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How to pick the Perfect Lipstick Shade?

How to pick the Perfect Lipstick Shade?

Admin - 12 August 2021

How to pick the Perfect Lipstick Shade?

Have you ever been in a situation when the new lipstick you bought looked fabulous on models but looked disastrous on you? Hurts! Right?

No no, this doesn't mean you look anything less than those ladies; it’s all about the game of picking the right lipstick shades. No matter what face contour, skin colour, or lip shape you have, you can slay the look by applying that right shade of lipstick that goes with your unique features.

But how can one choose their "right lipstick color" if they purchase the lipstick online or see through the product catalogue? Well, it is not the lip colour you should focus, rather you should focus on these three key aspects-

  • Your Skin Complexion
  • Your Skin Undertone
  • Your Preferred Look

This blog will help you pick the best lipstick shade for yourself by giving step-by-step guidance to keep the aforementioned measures under primary consideration. Let's begin!

Choosing The Lipstick Shades based on Skin Tone

Our skin generally has two tones- overtone and undertone. While the overtone(the complexion) of our skin is the surface colour determined by the amount of melanin (skin pigment) present in the uppermost layer, the skin undertone refers to the subtle hue visible underneath the skin surface. There are five main skin overtones- Deep, tanned, medium, light, and fair and three main skin overtones- Cool, Warm, and Neutral. These aspects of skin tone play a significant role when choosing the most suitable cosmetic hues for your skin- be it a foundation, concealer, blush, or lipstick colour itself.

Now, knowing your skin tone is not rocket science. You can easily recognize your skin tone at your home and get the right lipstick shades following these easy ways-

Step One- Determine Your Skin Complexion

Examine your skin in the natural light and-

  • If your skin is very pale and translucent with visible freckles, you have a fair complexion.
  • If your skin is bright, has visible redness, and is sunburned easily, your complexion is light.
  • If you have a glowing skin colour with a hint of yellowish pink and your skin does not get quickly burned by sunlight, your complexion is medium.
  • If your skin looks tanned even in the cold weather and has an olive cast, then you have a tanned complexion.
  • Lastly, if your skin is thick and your tone is brown or dark, then the complexion of your skin is deep.

Now, you have understood your skin’s complexion, it is time to choose the ideal lipstick shades that suit your overtone.Here are some suggestions-

  • Best lipstick shades for Deep Complexion: Red, Bronze, Purple, Copper Brown, and Maroon. 
  • Best lipstick shades for Tanned Complexion: Nude, Taupe, Brown, and Magenta.
  • Best lipstick shades for Medium Complexion: Maroon, Brown, Purple, Fuchsia, Nude, and Red lipstick.
  • Best lipstick shades for Light Complexion: Orange, Rose Pink, Red, Purple, Brown, & Nude.
  • Best lipstick shades for Fair Complexion: All shades especially light lipstick shades, Peach and Red variants. 

Step Two: Know Your Skin Undertone

There are several ways to understand your skin undertone. The easiest way to do is to see the colour of your wrist vein.

  • If veins are visible in Blue or Purple colour, then you have a cool skin tone.
  • If your wrist veins look green in colour, your skin has a warm undertone. 
  • You probably have a neutral skin tone if you can't decide whether your veins are blue or green. This type of undertone selects colours from both the cool and warm spectrum, and olive-skinned people usually have neutral undertones.

Another way of knowing your skin undertone is, wear a golden bracelet and silver bracelet- if the silver one looks better, you have a cool undertone. On the contrary, the golden bracelet looks better with a warm undertone. People with neutral undertones 

look better in both golden and silver bracelets. So, now that you have understood your skin undertone, let's decide the lip colour that suits you the best-

Suitable lipstick shades for Cool Undertone: If your complexion has a pink, red, or blue tone, you're cool-toned. Blue or purple-hued undertones are the finest lipstick colour for cool undertones. You can also try cool-toned mauves and pinks for a delicate appearance and go bold with cool-toned reds and berries for a more dramatic appearance.

