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We Love Colours

We Love Colours

Pink & Violet tones can be used to brighten up any skin tone. Check out below to know how we created this gorgeous look.


Prep & Prime the face using Prebase for longer lasting results. Get rid of any flaws using Concealer Box 6 colours. Here the orrange corrector cancels the blueish/black tones on the face, while green corrector cancels any redness on the face.
Apply Fluid Foundation No Transfer (a shade matching to your skin) for a semi-matte & waterproof finish.
Apply Blusher in Box Shade B48 for a flushed and scultped effect.


Apply Eye Primer for smooth and strong application of eyesdjadows.
Buff Eyeshadow in Box Shade B17 all over the crease and lower lash line. Press Eyeshadow Lumiere- Purple Amethyst onto the lids.
Apply Eyeshadow in Box Shade 23 in the outer corners of lid and outer edges of lower lash line.
Highlight the tear ducts using Creamy Kohl pencil- White.
5) Define the brows by creating fine strokes using Brow Definer 2


1) Finish the lips by using Lipstick in Shade 42.

MUST Brushes & Tools to Complete this Look:

No. 25 Eyeshadow/Camouflage Brush
No. 35 Foundation Polish Brush
No. 3 Blusher Brush
No. 9 Contour Brush
No. 14 Eyeshadow Brush

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