Make Up Tips for Wedding Day

When it comes to applying make-up for your wedding you want to look attractive. Many brides apply make up because they are insecure about their own beauty, while others make their make up to get very professional look. Every bride has 3 choices for wedding day make up. You can go and hire a professional artist, do it on yourself, or ask your friend to do it for you. Which option do you prefer? That truly counts on how beautiful you look on your wedding day. If you think that you will be able to manage the make up on yourself, then you must plan about how you need your big day make up to look. Your makeup has to match up with your entire bridal outfit. You should not wear an attractive white wedding gown with an absolutely dark concealer or foundation. This will look completely pathetic. You should have your wedding make up appear natural yet romantic, sexy, dramatic or subtle at the same time.

Fortunately, if you have alluring eyes, you should detail them with a beautiful eye makeup on your wedding day. And, if you have luscious lips, you should put attention on them with an outstanding lip color. Keep in mind you should not draw attention to both. Because, when you dray attention to both your lips and eyes, you can finish up looking more like a bright clown than an attractive bride.

While selecting your wedding makeup, the other important thing which you have to think is of the season. At the time of the spring season, you should go for pastels but in winter you should prefer deeper shades such as browns and wines. For summer wear peach tones, shimmery colors and gold tones and during fall try warm hues such as bronze, beige, peach or olive. If you are not too sure on how to choose your wedding day makeup look online.

Match your lipstick with your wedding outfit. Shades and hues of pink & crimson will add the color of your lips. Assure it combines well with the colored dye on your outfit. Go for a lip liner that blends with the color of your lipstick. This provides a glossy and soft appearance which looks excellent in photographs as well. It is trusted that smaller and thinner lips appear more sensuous with light lip colors while fuller lips appear more striking in darker shades.

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