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Vogue Beauty

Vogue Beauty

A stunning and glamorous make-up look that can worn on any special occasion.


  1. Use Face Prep Illuminating Primer to prep the skin for dewy complexion. 
  2. Apply Face It Cream Foundation for a full flawless coverage.
  3. Set it with Translucent Powder Extra Fine
  4. Add warmth to the cheeks using Bronzing Powder Lumiere.


  1. Use Eyeshadow Lumiere in shade Sky Dive (inner Corners), Blue Emerald (eyelids), Black Onyx (outer corners) on the eyes. Smudge the shade Black Onyx on the lower lash line as well. 
  2. Add Glimmer Effects- Emerald on the lids for glittery effects.


  1. Use our nude Lip Liner Pencil – No. 5 to line and fill the lips. 

Top it with Lipstick – No. 9.

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