal incisions. Some of the latest skin treatments available in the market are mentioned below:

  • Thermage

  • Fraxel

  • Thread Lift

  • Botox

  • Fillers

  • Therma Frax Treatments

A currently-introduced fat reducing non-invasive treatment too has arise called Liposonix. This treatment involves paramount intensity ultrasound waves to lightly kills fat cells without making damage to other skin regions or organs.

If you are measuring the results of both invasive and non-invasive treatments, it is essential to note that results for such non-invasive methods are of course not as lasting as operative ones, however because the low recovery time, patients have given priority to such methods. In order to tighten the skin around the mouth, jaw and nose, skin experts have begun implementing a new radio frequency method. This process tightens the collagen with zero tissue loss. To get the maximum and long-lasting results, you should need at least 4 to 5 sittings. And, One should go for Botox and fillers around the eyes & cheeks and the radio frequency method around the jaw, mouth and nose.

Latest treatments are available at leading prices, no doubt. According to the reports, there are a plenty of ultrasound & laser machines that are highly costly, so the medication cost is proportional to that. If we discuss about the latest non-invasive treatments, a new product named Vital was initiated, which revives the skin once it is injected. This product is widely preferred in the market as it pulls out fluid from the encircling tissues and keeps the skin appearing clean and clear. Apart from this, there are new fat reduction treatment available such as Cryolipolysis, in which the lipids in fat tissues fix and then slowly resolve into encircling tissues. But, the outcomes come from this treatment are not instant.

Tips to get a flawless complexion

Mentioned below are some of the expert secrets that maintain your complexion flawless and your pores almost hidden.

In order to achieve the perfect face, you need & follow these simple & expert tricks.

Maintain clear skin

According to the expert, the worst thing you can do to your skin is going to bed along with your makeup on. It is advised to rinse it off, give a minimum of 30 seconds massaging in a cleanser. Buy a face wash that meets your skin requirement – go for milky creams if you incline to be dry and gels or foams for acne-prone skin type.

Avoid blackheads

Moisten skin then gently massage a facial scrub on spots prone to clogging; such as the cheeks, nose, and chin with the help of a circular motion. Removing loosens dry skin that can result blockage. One can go for a scrub that includes a chemical Exfoliator if she has an oily skin. As per the expert, it is advised to use a scrub 3 times a week. In case one has sensitive or dry skin, apply a soft, nonabrasive, creamy Exfoliator 2 times a week

Eliminate impurities

Blocked pore grow, so the opening becomes broader. To minimize mark-causing debris use a clay-based mask to your skin such as nose, forehead and chin, 2 or 3 times a week. Clay works as a vacuum and draws oil & dirt to the skin-deep. Professional dermatologists never suggest picking, however if you’re going to make it, take an extraction. The oval shape makes a safe pressure that compels the debris up and dead.

Soak up extra shine

Oil indicates light and conveys more care to a pore’s size. Absorb extra sebum with the use of paper blotting sheets or a mattifying cream rather than reusing a compact powder. Sheets of makeup will tend to breakouts and congestion.

Apply oil-free products

In case you have big pores, prevent moisturizers and cleansers that include any kind of oil, particularly petroleum or mineral oil, which can make a blocking film. Pass over waterproof and keep-apply makeup as well since these instructions incline to be oil-based and aren’t easily rinsed off with a daily cleanser.

Truths and Myths about Skin

MSTC, a leading makeup training institutes, shares hope to men and women of all ages and skin tones.

Taking care of skin is quite difficult. You skin wants nourishment and attention if you need a glowing and healthy skin. Also, with developments in medical science, one can delay the signs of aging.

Mentioned below are some skin care truths and myths that you should keep in mind…

1. Teen girls as well as ladies wanting flawless skin and fairness with prescription cosmetics promoted by celebrities must know the need for applying these cosmetics. Shinning hair cannot be attained with the use of these cosmetics. Ask an expert dermatologist — apply the products they suggest rather than using advertised products whose unsupervised, prolonged application can tend to hyper-pigmentation.

