Kajal Tips or Tips to apply Kajal

First of all, it is necessary to have the basic know- what is Kajal? Kajal is formulated with the use of ground antimony sulfide or lead sulfide and it looks black in color. It is applied as eyeliner and it is also used on the inside edge of the eye to make them appear great. The application of Kajal is also needful on the feature or the cheeks of newborn infants, as it is considered that it defends them from the evil eye. For many centuries, Kajal has been applied by the women and it is also known by the name of Kohl. Due to its medicinal & safe to apply attributes, kohl is widely preferred by the ladies. With the help of Kajal, you can cure many eye ailments too.

Kajal has enhancements features and thus it is an inseparable aspect of makeup. This product is ready available in almost all stores and is provided in small boxes or pencils. In fact, Kohl can be made at home by blending soot of an oil lamp and processed butter. The process of application starts with taking it on your fingertips and use it on the internal rim of the below eyelid. Several ladies also prefer it on the upper eyelid. Stretch the lower part of your eye so as to make the eye open and then applies the Kohl inside the eye. Then, you can use your eyeliner to highlight the shape of your eyes properly.

It completely depends on you to decide the length of using Kohl. One can wear Kajal along the complete length of your eyes or wear it in one half, three-fourth or one-fourth part of your eye. If you are concerned with making your small eyes look larger than you can wear Kajal in only half-length of your eyes that is from the center to the outward edge of your eyes. With frequent application of kajal, you will get to know about the accurate length that makes your eyes appear attractive. The application of kajal makes your eyes appear soft. As discussed above, kajal also cures different eye ailments and therefore it is very safe to wear it in the eyes.

This is such an obvious thing in the rural & urban households to apply Kajal in the eyes of the infants and babies. The application of Kajal will ensure that the infants and the babies are free from any type of eye ailments. In order to maintain the longer shelf life of the product, it is advised to store it in refrigerator. With the help of cold storage, Kajal will give the cool & soothing effect to the eyes. There are a number of brands and types of Kajal available in the market. The most appropriate way to apply Kajal is mentioned below:

1. Rinse off your face and clean your eyes. This is to make sure that your eyes don’t need any type of dirt or dust particles before using Kajal.

2. If you feel that the spot around the eyes is too dry then put on some moisturizer or if it is oily then use some powder.

3. If you are applying pencil then assure that the tip of the pencil is pointless. Then stretch the lower part of the eye and use the pencil from the inward edge of the eye to the outward side. Draw the line 2 to 3 times. Repeat the same method for the second eye as well.

4. Put on the pencil on the above eyelid also in the same mode. You are primed with gorgeous appearing eyes.


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