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Lip looks we love!

Highlight your beauty with your lipsticks.

It’s just about adding colour to your lips. But the shades you choose differ for every occasion, don’t they? We chose three lip looks we love.

Simply Pink

There’s something about a pink shade of lipstick that enhances a girls beauty. The sober tones are apt to don on a casual day, when you’re heading out and don’t wish to leave your lips undone. Pick the brighter pinks for more lively occasions like an evening party. For a more seductive look, compliment it with a transparent gloss and you’re good to go.

Darker classics

Colours like browns and dark reds are ideal for an office atmosphere where you need to look your best without overdoing your makeup. Be sure to wear a lip liner since this will help your lipstick stay longer.

Pouty orange

Is there any other way of making your lips appear fuller than by wearing an orange shade? You could add on a sparkling gloss, especially to the center portion of your lips to enhance this look. Bright orange hues are in style today, so go on and experiment with them.

While choosing lipsticks, pick ones with a colourfix technology for a long lasting effect. Also, those with rich and creamy textures are easy to apply. If your lipstick causes your lips to dry, switch to one which retains the moisture on your lips and keeps them hydrated.

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