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How to Apply Blusher Rightly

Whenever we think of blush, we think Kim Kardashian. She is one of the best inspirations for girls who adore applying blush. Though there are women who don’t use blush (a fashion magazine stated about 50% of women today use blush in comparison to old times) however it can be your beauty secret cosmetic. In order to get a healthy & natural color, nothing can supersede blush. But, blush inclines to over-applied too. To get rid of looking like a comic performer, follow these points to picking blush and using it.

Here’s How:

  • Before anything else, pick up the shade with the help of nature as your guide. As per the makeup experts, the tip is to find a shade that suits your cheeks when they’re healthy after workout or being exposed to the cold. In order to take an instant check, slap your cheeks and take the help of resulting shade as a guide. (we strongly advise to try this in the convenience of your home apart from other people). Another secret to choose the shade is to suit your lip color. Light skin looks perfect in rose, olive in peach & dense skin in peach or even red.
  • Once you have selected the shade, the next thing is to pick the correct formula for your skin tone. The powder is normally used for oily and combo skin. Cream is perfect for dry skin type. Women who are having oily skin should go for liquid or gel blush. In order to get the intended results, mix powder and cream collectively. According to several makeup artists, mixing can help to make the blush stay on longer and appears more shinning. Put into consideration colors – bang-up for well-moisturized skin – incline to dry very quickly so combine well and prompt.
  • Put on foundation, eye shade & lip gloss. Since blush is normally your second last step (prior to powder), you can try with what works perfect for you. There are some professional makeup artists who like to put on blush PRIOR to the foundation in order to get a more “natural” appearance.
  • Get rid of the freebie “big-size” blush brush that is available with the blush. Take the help of a professional blush brush instead, however don’t use the similar brush you apply for powder.
  • Apply the blush with your professional brush, draw off any spare or use a tap of gel on your fingers.
  • Take a glance into the mirror and smile. This assists you find out where the “apple” of your cheek is.
  • As you need a healthy flush, it is well recommended to put on blush only to the apples of your cheeks. Keep the shade light and combined. Suppose you are applying gel or cream, professional makeup artist recommends pressing against it on one with your center finger, later on combine with your ring & center finger. Suppose you are considering gel or cream, then we strongly recommend tapping it on with your center finger, later on combining with your ring and center finger. The cleansed finger will bring up any extra blush.
  • In case you have tried a bit dense on the powder blush, a little of transparent powder over it will keep it fixed. To get a cream blush, smudge the shade off using a tissue. Since liquid and gel blush “discolor” the cheeks, the only means to brighten them is it rinse your face, dampen and re-utilize your makeup, this time more meagerly.
  • End up your appearance using a range of transparent powder.

Additional trick: You should apply a sun-kissed sheen dab bronzer on your forehead, chin and nose prior to use the blush. To ensure it doesn’t appear like a stripe, apply a professional brush and a light hand, recommends a professional makeup artist.

Additional trick: You are free to try as many ways of coloring as you can. A professional makeup artist of a leading magazine stated that a C-shape shading is a perfect way to get intended results. To do this coloring, use a light emphasizing powder in a c-shade from your apples to your cheekbones. The shade will go from the middle of your brow bone to the middle of your cheek, paish stated, “similar to the shape of a excursus.”


  • Make sure you will use clean brushes. This can be done with baby wipes. If you use uncleaned brushes, they will pick bacteria and transmit it to your facial skin.
  • In order to get a sexy appearance, tap a little brighter blush on the highest element of your cheekbone closest your eye.
  • Taking the help of powder blush? Always expanse it in one movement. Moving again and again or around and around leads to streaks and can weaken your brush.
  • Cream blush is absolute for season skin. It simply combines and hence appears quite natural. To get a gel or cream blush, tap a point on the apple of the cheekbones and two fewer points up the cheekbone. Combine the points collectively up to the fine line.
  • The best blush that will become friendly to any exhausted-looking skin is dusky pink.

What You Need:

  • Blush
  • Pro blush brush
  • Mirror
  • Transparent powder
  • Bronzer makeup

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