2. The teen girls that are blessed with radiant hair and flawless skin needs to draw attention to what she eats, ensure she takes satisfactory sleep (7 to 8 hours), workout daily and prevent taking stress. She must cleanse, wash and apply a sunscreen.

3. What you eat is more significant than what you apply to your skin! In case your main focus is to be healthy then it is advised you to take care of this thing. Take a healthy diet of colored fruits, antioxidant foods and vegetables. Daily workout enhances blood circulation and supply, leaves out toxins.

4. A day on which your hair is particularly unmanageable. The climate can make a disturbance on hair. Dry climate can wreak your hair frizzy, humidity can wreak it weak, tension can make it oily.

5. Tension enhances cortisol levels and this over the action of the boil gland will create one inclined to breakouts. Psychological troubles can tend to acne.

6. Luckily, most skin infections if diagnosed and cured early can be reversible.

7. The aging process relies on the genes, however in ladies, it is anytime between the middle 20s to late 30s.

8. In case you get satisfactory sleep ( the skin rejuvenates and repairs itself), eat the healthiest diet, stay energetic and keep yourself hydrated, you won’t feel sorrow later. Water maintains humidity in the skin making it radiant. Minimize tension levels and know your skin tone and apply products in accordance with your skin tone like oily, dry and other. The application of Sunscreen will prevent dullness.

9. Men having nervousness in meeting dermatologists for skin infections must be kept away. Despite of knowing that they have an added advantage — shaving regularly is an automatic exfoliating process.

10. All moneymaking cosmetic products are not harmful. If processed well and prescribed for a cause by a professional, they are advantageous; but surely not when self-suggested.

11. Constant and long-term application of make-up does not offend the natural oils and surface of the skin if the make-up is of superior quality, applied properly, ideal for your skin tone and taken off properly.

12. Skin tightening treatments, lines & wrinkle erasers, Botox, fillers and laser & mild non-invasive treatments are a thing that is beneficial.

Tips to get perfect complexion

Mentioned below are the expert skin care tips that keep your complexion perfect and your pores almost out of sight.

To get the perfect complexion on the face, follow these simple tips.

Maintain clean skin

It is always advised that you should never sleep wearing your makeup on (it becomes pushed deep into pores while you flip and turn), and while rinsing, pay a minimal of 30 seconds rubbing down a cleanser. Apply a face wash that fits your skin tone — milky creams if you have a dry skin or gels for normal or acne-prone oily skin.

Avoid blackheads

Make the skin slightly wet then massage a facial scrub on spots prone to clogging; such as nose, cheeks, and chin with the use of a circular motion. Shedding of loosens dry skin that can tend to blockage. For acne-prone complexions, apply a scrub that includes a chemical exfoliator, 3 times a week. In case your skin has dry or sensitive nature, then it is recommended to apply a soft & creamy exfoliator 2 times in a week.

Eliminate impurities

One can give himself/herself a steam facial in order to open your facial pores. To diminish blemish-causing debris, use a clay-based facial to your areas prone to clogging 1 or 2 times a week. Clay works like a cleanser and drags oil and dirt to the surface. According to the expert advice, you are not supposed to pick the pores, however if you’re going to do it, make use of an extraction facial tool.

Absorb excess shine

Oil shows light and brings extra emphasis to a pore size. Absorb excess sebum using a mattifying cream or paper blotting sheets rather than a reapplication of a compact powder during the day. Dense makeup will tend to breakouts and congestion.

Apply oil-free cosmetics

In case you have open pores, try to avoid using moisturizers and cleansers that include any kind of oil, particularly petroleum or mineral oil, which can make a clogging facial. Jump waterproof and keep-apply makeup as well since these methods incline to be oil-based and aren’t easily rinsed off with a daily cleanser.