Head of trainings

Avleen Bansal

Avleen Bansal holds a degree in Master of Technology, Computer Science. Ambitious, Motivated and Creative- Avleen was always interested in the vibrancy of different cultures, fashion and art. Stemming with such desires, she pursued her passion to emerge as a Make-up Artist. Her many-sided artistic bent and talents were evident for entering the World of Beauty. She completed her formal training in Comprehensive Make-up Artistry from Make-Up Studio Training Center in the year 2013 and since then has been an integral part of the organisation. She has developed a keen eye for colour composition, and artistic trends. She will inspire you to go beyond the ordinary while introducing some ideas you can put into practice in your own work.


As a make-up educator, Avleen educates the next generation of make-up artists and conducts seminars Pan India for Make-up Studio. She believes one should have sound knowledge of the field in which they want to make a successful career. To start with, one should choose a good make-up school/academy where they receive formal training, learning, and hands on practice starting from the basics, and allowing yourself to grow as a professional.

She is also engaged in providing specialized training for the in house technical team and academy of the brand.


Her style is very freehand like a painter works on a canvas, which makes her work seamless from one style to other.

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