Suitable Lipstick Shades for Warm Undertone: If your complexion has a yellow, golden, or olive tone, you're warm-toned. Lipsticks in warm hues are ideal for those with warm undertones. Brick reds, bold oranges, and terracotta browns are also perfect lipstick shades that will look terrific. For a nude look, opt for a softer nude if your complexion is light, and go for a richer nude if your skin is darker. Warm neutrals, corally pinks, and light lipstick shades will also suit you well. Warm-toned reds and wine hues are great for a dazzling appearance. On warm undertones, fiery reds and oranges shine on your lips wonderfully. Coppers and golds are your best choice if you're looking for a bold fancy look.

Suitable Lipstick Shade For Neutral or Olive Undertone: If the core layer of your skin has a combination of pink and yellow, you're neutral-toned. Fortunately, a broad range of colours complements this undertone- meaning ladies with a neutral undertone will rock in all lipstick shades. Pink tones are best for the pale complexion, mauve tones are best for medium skin, and berry tones are bestfor dark skin. From light delicate to deep wines, everything will look excellent. Plum red and cool-toned red lipstick colours are also excellent for your undertone. 

Pick The Right Types Of Lipstick For Your Preferred Appearance

Lipstick cosmetics have changed over time, offering hundreds of thousands of lipstick colours, formulations, and textures to choose from. With diverse types of lipstick out there, you need to select the right kind of lipstick texture that goes with your personality and your individually preferred look. There are mainly 5 types of lipstick available-

Sheer or Satin: Sheer/satin lipsticks offer your lips a smooth, moisturized appearance. These types of lipstick are ideal for days when you don't want to wear any heavy makeup or want a no-makeup makeup look. Sheer/satin lipsticks are pretty smooth and moisturizing, giving your lips a subtle wash of pigment that you may build up by applying more layers. These lipsticks are infused with hydrating properties to keep your lips soft and supple all day.
Creamy: Creamy lipsticks integrate the moisture of satin lipstick with the gritty appearance of matte lipstick. These lipsticks effortlessly glide on your lips and provide better coverage than sheer/satin ones. Ideal for when you want the colour along with proper nourishment, try the Makeup Studio's Lipstick Trio (Everyday collection) and Lipstick Trio (Party Collection). These lipsticks give a captivating lip colour, while the moisturizer-infused formula keeps your lips hydrated and plump all day long.

Matte:  If you're looking for a lipstick with a lot of pigment and lasts a long time, matte lipstick is the way to go. These lipsticks are extremely pigmented and leave a plain matte look on the lips. Because this type of lipstick contains very little oil, it might dry out your lips if you do not properly prepare them. You can try the Durable Lip Liquid Matte collection of Makeup Studio. These lipsticks offer a rich colour payoff and are long-lasting. These are also waterproof, ultra-lightweight, and won't dry out your lips.

Glossy: This is the perfect type of lipstick to use if you want your lips to seem moist or glassy. Lip glosses contain a mild to medium opacity and a short wear time. However, the good news is that they keep your lips moisturized throughout the day. To add dimension and sheen to your lips, apply lip glosses atop your lipstick.

Frosted or Metallic: Frosted or metallic lipsticks are highly illuminating, making your lips shine and shimmering. These types of lipstick render a plumper and fuller appearance. Since these lipsticks have small particles of shimmer or glitter, it gives your lipsa glittery look like molten metal. If you want to use this lipstick, be sure to hydrate your lips first to avoid chapped lips. 

Bottom Lines

Apart from these aforementioned rules, there are other aspects like lipstick price, lipstick brands, and product quality that can be taken under consideration while choosing a lipstick. Again, a final takeaway is always to choose a lipstick shade that is two-tone darker than your actual lip colour (particularly applicable if you want a fuller look but have pigmented lips). 

On the other hand, finding your signature lipstick colour is a journey that requires a great deal of experimentation. Try different shades, even the ones that don't fall under the suggested skin tone range. It's totally up to you to choose your own defining lip colour. More power to you even if you want to break the rules and slay the look in neon orange, navy blue, charcoal black, mesmerizing grey, or intense purple. Wear whatever lipstick shades that make you feel confident and happy- because, in the end, self-satisfaction is all that matters!

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